Watch: Space Nazis On The Moon In ‘Iron Sky’ Trailer – From Makers Of ‘Star Wreck’

In is an undisputed fact that Star Trek has led the way in the sub-genre of Space Nazis, but the Finnish filmmakers behind 2005’s Trek parody Star Wreck: In The Pirkinning are taking the 3rd Reich to the next level with Iron Sky – a film about Nazis on the moon. Check out the latest trailer below. We also look back at Star Trek’s Space Nazis.


Space Nazis are back and on the moon in Iron Sky

20 years ago a group of Finnish Star Trek fans began a series of short parody films with Star Wreck. That film was followed by five more shorts and the feature-length Star Wreck: The Pirkinning in 2005. That film pitted the forces of Star Trek vs. Babylon 5 and it became a cult hit. In 2006 it was even distributed on home video by Universal Pictures. Since then the team have been working on another sci-fi comedy, Iron Sky, which tells the story of Nazis who have been hiding on the moon since the end of World War II. The film will premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival in February. Here is the brand new trailer.

For more information on Iron Sky, visit the official site


Space Nazis in Star Trek

As noted, it was Star Trek that set the standard for Space Nazis. The first occurrence was in 1968 with the original series episode "Patterns of Force," where the Enterprise discovers a planet (Ekos) where an Earth historian used Nazi Germany as a pattern to shape the Ekosian culture…what could go wrong?

Space Nazis came back 30 years later in the Voyager two-part episode "The Killing Game," when a group of Hirogen Hunters played Nazis in a deadly holographic simulation, with the Voyager crew playing the resistance.

And in 2004 Space Nazis appeared in the season 3 cliffhanger for Star Trek: Enterprise and were featured in the two-part season 4 opener "Storm Front." The episode had the crew of the NX-01 transported back in time to an alternative World War II where the Na’kuhl (a faction in the Temporal Cold War) had joined up with the Nazis to help them invade the USA and win the war.


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I’ll see definitely see that one at the Berlinale. Too bad I can’t be there for the premiere on the 11th. :(

Love the line: “The world is sick and we are the doctors.”

I may be wrong, since I have tried to erase all knowledge of Storm Front from my mind (it was that bad), but wasn’t Vosk the name of the lead space nazi? I seem to recall the species themselves never got a name.

Okay, just did a search on Memory Alpha, and I was right. Vosk wasn’t the name of the species, but of an individual. The species were Na’kuhl.

It is very interesting to see in their first trailer that there is some support in history for the Nazis. It has long been said that throughout WWII the Nazis where experimenting and developing “Wonder Weapons”. The Allies where bombing German airstrips and the Nazis where very interested in Vertical Take off and landing

In Poland today, remains of a large round structure that was rumored to be the testing site for the Die Gloke or The Bell. At the end of the war the scientists and labours where all on Hitlers orders, Killed. Ther was recently a documentary on TV detailing this issue and its possible connection with aledged American made UFO’s. In the first trailer from Iron Sky shows a very acurate depiction of the that large round contruct found in Poland.

It has been widely known that the US Miltary captured many German scientists (Werner Von Braun and others) after the war under the codename “Operation Paper Clip”

In the years following the war the United States began experimenting with Vertical Take off and landing vehicles as well as the Avro Car that was saucer shapped.

In 1965 in Kecksburg Pa just outside of Pittsburgh a UFO Crashed in a wooded are that some witnesses have claimed that they saw the object up close and desribed as “Bell Shaped”

I absolutely love how the film makers of Iron Sky have taken some war time history and morphed them into this wonderful production! This film I have been waiting for for the last three years. Cannot wait for April 2012

Not sure how much this flick is inspired by Trek. Looks more like another Zack Snyder/Frank Miller inspired bit of nonsense.

The Tos Ep City on the Edge of Forever where in the timeline that Edith was Saved by Mccoy she helped prevent the U.S from Entering WW2 and the nazis built the A Bomb and won. We get a glimpse of that in Enterprise Storm front with aliens helping the nazis invade the U,S. Scary thought of what might have been if the U.S lost WW2.

Actually it looks fun. Kind of a 50’s kind of film done in present. I look forward to seeing it.

Ok. I don’t think this is one for me;while I am a history buff,this just don’t seem like my kinda Nazi movie. When it comes to some things I like the facts,just the facts.

Space Nazis. Because a good villain never goes away.

There’s always the quote from Indiana Jones in Raiders: “Nazis! I hate Nazis”

I hope Khans not in it….

#13,TrekTech,well,if Khan is in it I want to ask him if hes gonna be in Trek 13 too! ;)

I am so looking forward to this!

This looks great! Sure, history might get thrown out the window, but those production values (if they live up to the trailer) look mighty fine for an indy (?) film. When is the US release?

I’ll be honest with you. I’m not Jewish. I couldn’t be mistaken for a Jewish person. But, while I saw the Nazi-themed ST episodes as acceptable, I’ve never liked parodies or supposedly humorous take-offs featuring Nazis.

I think the closest exception was the “Naughty Nazis” movie-within-a-movie in one of those Mel Brooks offerings. (All the Nazis wanted was peace — a piece of this, a piece of that, etc.) I thought it was well-done, though some part of me was uncomfortable with it.

