Watch Sheldon Deal With The Wrong Spock On Big Bang

Last week we reported on the Star Trek subplot in the 100th episode of The Big Bang Theory, which aired Thursday night. And CBS put a clip of Dr. Sheldon Cooper confronting his Spock disappointment online. Check it out below. We have also compiled some additional past Big Bang Spock humor. 


Sheldon not happy with Quinto Spock

Clip from "The Recombination Hypothesis" via CBS.

Sorry to folks outside the USA, CBS’s rules not our.

More Spock jokes on Big Bang

Big Bang Theory has often delved into Spock humor, here are more examples:


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Showing my fannish age but imagine “Visit ro a Weird Planer Revisited” with the Big Bang cast.

Wow! A Star Trek The New Voyages Pocketbooks reference. Very cool! I loved that story and “Mind Sifter” the best.

Last I heard phase 2 was planning to adapt
Mind Sifter

Did no one else catch the whole alternate timeline BBT ran last night, wussies around the Quinto Spock story??? After Sheldon opens up the cutout, Leonard goes and asks out Penny. At the end, Leonard tells Penny something like, “No matter how I think this through, it turns out badly for us..” Then, it flashes back to the beginning, Sheldon opens the Quinto cutout, Leonard asks Penny out, and this time she asks him, “Have you thought this through?” And Leonard says, “Yes, I have, and this is where I want to be.” Then Sheldon sends the Quinto cutout back… thought it was an obvious alternate timeline “gag” within the Trek 09 setup… Fun stuff.

Sigh, did NOT intend to put “wussies” in the post above. Meant “wrapped,” darned autocorrect….sorry..

I just might have to give this Big Bang Theory show a try.

One more thing. About Sheldon: He reminds me of certain people who have Asperger’s Syndrome, in which individuals are highly developed intellectually and yet have substantial difficulties relating to others. Asperger’s is associated with autistic spectrum disorders (ASD).

From what I’ve seen, although a comic figure, Sheldon is an aloof, yet sympathetic, albeit sarcastic, figure. A bit like Spock.

For the first time, I see a connection between the character of Spock as having some of the characteristics of people with ASD.


I am highly sympathetic to people with ASD, which is perhaps one reason that I’ve always liked Spock. And now I know why.

Funny love BBT !!!

Video not available in my region :(

So now I’m going to have to pirate it. I know it’s wrong, but it’s CBS’s fault for making me want it so bad.

The similarities between Sheldon’s personality and Aspergers does tend to jump out at one, but I’ve heard that the show’s producers have specifically stated that Sheldon doesn’t have it.

Also, he isn’t insane – his mom had him tested.

I’m not going to watch a bad comedy just because they meant Star Trek.

10…. His mom had Sheldon tested, but she still regrets not taking him to that specialist in Houston.

This show is really, really awful.

I love this show!

Haha – that clip doesn’t work in the US, either. “Unavailable or expired”.

Love Star Trek, but I have to jump on the anti-Big Bang bandwagon here. This show is symptomatic of everything wrong with network television these days. Just cause it’s written by geeks doesn’t make it good.

I think TBBT is hilarious…

Love all the ST, science and other geeky references. Although sometimes I am the only one in my house who laughs at them.

This show is brilliant!!!!

The Big Bang Theory is the funniest show made in a LONG time! I’m completely into it, even owning all available 4 seasons on DVD.

Big Bang is one of the few TV sitcoms that has good writing and great comedic timing. Very smart show. And as an added bonus, it has all the Trek references!

Probably the best sitcom since the Drew Carey show… one had to keep up with the humour… weird seeing Jim Parsons (Sheldon) on Craig Ferguson (THE funniest talk show host) a few months back and him not knowing what the (model) blue police box on Craig’s desk was.

Community is a superior show, but BBT has more trek references. I hold out hope for a halloween episode featuring Troy and Abed dressed as Data and Geordi.

I’m with Sheldon “Live Long & suck it, Zachary Quinto”


Not that I mind Quinto, in truth I thought his performance was brilliant as Spock, but I would be equally pissed if i ordered Nimoy & they sent Quinto.

This next movie is seeming like it’s going to be the launching point for a full marketing transition from TOS to New Trek, which is appropriate as the new cast move forward.

We are now seeing Quinto & Pine’s likenesses in the comics & that type of stuff will only increase as merch is released to tie in to the sequel, so I think the Big bang writers identified a feeling that many TOS fans are experiencing right now.

Well done!

