Watch Patrick Stewart & Liam Neeson Preside Over Battle Of Star Trek v Star Wars Action Figures

Over the weekend there was a meeting of the franchises on the BBC’s The Graham Norton Show. Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Sir Patrick Stewart and Liam Neeson were both guests and at one point Norton decided to compare their respective interactive toys. Watch how it worked out below, plus see Patrick talk about his surprising love for Beevis and Butthead


Stewart v Neeson in Trek v Wars toy-off 

From the Graham Norton Show (via BBC America), see the battle of the action figures from Star Trek: TNG and Star Wars.

Patrick Stewart on his love for Beevis and Butthead.


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OH MY GAWD! MY LIKE FOR SIR PATRICK STEWART WENT UP 10000000000000000000000000000000000000 TIMES! He is a Beavis and Butthead fan? WHODATHUNKTHAT?! I bet Mike Judge would be thrilled to have him as a guest on B&B

Only George Lucas could take an amazing actor like Liam Neeson and give him absolutely nothing to do for an entire movie.

That was a great article. I think Liam Neeson would make a great Klingon!!!!

And here we go with the Lucas bashing again…Is this AICN?

I actually have that Picard Transporter Series action figure…I think that Qui Gon Jinn money bank is kinda stupid and a waste of money. Sure, it’s cool and all, but I’m sure it gets quite annoying after awhile.

Patrick Stewart and Liam Neeson worked together before on Excalibur. It’s good to see them reunited.

DAMN! Unable to see the videos in Canada!

These are two extraordinary gentlemen, despite Mr. Neeson’s involvement in Star Wars!:):)
Sir Patrick looks great, I would love to see him more on TV or theater!

#7 yep same here unable to see it here in the UK which is pretty funny when the show is made here and broadcast here

Whoa that was funny

Unable to view in Canada, too.


Still, I think we’ve already arrived at the fact that Star Wars is horrible writing with amazing special effects, where Star Trek is brilliant writing (usually) with lower budget effects.

Regardless, George Lucas is possibly one of the worst film makers of all time; can’t edit, can’t direct actors, can’t write. He’s a technician who fell ass-backwards into success & has patted himself on the back for it ever since.

Mongo not see video too either.

But Mongo like Qui Gon mans and Picard mans!

Mongo not know why peoples not like both Star Wars and Star trek. That like not like hamburgers and hot dog. Or not like spaghetti and lasagna. Or not like pancake and waffle. Or not like Hershey bar and M & M candy. Or not like taco and nacho.

Mongo hungry now.

Hey Anthony please in Youtube Chanel im live in Vulcan…ok?

I think they’re both great…..

but my first love has been and always will be Liam Neeson’s Qui-Gon Jinn. Unf! So much man!

Again we cant control these things usually.

If you are in the UK you can watch the entire episode online at

BBC America does not offer full episodes, and streaming doesnt work outside the UK

Thank you Anthony mans. It not your fault Mongo not see videos. Mongo live on mountain in woods and only have satellite internets. Mongo have to pay arm and leg to see video. Mongo only afford cheapest plan. Or have to go to library and use internets. Library lady not like Mongo. Say Mongo scare people.

Mongo eat dinner and not hungry now.

Wish all of us know that “Star Trek” is owned by CBS and “Star Wars” is owned by Lucasfilm.

Mongo Mongo Mongo I don’t want to leave the jungle oh whoa no no no no! Mongo, you amuse me… can I join your fan club?

Mongo say hi Tanner Waterbury mans. Mongo want know if can join Tanner Waterbury fan club?

Sure, but Mongo has to be the muscle of fan club. I’m pretty sure my Mirror universe doppleganger wants to take it for himself at times… then again, I AM paranoid at times, that’s why I always wear a tin foil lined Tron program helmet all the time.

That good plan, Tanner Waterbury mans. Mongo say better safe than sorry.

Caught this on BBCA as I watch Graham Norton every week(although lately they have been showing a much abbreviated version of the show)…laughed so hard at the reveal of Sir Patrick’s action figure compared to Mr. Neeson’s.

That episode was gold!

Also priceless was Mr. Neeson recording the outgoing message on a fan’s mobile. I don’t know who you are, but I will find you and I will kill you…please leave a message at the tone….beeep.

I’m sorry fellow Trekkers but the Qui Gon Jinn action figure kicks Picard’s action figure in the arse. I mean that is one cool toy when it swings the light saber. Wow.

Keachick not see videos either…

Youtube link for those clips

It’s BEAVIS, not Beevis!

Thanks for that clip! It made my day it’s that funny! LOL! :D

I happened to see they were on while looking though my cable guide, so i recorded it. Great episode of a very funny show.

This was the greatest show on the telly box last friday night. Patrick Stewart proves that he is still an amazing guy full of passion for his career and also just a decent man all round.

Now if only Hasbro got the deal to do Star Trek toys, we’d all be singing a merry old tune.

That was so awesome! Can’t wait to see Qui Gonn in 3D next weekend!
But Sir Patrick will always win in my book!!

I need to point out that the Bank is not really an action figure. Lets compare a Star Wars action figure with a Star Trek action figure. Which one is better? Star Trek playmates figures (aside from the new movie ones) had a better likeness than the Hasbro/Kenner Star Wars figures.

That is one funny clip

Phantom Menace back on the big screen this month. It’ll be interesting to see the ticket sales. Be nice if “The Wrath of Khan” could be put back in theatres.


Well, if Paramount is willing to put out the quatloos for a decent upconversion to 3d, we could very well see TWOK on screen again as a marketing ploy for Trek 2013 ( since it’s been claimed that it will be shown in an upconverted 3d version… too bad ). I’d be willing to pay to see that, as long as the 3d wasn’t as weird as the View Master reels version. Whoever shot those stills needed a eye exam; every face looked as exaggerated as an action figure, and Ricardo Montalban’s arm looked about six feet long in one shot.

“Beavis & Bald-Head”- LMAO!!!

Patrick never fails to make me laugh.

Love Patrick. Coolest dude ever.