Exclusive: Clip From Star Trek: TNG – The Next Level Blu-ray

Star Trek: The Next Generation – The Next Level, the four episode Blu-ray sampler disc, comes out next Tuesday. And CBS has just sent over another exclusive clip. Check it out below.


Exclusive: Clip From Star Trek: TNG – The Next Level Blu-ray

Here is a new clip from the the new "Star Trek: The Next Generation – The Next Level"  Blu-ray from the pquot;

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TNG on Blu-ray available next week

"Star Trek: The Next Generation – The Next Level" featuring HD versions of the two-part pilot “Encounter at Farpoint," along with "Sins of the Father," and "The Inner Light" will be released next Tuesday, January 31st. You can pre-order from Amazon for $14.99.

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Looking forward to next Tuesday!

Picard was a VERY cold character in those first handfull of episodes

looks good but I wont buy the sampler, instead I will wait for my favorite episodes instead.

Why isn’t this in HD?

@5 High definition and widescreen are not the same.

Anthony, i think you have the lead in from the previous article still up infront of this one?

6- I think Allen is asking why isn’t the clip in HD, doesn’t make sense to show clips from the remastered HD TNG in SD compressed video clips.

Am I missing something? The embedded Vimeo video only plays in SD, and on Vimeo’s site it says it’s private.

that is the resolution they provided.

That sure didn’t look like a blu-ray clip to me.

A definite “Oops” moment 7.


He was indeed cold; nothing like Kirk. In those first episodes, Riker seemed much more personable and Picard was like the boss on the first day of your new job.

Of course like in real life, once you get to know someone better they usually become more friendlier…and we were there every step of the way, getting to know Picard.

Trekmovie guys, you used the header from the previous article about Leonard Nimoy as the header for this article… you might want to edit that. :)

Is anyone else getting an error message from the video?


The creator of this video has not given you permission to embed it on this domain. This is a Vimeo Plus feature.”


Could be a browser issue-sometimes video players get goofy on certain browsers.

Surprising that it’s an SD clip, although even in SD form the improvement is obvious.

Video worked for me, but as others pointed out, it’s entirely pointless in SD.

being exclusive, the video is only embeddable on TrekMovie.com

Thank’s Anthony. Hey are you going treat Tng Blu-Rey like you did TOS Blu-Rey and give an Ep by Ep Thred.

Why are they sending out such low quality clips of this? This is sub-SD resolution, and even more baffling, it’s telecined to 30fps. Isn’t part of the point of a digital transfer to show the original 24fps film? The only reason motion can still look sharper in this low-def sample is because it hasn’t been interlaced like the original videotape version of the show.

The zoom when Riker starts his speech is some seriously cheesy cinematography.

does look good i hope i can get it on itunes because i woudln’t feel like walking to the store to get it lol

Just pre-ordered. :-)

While I would love a non cropped widescreen, that wasn’t what I asked. This clip should be in youtube 1080p pillar boxed. Out of all the footage I’ve seen from this project so far, this is the worst. My guess is its vimeo’s quality is just too low.

This is rather silly. If they aren’t sharing a 1080 clip, then what are we supposed to be impressed by? The colour timing?

Some of the screenshots have looked a bit more colourful than the current DVD, which is fine with me. Always hated the washed out look of TNG.

Not really impressed by a postage stamp.

I think I’ll wait for the actual season to get offered. There’s not much in this sampler I care to see.

a low def video certainly doesn’t make it more enticing.

Look, not to be contentious, but……from what I’ve heard over the years, Jonathan Frakes is a real sweetheart of a guy and a reasonable director, BUT, he really stunk up TNG with his lousy acting. God, even on his best days he was mediocre.

I remember hearing that he won the role over Chris MacDonald (Lt. Castille in Yesterday’s Enterprise), who was on the short list to play Riker. The series would have been SO much better with MacDonald in the role! What a shame.


Totally got to disagree with you Harry. Frakes was great in episodes such as “The Best Of Both Worlds”, “The Pegasus”, “Parallels”, “Frame Of Mind”, “Second Chances”, etc.

Anyway, why couldn’t we get this clip in HD? While this clip shows improvement over the dvd version, it still doesn’t display the full resolution. Not to mention the size of the clip. Sucks having to watch it with binoculars or a telescope! :-)

Mr. Ballz,

What credentials do you have that would suggest your frequent stabs at actor’s capabilities and talents have any merit? Despite your introduction, your comments on Mr Frakes’ skills seem nothing but contentious…and trite.