20… Like all Chuck Lorre shows, BBT goes to the gutter too often, with stupid sex jokes like last night’s endless “need wood” gag. But the cast is the best ensemble on TV today and the writing (when they stay away from the sophomoric humor) can be pitch perfect.

24 … ALL (non-family ie. Cosby et al.) sitcoms from the late 80s on went to the gutter… including Friends, Seinfeld, etc. And I agree, the are usually pitch perfect with their writing.

Agree completely, 24. When they don’t go in the gutter, its one of the best fixings around. Hated the repeated wood joke. Sounded like an episode of Beavis and Butthead, but dumber. The early episodes weren’t nearly so sex obsessed, and many were extremely funny. The R content keeps it from being a regular for us, unfortunately.

This was a great episode, the timeline/flashback or what ever you want to call it was well done.

While some may not like Shelodon complaining about Qunito being Spock or getting the wrong Standee instead of Nimoy…. Well, I guess Sheldon feels that Quinto would not be Spock (or a Spock) if it was not for Leonard Nimoy. If he wants to keep Nimoy as his favorite Spock, then so be it. Thats his right to enjoy the character he loves best.

#4 — What you just did is called a “spoiler.” As in, you gave away what happened in the episode–for those who might not have seen it yet. You gave away the ENTIRE twist, the entire gimmick of the episode. You posted THE spoiler.

Just pointing it out for future reference. I saw the episode, so you didn’t spoil anything for me, but anyone who hadn’t seen it would now know the twist. So…I’m shutting up now.

BTW, loved the entire episode!

#27 – I can completely understand Sheldon’s disappointment in getting Quinto Spock instead of Nimoy Spock, because he’s such a big fan of Nimoy. Remember the Christmas episode where Penny gave him a napkin from the Cheesecake Factory that was signed by Nimoy (who also used it to wipe his mouth)?

“I possess the DNA of Leonard Nimoy?! Do you know what this means? All I need is a healthy egg and I can grow my own Leonard Nimoy!!”

Then he gave Penny an awkward but heartfelt hug, one of the sweetest moments in the show. Yeah, I can definitely see why he’d prefer Nimoy. :-) (Note also that this doesn’t necessarily reflect Sheldon’s opinion about the 2009 “Star Trek,” merely his preference of Nimoy over Quinto.)

And I also thought that the “got wood?” gag was pretty sophomoric, but worse, it went on too long. Once would have been tolerable, if still childish, but they just pounded us over the head with it repeatedly, to the point where they (the writers) were being downright cruel to Sheldon. Yes, we get it, Sheldon lacks social skills and an awareness of these things; move on already.

Finally, how fitting is it that a show which features “Star Trek” so prominently manages to hit the good ol’ “reset button” at the end of the episode? :-)

I’d wondered why Leonard was so smooth and relaxed on the date, and the question was answered.

The wood joke did go on for a very long time, and it was the first time I started to wonder if the writers were running out of ideas, a filler scene.

As for the Spocks, I’m a BIG fan of both and it didn’t bother or surprise me one bit that Sheldon prefers Nimoy. Doesn’t CBS own the TV rights to Star Trek but not the movie rights?

Cool shtuff. As I don’t watch TBBT, Leonard broke up with the Indian girl??? O_o

I thought I would add:

Happy Birthday, DeForest Kelley!

Dammit, Jim, why doesn’t TrekMovie have something on this?

For non US people (like me) the clip is on YT. Just search ‘sheldon wrong spock’.

I also like this show. But I liked it more when the show was just starting out. Now, it’s become more like Friends by the season and giving Sheldon a ‘friend who is a girl but is not his girlfriend’ was the worst mistake the show made. More science; less gossip.

Thanks Alec!!

Here’s the link:

The Big Bang Theory is one of the smartest and funniest shows of all time. It will be in re-runs for decades. Now, whenever I need a lift after a rough day at work, these re-runs are the best. Also, it helps those of us who are a little different, to be more accepted, and as such safer.


I do remember that episode when Penny gave Sheldon the DNA infused napkin, that was a riot.

All the talk of wood had my wife laughing so hard she almost hurt herself. Did it go on for too long? Perhaps, perhaps not. But my wife thinks us guys always speak that way in order to get laughs…. never crossed my mind.

Dr. Sheldon Cooper one of the best characters on TV he’s hilarious.

32. The second season was the show’s best, in my opinion, with classic episodes like the one where they teach Sheldon to drive and the one where they take the train with Summer Glau. But I disagree about Amy Farrah Fowler, who I think has been a great asset to the show. TBBT was getting stale with too many Sheldon-centric episodes in the weeks /months before Amy (and Bernadette) became regulars. The writers still struggle with fresh material for Sheldon (as witness the too-long “wood” scene last night) but Amy’s presence has given the writers many, many more (new) ways to use Sheldon. More importantly, Amy allows Sheldon to grow as a character (whether he wants to or not, and he didn’t) and that, I think, is a very good thing.

