Rumor Control: Cumberbatch Role NOT Confirmed By IMDB + Star Trek Sequel Locations NOT Tweeted

There are a couple of Star Trek sequel tidbits floating around the Internets that TrekMovie has been getting emails on and so once again we have done some checking and we have some debunking to do with regards to IMDB and Benedict Cumberbatch and also locations for the film. See below.


IMDB did NOT confirm Cumberbatch as Khan

TrekMovie got a number of tweets and emails about the IMDB page for the Untitled Star Trek Sequel (2013). The issue was that actor Benedict Cumberbatch was being listed as playing "Khan." Many fans were taking the listing as an official confirmation of previous rumors. It was not. IMDB is a fantastic website and resource for any fan of films, however the site does not break news for films in production. It functions somewhat like a Wiki, where anyone can submit an edit to a page (to be reviewed by editors). And in fact after the Khan listing went up, I submitted a number of edits to the page, which have just been implemented. The Khan listing is now gone. I also suggested the addition of Bruce Greenwood in the role of Christopher Pike (officially confirmed) and the removal the note "rumored" next to the casting of Noel Clarke. Both of those edits were also implemented.

However, inexplicably IMDB now has Cumberbatch listed as "rumored". My submitted edit said Cumberbatch was officially confirmed, but that the role of Khan was only “rumored.” Perhaps the editor got confused on that, and this shows unreliable IMDB can be before the release of a film. Let us not forget that back in 2006 IMDB had Matt Damon listed as playing Kirk in the 2009 Star Trek movie.

For his part, director JJ Abrams wont even confirm Cumberbatch is playing a villain, however this has been confirmed by TrekMovie sources (and Variety). Some outlets have reported Khan is in the film, but this is not something that has been confirmed officially by Paramount or by sources. Khan’s name has been heard but there have also been denials so for now we continue to consider it a "rumor." It is possible Cumberbatch is playing Khan, but it is important to note that IMDB was not confirming rumors, only repeating them (and now they are just leaving the character name blank).

IMDB listing now closer to confirmed info, but still a bit off

Star Trek sequel locations have NOT been tweeted

Another thing going around the Interweb is a tweet from Locations Hollywood, a company that does location services (but not for the Star Trek sequel).

This list has been reported elsewhere, however TrekMovie sources say that this isn’t accurate. With the exception of listing Sony Studios (which TrekMovie has already reported), this actually appears to be a partial list of locations from the 2009 Star Trek movie. The Budweiser plant is also expected to be used again for engineering sections of the Enterprise, but that isn’t really news either. As for Long Beach City Hall, that was used for the Starfleet Academy assembly room, and a hanger at MCAS Tustin was used for the academy hangar scene and Vasquez Rocks was used for Vulcan (which was destroyed). As for Dodger Stadium, the 2009 film actually was using the parking lot, but that was mostly due to allowing them to build sets outdoors that will get good sunlight and have real blue skies (saving them from having to add the sky later via CGI). The Dodger Stadium shoot was actually spotted in 2008 by a local news helicopter.

2008 filming of Star Trek film at Dodger Stadium parking lot

There are also locations for the new movie that are not listed above. TrekMovie has already reported that the new movie will be shooting at an LA area museum which will be standing for a famous Star Trek location. There is also the alien jungle location which will be shot somewhere in southern California (originally JJ Abrams traveled to Hawaii to scout for this location). A trusted source also tells TrekMovie that there are other interesting alien locations being shot on location.

UPDATE: Due to TrekMovie’s reporting, Locations Hollywood has since removed its original tweet. In an email to TrekMovie, they say they are going to double check on their source. According to LH, their goal is to “generate interest in projects that film in L.A.” and they want to be sure they are accurate.

Stay tuned to for all the latest on the Star Trek sequel.

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