Entire Star Trek: TNG Cast To Reunite At Calgary Expo In April

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the premiere of Star Trek: The Next Generation, and in April fans will get a unique opportunity to see the entire crew reunited at one event. Tonight Canada’s Calgary Expo announced they are bringing together the nine principle cast members from TNG. More details below.


press release

ORIGINAL CAST OF STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION® will be coming together for a special reunion at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo April 27-29, 2012 in Calgary, Alberta, CANADA

(CALGARY, Alberta, CANADA) – IT WAS 25 YEARS AGO that Star Trek: The Next Generation® revived the sense of adventure inherent in the original Star Trek® series. TNG created its own signature interpretation of hitching a ‘wagon train to the stars’. Now, over two decades later, fans of all ages will get their chance to see the nine principal members of the cast together for a stellar reunion in Calgary, Alberta, CANADA during the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo, April 27-29, 2012.

To date, the Calgary Expo is the only event in the world scheduled to host such a gathering in 2012. It is also the first time the entire original cast has appeared as a group at a convention in over two decades.

Sir Patrick Stewart (Captain Jean-Luc Picard), Jonathan Frakes (Commander William Riker), Brent Spiner (Lt. Commander Data), Marina Sirtis (Counselor Deanna Troi), Denise Crosby (Security Chief Tasha Yar), LeVar Burton (Chief of Engineering Geordi La Forge), Gates McFadden (Chief Medical Officer Beverly Crusher), Michael Dorn (Lt. Commander Worf) and Wil Wheaton (Wesley Crusher) will all be Guests of Honour during the Calgary Expo. The cast will be meeting fans for autographs, individual and group photos (fees vary for each Media Guest), and participating in specially-grouped panels and discussions over the course of the weekend. Calgary Expo hours are Friday 3 PM to 8 PM, Saturday 10 PM to 7 PM, and Sunday 10 AM to 5 PM MST, April 27-29, 2012.

In addition, the full cast will also take the stage for a special once-in-a lifetime reunion event, Star Trek® TNG EXPOsed, on the evening of Saturday, April 28, at the Stampede Corral, in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Doors open at 6 PM MST and the program will begin at 7 PM MST. Nearly 5,000 seats will be available for this event, with prices ranging from $40 – $125 (CDN).

NOTE: Box office sales for the Star Trek® TNG EXPOsed, will begin at 10 AM MST (-7 GMT), on Saturday, February 18, 2012 via www.tickemaster.com.

The live evening event will open with host Emily Expo (the Calgary Expo’s mascot), and includes entertainment by local musicians Johnny Summers Little Big Band, special moderators Teddy Wilson, Cynthia Loyst and Ajay Fry (hosts of InnerSPACE on SPACE) and a special video tribute to the cast. The Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo will also offer a series of unique, must-have collectables for the serious TNG fan including a commemorative program to mark the occasion.

Kandrix Foong, Founder and Director of the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo, not only sees this as a history making celebration for the Calgary Expo, but also for Sci-Fi fans.

“We feel privileged to be hosting this event as it is a rarity that many people will never have the opportunity to experience again. The immensity of this reunion adds to Calgary’s international appeal in a unique way for pop culture enthusiasts on a global scale.”

One or more cast members are also anticipated to stop by the Vulcan Tourism & Trek Station in Vulcan, Alberta for a special visit on Friday, April 27, 2012. More details will be available in a future release. The Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo made interplanetary history in 2010 when Leonard Nimoy, (Mr. Spock) attended the Calgary Expo as a Guest of Honour. He also made a special “homecoming” visit to Vulcan, Alberta—the Official Star Trek® Capital of Canada. Over 5,000 people paid tribute him in a special ceremony. Leonard graciously left his mark on Vulcan and Star Trek® fans in several ways, with a handprint set in bronze, and by lending a pair of “ears” he used on the set in 1966. For more information on Vulcan and the Trek Station, visit www.vulcantourism.com.

To celebrate this incredible announcement, the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo will be hosting a screening of Star Trek: First Contact® at the Plaza in Kensington, Calgary, Alberta, on February 5, 2012 at 3 PM MST. A portion of the ticket sales will go toward the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Attendees will have the opportunity to enter a raffle for a pair of VIP passes to the 2012 convention as well as some other fantastic prizes. Proceeds from the raffle will also go to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Costumes are encouraged and the person with the best Star Trek® related costume or prop will also be eligible to win some great merchandise!

Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo Backgrounder The Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo has been a destination event since 2006, profiling talent from across the world in seven key genres: Comics, Sci-Fi, Horror, Toys, Anime, Cartoons, and Gaming. It is Western Canada’s largest pop culture convention and the second largest event of its kind in all of Canada. Noted for its Western hospitality, superb line up of talent and the promotion of Canadian artists, actors, and creators, the event has grown to become a destination experience for fans all over the world. The weekend event will be held at the BMO Centre in Stampede Park, Calgary, Alberta. Many fantastic guests have been announced for the 2012 Calgary Expo including Adam West, Tom Felton, Amanda Tapping, Hayden Panettiere, Tara Strong, David Prowse, James Marsters, Robert Englund, Billy West, John Noble, Katee Sackhoff, John DiMaggio, and creator guests Dale Eaglesham, George Pérez, and Yanick Paquette and many more to come. Over 35,000 people are expected to attend this year’s Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo. Last year, the Calgary Expo garnered 30,000 attendees. Full cast biographies, tickets to the Star Trek® TNG EXPOsed event, passes to the Calgary Expo, updates and Emily Expo’s blog can be found at calgaryexpo.com. Stay connected on Twitter: @CalgaryExpo, and Facebook. com/CalgaryExpo.


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Now is the time for all good Trekkies to find their way to Calgary to ask these folks to do a reunion production. To come to the aid of their country — the world of Trek. :-)

Wonder if footage from this will end up on a blu ray extra?

Wow wish I could be there. A group photo with the cast would be great too. Hope all the attendees have a great time!

When the news broke out here in Calgary, I couldn’t believe how lucky I’m to be in Calgary.

Now, I’m going to buy the tickets, first thing in the morning :)

I invite you all to come up to Canada. We have maple sirop, stronger beer, and now we have the whole crew of the Enterprise D. Go Canada!

What, not in Vancouver or Toronto??!! Outrageous!

I am going, can’t friken wait!!!!!

@1 Thousands of miles to go somewhere I’ve never heard of? Guess I’m not going to be a very good Trekkie then :P

8, (N), I bet you were about to say “millions of miles,” like Scotty in ST IV: TVH. ;-)

Besides, Calgary is a great place. It’s in Canada. :-)

It’s sort of like Texas, Canada-style. Calgary Stampede, and all that. Not that I’ve been there — the closest I’ve been is I guess somewhat near it along the Trans-Canada Highway. But I know people who were originally from there.

I’m shocked you’ve never heard of Calgary. Next thing I know, someone’s gonna say they’ve never heard of Nunavut!

@N – never heard of? Site of 1988 Winter Olympic Games?

Take that Creation, Glad to see someone other than them pulling this off. I am debating buying a ticket and flying up there for this now.

So happy I live in Calgary right now! Unbelievable luck!!! WOOOOO

The Calgary Expo is the fastest-growing show of it’s kind in Canada. It’s grown leaps and bounds every year. :D

Two years ago, we had Nimoy, last year we had Shatner, and now this.

THIS is just bloody amazing. So happy to live in Calgary right now! :)

My wallet is trembling in fear of this April. :)

I went the first time to Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo last year & it was so great. From William Shatner & Jonathan Frakes of Star Trek to Michael Hogan from Battlestar Galactica.

As for Calgary, it is as Hat Rick said, like Texas, lot of people wear cowboys hats specially during Stampede & they are friendly.

@9 Nunavut? Sorry, I don’t really know many international cities.
@10 I wasn’t even born then haha

They seem to have forgotten Diana Muldaur!

I suspect Creation will pull out the stops to make this happen at Las Vegas in August, too. Right now, their Web site shows they only have a couple more people to secure in order to, uh, make it so.

And, if they add Patrick Stewart, I think it would also be their first convention to feature all 5 TV captains on the guest list.

I hope catering is ready for the Frakes.

I’ve heard of Calgary, in Canada and I live on the other side of the world. I have no idea where it is in Canada though.

Wish I could afford it! Not sure how much it is to get to Canada from the U.K, but I’ll bet it’s a lot. Also Iam not sure who my soccer team will be playing- I’m not missing a home game.

I’d love to meet Sir Patrick though- a legend in all sense of the word and director of the youth academy in his home town soccer team, Heuddersfield Town. A few useless facts for you…

When TOS had their 25th anniversary, that cast were on their 6th big screen feature, and Spock made a special guest appearance on TNG. Pity things didn’t quite pan out this way for the TNG cast, would have been great seeing them in action one more time.
Still, I cannot believe it’s been 25 years already.

@16 Diana Muldaur was an anomaly… but not a gaseous one. ;-)

I hope Sheldon already has his bus ticket.

I hear Stewie will be making a guest appearance with them as well.

#6 Unacceptable!

Sheldon would stay Home to watch a showing of “And the Children Shall Lead” at 3am before going
to Calgary. He’s a TOS guy..e


I am thinking of going there in Calgary where my sister lives. If so, she very much welcome me to stay in her house with her open arms. :)

Otherwise, I hope you Calgarians will take pictures of the TNG reunion!

#6 Harry

“What, not in Vancouver or Toronto??!! Outrageous!”

… you forgot Montreal :)

OMG! I live in Edmonton, about three hours north of Calgary. I can’t believe this! I never thought something like this could happen so close. Totally going!!!