The show is getting stale now. “Community” is a far superior show as is “30 Rock”, “Louie” and “Parks and Recreation”.

Ehh, I tried to get into this show, but I can’t. Some of my friends say that I should watch it since I’m a big comics/sci-fi fan and work in physics, but I find it cheesey and somewhat offensive.

The only sitcom I watch is The Office.

But, to each his own.

While I’m a fan of TBBT, I do think the quality has tailed off over the past couple of years as the show’s balance of geekiness (which I’ve never found offensive) versus implausible relationships (which are the parts I find tedious) seems to have tipped towards the latter. The show’s many sci-fi and genre references are what set it apart from the crowd but lately it seems to be morphing into just another sitcom.

#31 – Priya went back to India. She and Leonard tried to do the long distance relationship thing (via Skype), until Leonard was tempted by a local comic-loving girl (he almost cheated but backed out); when he confessed, Priya confessed that she had slept with her ex-boyfriend. Congratulations, Priya, you won the cheating contest. :-) By the next episode, Leonard said that he was single, meaning that they had broken up.

#40 – The show has changed somewhat, going from “four geeks and a girl” to a “geek version of Friends,” but I doubt the show could have continued to survive by relying strictly on the science-and-geek angle. Keeping a show on the air dictates that you have to keep an audience, and the average TV viewer isn’t going to relate to science and geek stuff, unfortunately. Adding in the relationship angles keeps the interest of these viewers, while retaining the science/geek stuff keeps the old fans around (those fans who don’t think they’ve been betrayed by adding yukky girls into it, that is). Personally, I think the addition of Amy and Bernadette has enhanced the show, bringing out facets of the other characters and giving them growth (sometimes against their will, particularly in the case of Sheldon). But, like #39 said, to each their own.

Everybody says Spock but Sheldon reminds me more of Data. If Data was a socially inept blow-hard.

Did anyone notice that the episode started with a conversation about lizards, followed by a conversation about Spock.

Rock, paper, scissor, lizard, Spock

#42 – Well, Data was rather socially inept, too. And Sheldon also loved Data, at least until Brent Spiner replaced Wil Wheaton on his “mortal enemies list” (for opening a mint-condition Wesley Crusher action figure that Wheaton had given to him as a peace offering to end their feud). But I don’t think that people say Sheldon reminds them of Spock, just that Spock (Nimoy’s Spock, to be specific) is Sheldon’s all-time favorite, as he’s stated numerous times.

#43 – Good catch. :-)

43… “Put a sweater on, it is slow out.”

CBS wants to see their stuff in all the world, but they do not allow “foreigner” to see those clips. Strange thing to me….

#4 and #43: Great observations! Will add doubly to my enjoyment when I see the episode again.

[Snicker] alternate timeline!

It’s a shame I miss these things, but get the “wood” jokes … but heck, they’re funny to me too.

I, too, am equally a fan of Quinto and Nimoy, but I think Sheldon probably watched “Star Trek TOS” as a bitty bitty boy and Sheldon SELDOM alters his way of seeing and doing things. So his appreciation of Nimoy over Quinto is hilarious, when you think about the diehard TOS fans who were apoplectic over the new series of movies.

I heard a commercial for last week’s 60 Minutes, and it had a segment about a child prodigy. (I think it was last week.) I meant to watch it, but wasn’t able to.

Anyway, Sheldon-type individuals and other people who are preternaturally brilliant are part of nature’s way of elevating the human race; not socially perhaps, but through intellectual development.

Sheldon is a comic character, but the kind of people who are “nerds” and “geeks” and different in such ways are every bit as important to world civilization as the kind who are often lionized — the soldier, the adventurer, the physically imposing. The world needs its defenders, yes, and we should honor those who would lay down their lives to protect civilization. But, what kind of civilization would we have but for those who are brilliant enough to see unseeable, and whose nonsocial intelligence advances our understanding in small but critical ways?

Science, as always, is under-appreciated in our society.

I always had an admiration for people like the fictional Spock, whose intellect was beyond compare. It was a sad day when I discovered that all too many of my peers would rather follow the sports scores than read about science, philosophy, or the possibilities open to us — out there.

47. Good use of apoplectic.

Hey, I just found this …. Spock? … Sheldon?