Zoe Saldana Helps Car Accident Victim Across Street From Star Trek Studio

While she is filming her role as a space hero in the Star Trek movie, Zoe Saldana took some time out to act as a Good Samaritan. The new Uhura actress was spotted in Culver City on Wednesday coming to the assistance of victims of a car crash. See photos below.


Saldana Helps Woman After Car Accident

On Wednesday Star Trek’s Zoe Saldana stopped her car at the scene of a traffic accident in Culver City, CA and help an injured elderly woman. The crash occurred across the street from Sony Studios, where the Star Trek sequel is currently filming. “Zoe witnessed the car accident, and was very quick to help,” says an onlooker to People. She "immediately got on the phone with 911 and she seemed very concerned." Saldana and another passerby moved the woman to the curb from her car and waiting for emergency crews to arrive. According to the witness, Saldana “returned to the woman’s car and picked up the woman’s handbag and sweater. Zoe was very caring and sweet to the woman.”

Photos (via Daily Mail):

More photos at Daily Mail and bauergriffinonline.com.

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Good for her!

Yikes! Hope that lady is okay. Nice to see a good samaritain story

such situations say very much about humans “real self”. zoe saldanas behavior was really fine… difficult to find the most appropriate word, for i am from germany…. i am just astonished about the fact, someone was immediately at hand wit a camera. is there no privacy at all?

maybe it was an Iphone.
I am from denmark, and think I know what you mean about ´der privat leben ohne kamera ´ , but hey everybody has a camera in there phone…


SOPA is passed. We have cameras in all our phones for one reason. So they have an excuse to take you away without trial. WW3 has begun.

SOPA is passed. We have cameras in all our phones for one reason. So they have an excuse to take you away without trial. WW3 has begun.

Good on you, Ms. Saldana!

I hope the lady is ok, good to see Zoe didn’t turn the other way she would have to be pretty heartless to keep on going on her way.

Good for her. Hope the people injured aren’t too bad and recover quickly.

I like to believe she intercepted the 911 call and rushed to the scene to assist. ;))

Oh come on! Hardly worth a story, hundreds of people do the same thing, and don’t have a whole web page bigging them up about it!!!!

are you serious?? Looks rather ordinary to me. Just another helpful person in the right place at the right time.

Good Job Zoe! :)

And get well soon to the injured.

And heres to everyone that helps or has helped other people out in situations like this.

And while I agree that many people help others out, and they dont get a lot of recognition for doing so, keep in mind that Zoe is a Hollywood Star, media attention is going to happen, period, end of story.

So I wouldnt make a big deal about that. She helped someone who needed it and thats cool in my book. :]

Great act of kindness. Many people would have just driven away after gawking.

In these trying times, Ms. Saldana’s selflessness and concern for her fellow human beings is instructive and should be held out as an example to all.

The fact is that too many of us would rather just not get involved, unlike Ms. Saldana. It’s all the more tempting for a big Hollywood star to give into that apathy, and we have all the evidence we need in various cases involving celebrities that are actually involved in traffic incidents from which they run away. Star Trek 2009’s Uhura is clearly not like those celebrities.

By the way, has anyone noticed how telegenic everyone involved is? Even the cops look like they’re from Central Casting. No out-of-shape patrol officers there! I think it’s God or Fate’s way of telling us how much we should use this incident as a teachable moment: No one is too big to help others in their times of need, and here’s an example.

I swear, people will do anything to get an inside scoop at the Star Trek lot.

I kid, I kid! Good to see that there were no fatalities or more serious injuries.

I have to say this: Yes, it’s true that many Hollywood types are self-absorbed and unfriendly. But many others are just regular people outside of their public roles.

Roles do not make the actor; the actor makes the role.

I’ve run into that guy who played a psycho on an episode of Voyager, and who is known for his bad-guy roles. A great character actor. This was years ago. He was buying groceries at a local Vons supermarket. You’d think he was a moody son-of-a-gun if you knew him only from his roles. But he was just a perfectly normal guy. You’d never know he was famous if you weren’t a science-fiction or horror geek. I, for one, recognized him, but the cashier, who thanked him by name because he’d used his Vons loyalty program card, apparently had not. Or, more likely, she was too used to dealing with celebrities to show that she did.

I sometimes tire of the stereotype that Hollywood actors are uncaring and undeserving. Many of them — not all, but many — deserve every penny they get from having to deal with all the garbage they encountered on the way up to where they are now.