Yesterday I was listening to the radio and heard an announcement regarding the fact that it was the international day of remembrance of those who suffered under the National Socialist fascist dictatorship, and who were slaughtered over the course of years while much of the world was helpless, or stood by. (The United States and its Allies eventually were moved to help, and history records that they defeated this cancer upon mankind.)

But rather than humor, I find these parodies evoking often quite the opposite in me. I am actually depressed upon remembering that, within the lives of our parents and grandparents, the world had fallen into such insanity as to engage in mechanized insanity. And that one of the leading lights of European civilization had transformed itself into a ruthless killing machine.

History may be past, but for those of us who have studied it, some of us haunt us still.

^^ “Some of it haunts us still.”

As corrected.

I apologize for any stylistic errors in my postings in this thread. Sometimes my thoughts get far ahead of my ability to post. I used the phrase “mechanized insanity” hereinabove when, in my mind, I meant to write “mechanized slaughter.”

The truth is that the Nazis were not the first to use science and technology in the service of such murderous evil. During the Great War, aka the War to End All Wars, aka World War I, “mustard gas” was used to great effect to terminate the lives of young men defending the honor of their countries — i.e., simply trying to live through the day in the stink of their trenches, dug to protect them, but ultimately serving as their graves.

I think that there is such a thing as too much dwelling upon history, and perhaps, from the time I was very young, I was far too interested in it; history, even more than nature, is red in tooth and claw, whether the claws are of keratin or steel.

Perhaps it’s time to lighten up, to understand that things do pass, that we should, as they say, “move on.” Sartre said that those who forget history are condemned to repeat it.

But there is always tomorrow, and the hope for a far better future than the past has been.

Just watched the so-called trailer for Patterns of Force. It’s the whole frakkin’ episode! No wonder no one tuned in for the actual airings back then.

Frankly, the metaphors could not have been clearer for many of the original TOS episodes, and those who did view the more contemporaneously themed ones — and understood them — were perhaps more affected by them than we can know.

“City on the Edge of Forever,” for example, is powerful not just because of the love-story component, although that, of course, has its great charm. It’s powerful also because it stokes the subconscious realization that each one of us has a role — however slight — in history. Edith Keeler believed she was doing the right thing, and yet her continued existence would have prevented a better thing than had she died as she did, in the original timeline.

Really, in some ways, there is no comparison between Trek and any other SF franchise in substantial part because Trek believed that today’s world was worthy of comment, was worthy of discussion, was worthy of examination and improvement. I can say nothing similar of anything else in the SF universes out there, except much more tenuously and obliquely.

I watched with disgust as Australian PM Gillard was forced to leave her publicly scheduled speaking engagement in such disgrace, because, as even her political adversaries (including indigenous leaders) agree, no human being should be treated so disrespectfully. And I think of Tibet and the indignities inflicted upon the indigenous peoples; and I think of the Aboriginals (the First Ones) in Australia, in Canada, and in the United States. And I feel their anger. But there is no resolution. There is only dissatisfaction.

Ultimately, there can only be, as Kant said, the individual of good will who can save the world. Nietzsche’s uberman is a fantasy because the world cannot survive if all were to be better than society; we must uplift society in order to uplift the individual. And any society that overlooks the individual’s unique contribution does not only risk, but actually annihilates, its essential reason for being.

I remain a Kantian, all other things being considered. The world would be better if you would simply ask — what would you have the world do unto you? Then do as to others, as Jesus Christ said, as you would accordingly.

I really want to see this movie. I’ve heard a lot of buzz on it from some e-pals in Europe. As soon as it comes to the States, or on, I’m going to check it out….

BTW, probably the FIRST ‘Space Nazi’ story was Robert Heinlein’s Rocket Ship Galileo, one of my favorite Heinlein juvenilles when I was in High school. The basic story , minus the Nazis, was eventually worked into the film Destination Moon.

And now you know.

I thought they couldn’t even mention Nazis in Berlin…

That’s an interesting point. There are certain laws governing Nazi memorabilia and certain statements regarding that era.

When the movie, “Downfall,” came out, it was controversial in itself; since then, parts of it became an Internet meme, easily accessible under a Google search for “Hitler finds out.” The original, extremely dramatic scene wherein the dictator maniacally reacts to news that the war is lost has been reused to parodic effect by repurposing for humorous purposes (such as, “Hitler finds out that his favorite TV show has been cancelled,” or similar).

The producers of “Downfall” at some point opposed the use of such footage for such reasons. The matter is described in various Websites describing Internet memes.

I’m not German, but it seems to me that the current generation feels that it is distant enough from the events of that era so that parodies having some connection to that era can be safely produced.

In the United States, “Hogan’s Heroes,” nearly 50 years ago, mocked the Nazis in lighthearted TV series set in a Nazi prisoner of war camp. That series premiered about a year before Star Trek, the original series.

In 1997, “Life is Beautiful,” a tragicomedy describing the misadventures of an Italian Jew in Nazi Germany, grossed more than $229 million worldwide.

Germany’s version of “The Office”:


Anyone else remember a comic where it was Nazis in space (that’s my recollection–it seemed like a steampunkish alt-future where the Germans had won the war and it wasn’t exactly fascist or strictly Nazis, but they still ran around with the same design chic.)

I have been waiting since I saw the first trailer back in 2008, four years later, its finally manifesting itself.

The director strikes me as his own biggest fan.

I loved Star Wreck. This looks like a must see as well.