I’m just curious if such a broad sweeping critique on the ENTIRE series is somehow grounded in anything meaningful. Or if it simply as vaccuous as your attemtps at humor.

Please, enlighten us.


It’s always subjective when judging an actor’s talent.

I think Frakes is a horrible actor, you think otherwise.

It’s not my fault that you are so easily satisfied with third-rate talent.

Try getting some standards.

Stanislavski strikes again.

I think Frakes is a fine actor. He has a very long list of credits before TNG which means he kept getting chosen over other actors. He was very successful bringing Riker to life and it’s no small accomplishment because on paper Riker is a rehash of a rehash of a character concept and potentially redundant because Star Trek worked without any such role before. I think in the hands of an actor without Frakes’ charm Riker could have been unbearable for the actor and audience alike. Riker is one of my favorite characters although I really disliked him at first. Frakes won me over.


It’s funny how habit is stronger than reason.

After a period of time you simply get used to something, or someone, and come to accept it.

Just like buying a new car and a month later you get a scratch on it. After a while you simply accept that you have a scratch on your car.

For those who can’t connect the dots, TNG is the car and Frakes is the scratch.

The earlier clips released from the Farpoint alien scene also came out initially in SD. This too will make its way out in HD; just be patient.

The quality of this Blu-ray upgrade is obviously superb. The clip appears, for all one knows, as if it could have been filmed yesterday, as Marina Sirtis said. It holds its ground when viewed side-by-side with Blu-ray versions of the TNG movies, for example. The color balance, contrast, and style are consistent with those seen in Generations, First Contact, Insurrection, and Nemesis.

you know what, this looks great. I’ve got a warm, fuzzy TNG feel….. I may not buy the teaser blu but will certainly start picking up the seasons…

@ 26

So then Would Jonathan Frakes in an alternate timeline play Shooter McGavin in “Happy Gilmore”? That would be really weird to see.

It looks better than SD DVD but why bother with that clip in SD, where is the HD????

@ Harry Ballz

I didn’t offer an opinion one way or another on Jonathan Frakes. Since you can’t seem to connect the dots, I was simply asking you about the foundation upon which you set your sanctimonious “standards” and condescending attitude. Surely they must be based on a credentialed background in journalism, film or drama to be so harsh and absolute. So please, tell us….why should we care about your criticisms?

Also, I find it ironic that someone with your predilection for humorless jokes and sophomoric name would call into question any one’s standards. THAT is funny.

@ 27
Star trek plays in space so i think a telescope is a good accessorie to watch it ;)

Why would someone need a background in journalism, film, or drama to have an opinion on an actor’s performance? Talk about sanctimonious…

Ah, TNG,

When it was good it was great, and when it was bad it was bad but when it was in between it was probably season 4

41 – This.

What was the point of posting an sub-SD clip at all? Apart from a slight improvement in the colour over the old DVD release, what does this show us?

‘Check The Circuit!’

This is not a forum for credentialed critics or journalists, but for enthusiastic fans.

I have known ‘Mr. Ballz’ for years, and he is as big a fan of our franchise as anyone here. That alone is the necessary credential here.

Your attempt to degrade his sense of humor and integrity after you’ve made your point is worthy of an apology.

Would be nice if they offered this as a digital download perhaps on iTunes?

For us folks who don’t have Blu-Ray capability?


I’ve always felt that Frakes did a decent job with Riker. It seemed natural. It was much of the writing that was sh*t, like when Riker behaved like a petulant dick when jealous of Troi in “Haven”.

So tiff and static and wooden.. Man how did this show last 7 years? History has not been kind to this show and the Blu Rays will only make that more apparent

I always found it odd that Jonathan Frakes hated “The Naked Now” when that episode show cased Riker as a very competent officer. And Worf even.

From Mr. Ballz:

“He really stunk up TNG with his lousy acting. God, even on his best days he was mediocre. I remember hearing that he won the role over Chris MacDonald (Lt. Castille in Yesterday’s Enterprise), who was on the short list to play Riker. The series would have been SO much better with MacDonald in the role! What a shame.”

That’s not a critique…that’s taking shots and making absolute assessments from the anonymity of the internet without any back up. What makes Frakes’ portrayal of Riker so poor and what was SO much better about Christopher MacDonald? I’d hope anyone with an opinion (and we all have them) would provide some context to their comments. That’s all. Otherwise it’s third grade name-calling.

I hope for more intelligent discourse at this site. Take the name-calling to aintitcool. Just my opinion, of course.

Do not judge all of TNG by this clip or the first two seasons please.