Celebrities are people too.

Zoe that starfleet training came in handy !!!

Very nice, great to see one of our fictional heroes actually being sweet, kind and helpful!

I find it funny that the pictures are from a UK website!

Wow. I’m impressed. Not just a pretty face! I’ve driven down that street and I have to wonder if I would have stopped and helped or let someone else handle it. And here she is a famous person who would get recognized, but not afraid to help.

A lesson for all of us to re-embrace our Trek ideals!

12, 13.

It is a story because, unfortunately, many people DON’T do the right thing! Bravo, Zoe!

WTG ZOE. A Beautiful Person on the Outside and on the inside.

That’s awesome. I am so impressed by Zoe Saldana’s actions. Yes, I would have done the same thing, but it’s great when a celebrity does such a thing since they are role models. I will definitely show this story to my kids.

I don’t understand some of the semi negative posts above… Good for Zoe for helping someone in need. She didnt have to do anything. As a matter of fact it would have been very easy for her (or anyone else) to do nothing.

Bless her for showing her big heart!

Agreed :-)
And if I could do same thing I to would, no matter what profession/job I had or did´nt had :-)

How wonderful of her!! :) When so many other stars are such jackasses,she helps people,I hope she is blessed 2x over for it! And I mean that from the heart too!:)

Classy — and bless her for that!! It’s not exactly a given with anyone these days but for a celebrity to do this — when she has even more reason than the rest of us to look the other way — speaks volumes about the kind of person she is.


Looks like a movie set!

Hoping the injured are okay.


I think, a paparazzi near a big studio as Sony Pictures is not so surprising… I think it’s an everyday thing in Hollywood… What surprised me is to realize that some people were so surprised by the attitude of Zoe… I always saw her involved in social causes… and I always prefer to believe that these attitudes are real and not publicity… at least until someone proves me otherwise……

so… Great Zoe Saldana… go Uhura go!!!…….. :-) :-)

Zoe is one of the most sexiest woman in the universe!

star trek is filming on the Sony lot…not on the Paramount lot?

That’s awesome. I can see why everyone in the supreme court wants Zoe manning that useless coms station with a short skirt while the men get to do all the galaxy saving stuff.

both .
both sony and paramount .


Yes, the production have rented out several soundstages around Hollywood to accommodate the film’s sets, including a few at Sony, Culver City. The stages at Paramount that usually house the Star Trek sets (Stages 8 & 9, I believe) are being used for the permanent sets from CSI.

Renting stages from different studios is a common thing to happen, it’s just that the Star Trek movies have had the distinction of being produced entirely on the Paramount Lot itself. Doesn’t really make a difference anyway, all we see are the sets and that’s all that matters. LOL.

She is a good person. I wish more people were like her!


Geez, this article is about Zoe Saldana helping an injured old lady. If you don’t have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all. Your trolling and bitching got tiresome a long time ago. I can’t believe Anthony still hasn’t warned you about that.

Anyway, good for Zoe. A true heroine.

It’s kind of strange how those cops look a lot like the cop from Star Trek ’09.

Good for you, Zoe! Its nice to know celebrities actually give a damn about ordinary people once in a while! BTW, is it just me, or does anyone else think that short white cop in the middle in the second pic looks fake? I know he/she isn’t, but it just looks like that, probably cuz of the lighting.

Bravo Zoe!!

That’s what life is all about helping your fellow man or woman as the case may be

I’m not so sure that the old lady appreciated someone taking a picture of her in the state she was in, though.

Bien hecho Zoe Felicidades / Good Congratulations Zoe

So many times what makes the news is catching celebs doing the wrong thing. I’m happy to see this item about catching a celeb doing the right thing. Even better, she’s a Trek celeb helping someone in need.

As the song popularized by Anne Murray goes: “We sure could use a little good news today…”

(*thumbs up*)

That’s my Uhura!

Good for her, well done indeed!

We need to have more people act this way to others in trouble. Too many people just pass it by without a thought. Although I do understand not everyone can help if they are going to be put in peril but that is when we see true heros come forth.


Surprisingly, a lot of ordinary people aren’t this helpful. This act is beautiful in any case.

Good for you, Zoe.

Cool, Uhura showing Ubuntu…

You don’t hear enough stories like this. What a terrific lady she is. We could all learn a thing or two from Saldana’s awesome example….

Way to go, Uhura version 2.0 !