28 Silvereyes

Do not count Ottawa out! :)

What about O’Brien?
Colm Meany should be filming in the Calgary area for AMC’s “Hell On Wheels” during that time. It’d be a shame to miss O’Brien.

When are any Trek actors going to come to Runcorn here in the UK?!?

*stomps feet*

Anyone in here not Canadian? Jeez, it’s like Invasion of the Body Snatchers or something, eh?

Proud to be a Calgarian (I had to swing around the Sun to escape the gravitational pull of the centre of the Universe – Toronto – 41 years ago!).

Calgary is the oil capital of Canada with over a million inhabitants, yet it still retains a somewhat “friendly town” feel. And the Rockies are only an hour away so it’s easy to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, if so inclined.

Also, Vulcan is only an hours drive south, so lots of Trek-related stuff happening this year.

You know, it’s exciting!

Sweet! Right in my city. So totally there! :D

This is SO depressing!! WHY do these things never happen in Ireland? There has NEVER been a Star Trek convention in Ireland EVER! Believe me, I’ve checked!!!

This would be my absolute dream come true! To be in a room with that ENTIRE group of people! TNG was the Star Trek show I grew up on and is not only my favourite Star Trek series, but my favourite television programme in general.

Oh no! Mongo so close and not able go. Mongo so sad! Mongo love TNG! Mongo wish wish could go! Mongo wish wish wish could go!

This disaster!


No Guinan, Q or Lieutenant Reginald “Reg” Endicott Barclay III???

…or Alexander???

To those who don’t know what Nunavut is, it’s bigger than Western Europe and the newest Canadian Territory, carved out of what used to be part of the Northwest Territories.

Also, now is a good time for all non-Canadians to understand that, yes, Virginia, there is such a thing as “Yukon,” and it’s not a vague geographical area or just the name of an SUV, but a defined Canadian Territory to the west of the Northwest Territories. Nunavut is to the east of the Northwest Territories. It is populated by the First Nations people and is designed to allow them a strong measure of independence within the framework of Canadian federalism. Although a Territory is not quite a Province, the creation of Nunavut is a promise kept, and a very significant act, comparable to turning the governance of Alaska to the indigenous peoples of that area (Sarah Palin not included).

^^ I mean that Nunavut (not the Yukon) is populated by First Nations people and is designed to allow them a strong measure of independence, etc. The paragraph makes it seem as though I could be referring to the Yukon as such and was ambiguous.

Of course, Nunavut also has non-First Nations Canadians within its borders, just as there are many First Nations people outside of Nunavut. It’s just that the First Nations constitutes a distinct majority within that Territory — the only subdivision of Canada (Territory or Province) in which that is true.

#6 Harry

#28 Silvereyes

Make no mistake – not taking in consideration population, Calgary is the centre of the universe, along with our brother Edmonton. Harper is a Calgarian. All other provinces must bow.

Gotta say this sounds awesome! You guys who are going are some lucky folks!


Calgary is in Alberta, the second most-western province geographically next to British Columbia.

I travelled to Calgary over twenty two years ago. Can’t remember too much about it because I was 7 when I went, but I do remember the Badlands. What scenery. Visited the Tyrell Museum with all the dinosaurs.

I live in Victoria, B.C. where NO trek conventions are held. A few sci-fi conventions were held years ago, but not anymore. Bah! Seems to be a Trek/Sci-fi dead zone here.

I guess I could go over to Vancouver when the next convention heads there, but it would be quite a hassle. Getting on a ferry, getting a cab, finding a place to sleep, etc. And nobody to go with!

And yeah, Alberta is so much like Texas. Heck, U.S Republican politicians George W.Bush, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Dick Cheney, and Sarah Palin have all spoken at forums there.

Alberta is loaded with oil, too.

25 years. Holy Moly. Does that make you feel old? I remember watching the premiere, and there’s probably a lot of people on this forum that weren’t born yet… lol…

@45 – Visited Victoria once. Absolutely beautiful. What a wonderful place to live…


Glad you liked it! We have mild and wet winters here, though sometimes we do get a snowstorm. A couple of weeks ago, six inches of the white stuff fell. I went for a walk in Beacon Hill Park. It was a real winter wonderland. The ponds were frozen. The Great Blue Herons were all sharing a tree and hunched, trying to keep warm. Most of the ducks were grouped together to keep warm also. Bit of a challenge walking though, as the snow covered all the paths and walkways.

We do get lots of sunshine in the summer. The flowers are in full bloom, the sky is blue, daylight lasts longer, the odd cougar wonders into the city…..

17 well one person from the original 9 main cast members Creation wont get for sure is wil wheaton, they screwed him over the last time he did a creation show and has said he would never do another one for them again.

#48 – You neglected to mention the odd moose that meanders into town too. ;)