Watch: Stephen Colbert Doesn’t Need Wikipedia To Look Up Star Trek Info

Once again Stephen Colbert threw in a Trek gag on The Colbert Report. Last night’s show featured a segment about how many websites (like Wikipedia) went dark yesterday to protest the Stop Online Piracy Act. This gave Stephen an opportunity to use his Wikipedia backup…and talk Trek. Watch it below.


Colbert’s Star Trek Wikipedia back-up

From last night’s The Colbert Report (via Comedy Central)

For those that can’t see the video outside the USA, Stephen talked about how he can live without Wikipedia, because he keeps a printed back-up. He showed off his Wikipedia "Volume 4570 – Star Trek – Yeoman Rand thru Yeoman Smith, B." And yes canon-ites, there is no actual “Yeoman Smith, B,” but there is a Yeoman Smith. And yes that listing is not on Wikipedia, but actually on Memory Alpha, the even more extensive Trek Wiki (which didn’t go dark). But still, yet another case of Colbert’s Trek love.

Colbert doesn’t need Wikipedia to look up his Star Trek info

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Great work guys. I saw the show last night but didn’t see the front page of Wikipedia. Star Trek: Yeoman Rand thru Yeoman Smith. Ha. Colbert not only likes Star Trek with numerous references and interviews with J.J. Abrams but he likes Lord of the Rings and Captain America. How about an interview TrekMovie with the real Stephen Colbert to talk Star Trek.? He did it with NPR.

Colbert wouldn’t come to He’s much too busy running for President.

Perhaps AFTER South Carolina.

Of all the politicians running for President of the United States and/or South Carolina, Colbert is my favorite by far, excluding the incumbent.

@ 2

Yeah, he’s running for President of South Carolia! But if we give money to his Super PAC, maybe he might agree to an interview. ;-)

Colbert is hilarious. I wish he was my next door neighbor. Or uncle. Or professor. Such a cool guy, at least in our trek loving collective.

Yes but as noted there is no “Yeoman Smith, B” but I will add a link to the “Yeoman Smith” if you like

It’s on TMZ that Zoe Saldana stopped her car to help an elderly woman injured in a car accident. Zoe called 911 and waited with the woman until help arrived. Nice. Uhura to the rescue!

Hey Anthony. Try and get an Interview with Stephen Colbert. I think it would be a lot of fun if you could. Please try. He is super funny.

@1 You sir, are a genius. Make it happen TrekMovie!

Ever notice how all the smart people love Trek? Well, many of them, anyway. Dr. Hawking, Stephen Colbert, President Obama.

I hope the President gets a second term if only to prove his Trek cred when he announces the name of the newest manned space vehicle — the USS Enterprise. (A guy can dream, can’t he?)

There’s so much out there to divide us. Trek brings us together, and that includes Colbert, who apparently — and this is interesting news — is getting together with Herman Cain in a “Rock Me Like a Herman Cain” rally in South Carolina. I kid you not.

Righties and lefties, united toward the stars. What could be better?

I agree with Hat Rick, there is more that unites us.

And I just had to delete a post from someone who tried to hijack this thread and turn it into a partisan political debate. I will ban the next person who tries that. Dont have the time to police it, and everyone should know it just isnt done here.

“Video not available in your area” :(

I wish we could get comedy central here in the UK

Who needs Wikipedia for Star Trek? Use Michael and Denise Okuda’s Trek Encyclopedia! ;-D

As for the Wiki blackout (along with thousands of other sites)? It appears to have worked. Lawmakers in the US (including a co-author of the bill itself) are withdrawing support for it.

I’m not taking sides really, I’m just amazed how effective public opinion has been on this one.

Yes. Let us all unite to form the Terran Empire. Together. We can go a long way.

LOL!! I love it!! All of it!! :)

Does liking Star Trek qualify one as being smart? Or do only smart people like Star Trek?

Either way, I’m smart!

I wonder what Gene Roddenberry would think of SOPA/PIPA. He wasn’t a fan of censorship of any kind.

17 (VZX), correlation does not imply causation, agreed. However, the correlation is there, methinks, nevertheless. Either way, I’m proud to be associated with such a learned fanbase.

I support the SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act).

The Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) is a law (bill) of the United States proposed in 2011 to fight online trafficking in copyrighted intellectual property and counterfeit goods. Proposals include barring advertising networks and payment facilities from conducting business with allegedly infringing websites, barring search engines from linking to the sites, and requiring Internet service providers (ISP) to block access to the sites. The bill would criminalize the streaming of such content, with a maximum penalty of five years in prison.

I have check the ones that are holding a petition to stop the bill from moving forward. It appears that the Internet companies, the ISPs and Search Engine owners don’t want this to pass. It will require them to spend money to follow the law instead of just putting it in their pockets.

I feel that this is taking money from the owners of the copyrighted intellectual property and putting it in the pockets of foreign companies. This bill would not stop the sites from existing. But would, in fact, stop companies like eBay, and PayPal from profiting from the illegal sale of property that the seller does not own. It would stop Search engines from linking to sites that have been shown to sell that they don’t own. And stop anyone from profit from advertising these sites.

It does not stop “Free Speech”. Just Illegal sales is someone else’s property.

20. The argument against the bills, as I understand the argument, isn’t one for piracy… it’s that any site with any connection to illegal content, such as a link posted by someone else in a comments section, can face penalties, investigation and blacking out.

The argument is that the bills’ authors don’t understand how search engines, or the Internet generally, works. As I understand it. That in practice, this would create far more problems than it would solve.

I’m always curious whether most of the people who download pirated movies would ever actually go see those movies in the theatre or buy dvds if the pirated versions were unavailable. I wonder how big the impact on sales and box office really is…. Personally, there were series I first tried on free websites or took from torrent sites that I ended up buying the DVDs for and/or watching regularly after. I think models like Netflix are pretty great, because you’re getting a lot of this content without having to commit to purchasing a specific item (so I can watch an episode or two of something to see if I like it instead of paying a bunch for the whole season on DVD). You get exposed to things you might not normally seek out.

Heck, back in the napster days, I ended up buying more music than Ihad before because I got exposed to so many different things.

Heck, the studios were against VCRs forever for the same reason (stealing eir profits).

Argh! Geoblocking. I tell ya people SOPA and PIPA are just the start. Soon we will all be like China.

Colbert should have a cameo in the next flick.


You really need to look into it further. The bills don’t ‘simply’ do what you’ve explained, they go well beyond. The reality is, existing laws are perfectly capable of shutting down illegal sites all on their own (see the recent shutdown of Megaupload). SOPA and PIPA granted outrageous powers to content owners. What’s really needed – and what most politicians are too lazy or too fearful to support – is a massive overhaul of our copyright system.

Yeoman Rand through to yeoman Smith ?????

Looks more like an insert from Kirk’s little black book of babes!

On poker nights, he’s often bragging how he’s been through Yeoman Rand.

Or is that Fizzbin night?

23. Cobert should be president of the federation council.

I think Colbert would be great as a reactionary bureaucrat warning about the dire threat to civilization posed by tribbles. After all, our very food supply would be at risk!

People who follow politics would get the joke, while people who follow food would be suitably alarmed by Colbert’s Faux seriousness.