Video of the Day: Barcelona’s Messi Inspires Star Trek Accolades

Yesterday Americans were glued to their TVs watching the final four teams vie for spots in the Super Bowl (alas San Francisco, future home of Starfleet, lost). However, Europeans were also watching their own football, and in a match between Malaga and Barcelona, the announcer went to the final frontier in describing a goal by Barcelona’s Lionel Messi. Watch and listen below. 


Lionel Messi is "out of his Vulcan mind"

The following video is going viral due to the effusiveness of announcer Ray Hudson following the goal of Barcelona’s Lionel Messi, including his multiple references to Star Trek (forgiving the "Dr. Spock" thing). 


Thanks to Jim Moorehouse (aka @EnterpriseExtra).

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I love the Scottish color man. “Football bird of paradise.”

“Out of his Vulcan Mind…” (Note he uses Vulcan like a famous cuss word.)

You got to love this one.

“Running like he’s got a food mixer down his shorts!”

This color guy is out of his Vulcan mind!

“Immaculate Conception” … talk about your overstatement!

Is this a parody? And I thought American announcers were hysterical!

However, the Star Trek references were welcome. :-) LL&P

It’s Commander Spock, not Doctor! Of course, the name Spock existed way before ‘Star Trek’, but never confuse Leonard Nimoy’s character with the Dr. Phil McGraw of the early-to-mid 20th century that is Dr. Ben Spock, or as some folks would say ‘Doc Spock.’

Oops, I meant Ben Spock was a baby doctor. Again, please don’t confuse Commander Spock with Doc Spock.

This is real and tue football!!!!! Go Barca!!!!!

@ Basement Blogger – he’s a Geordie (as in from Tyneside), not Scottish.

Beam me up pet.

Well done for calling it football! Nobody calls it soccer here (UK – europe).

‘running like he’s got a food mixer down his shorts’ lol!

1.Basement Blogger –
He actually sounds like he’s from Newcastle not Scotland (so a ‘Geordi’ accent – another Trek reference!!!)

If I had a food mixer down my shorts I think I might be on the ground writhing in pain! LOL!

Can I agree with 8.

THANK YOU for not calling it Soccer!

Sorry … but, “Dr.” Spock… is unforgivable in this case … LOL

Messi is awesome!

:-) ;-)

Is definitely a Geordie

#1,I heard the way he used Vulcan too,so funny!! :D This made me LOL out of my Vulcan mind!! I never watch the UK’s kind of football,but this must have been a great game! Love the clip!! :)

cant stand football or sport for that matter however if they made more refers may have to re-think about watching it then again maybe not

I grew up around geordies (parents and parents friends) so concur with #6 and #13. He’s definitely a geordie, bonny lad. ;)

Love Trek; love soccer; wish Messi had half as much integrity as skill.

6. 9

Thanks guys. I just looked up Geordie in Wikipedia. Northeast England it says. If I drink too much, I get a hillbilly accent.