Avery Brooks Arrested For DUI

It looks like one of Star Trek’s captains is in a bit of trouble. According to TMZ, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s Avery Brooks was arrested over the weekend on suspicion of drunken driving. More details below.



Brooks arrested for DUI

TMZ is reporting that Avery Brooks, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine’s Captain Sisko, was arrested on Sunday in Wilton, Connecticut for suspicion of drunken driving. According to the report "someone complained he was driving erratically" and so he was pulled over by police and arrested following a sobriety test.

Avery Brooks in September 2011 at FedCon "Captains Table" event in Germany

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He’s still awesome.

batshit crazy


That bum!
Hope he gets help.

He wouldn’t have been pulled over if he was white. Cops are always out to get us! In the 24th Century, they wouldn’t arrest him for drinking and driving simply because he was black.

We need to see this in perspective, don’t we. Separate the character of Captain Benjamin Sisko and Avery Brooks – the actor who is a human being just like anyone else. We don’t really know the man’s private life. It’s none of our business. I respect his privacy. It’s unfortunate this event did happen. It’s good he and no one else was hurt. I hope he gets the help he needs – if he needs it. What more is there to say? Avery Brooks – actor – is not Captain Benjamin Lafayette Sisko of Starfleet in Star Trek. Maybe it’s simplistic to say, but why should this be news?

Big Bummer. Surprising as well (at least to me) .Hope he’s ok.

Maybe his guidance system was malfunctioning?

One to beam out.

@5: “In the 24th Century, they wouldn’t arrest him for drinking and driving simply because he was black.”

Would they still arrest him for drinking and driving because he was drinking and driving?

#5 that’s stupid

#6 exactly, and he hasn’t even played Captain Sisko in over a decade. From his interview with Shatner, he seemed to me a little out there on his ideas lol.

Maybe the officer wasn’t a fan of Deep Space Nine?

It’s hard to realize these guys (and women) are people too. Even the real Enterprise (CVN-65) captain can get in trouble. He’s not the first. Hope this works out for the best. Kind of agree with #6.

Lol. Who cares. Soo many people drink and don’t get caught. They made this a big deal just because he’s a celebrity.

Should have claimed he thought he was in a holodeck malfunction.

@5: I award thee 3 troll points out of a possible 100. Anyone taking you seriously needs to take a sanity check.

Everyone follow @boborci on twitter! If he gets 10k followers, he’ll post a pic of the set! 15k and he’ll post a random script page!

Post this, Anthony!

Judging by the behaviour of Avery Brooks in “The Captains” documentary, I only have one question: When is this guy NOT stoned?

After watching a bit of The Captains on Netflix, I can safely say Mr. Brooks is an odd fellow. Still, I hope that this DUI is not a sign of a larger problem.

No one is perfect! He will always be AWESOME!

“You have the right to remain silent-”
*beat poet rant commences*

Hope everything works out for the best. Glad no one was hurt.

Oh no! Very surprising. I hope it’s just a case of him misjudging the effects of some medication or something.

Pssh, the Sisko is still the shiznit in my book.

My favorite website just referenced TMZ…I feel dirty.

hope its sorted out quick for him and be able to get on with the rest of his life

he may come across a bit crazy in the captains however a good actor,great voice

i so hope it was not because he is black thats so wrong what its been around 150 years since Lincoln came out and said no one should be a slave and earlier in the uk


Very Sad. I hope Avery get’s the help he need’s.
He will always be. The Sisko.

The Sisko needed an appearance of the Orb of Sobriety to bail him out!

#5. I and Mongo and a few others will find you and place you in the Agony Booth for being the Troller you are. The duration time of the Agony booth for you. When ever Mongo remembers to turn it off.

I don’t believe in any religion, but the old saying “let he who is without sin, cast the first stone” comes to mind.

Still one of the best actors I’ve had the pleasure of watching, and he’s the skipper from my favourite show (by about 1 micrometer over TNG). lol

Goodbye Synsahol hello vodka

17. Agreed.

I don’t know what the heck he was on, but it was definitely more than just being “out there” or “high on life.”

Pretty good piano player though.

If he were cast on LOST, he’d be gone in a matter of episodes.

Viacom has now blocked the video because of copyrighted content….
Next time try blocking the DUI Viacom

Should have let Worf drive the defiant…

For a man who as accomplished so much, from being the first African-American to graduate from Rutgers with a MFA in acting AND directing to playing the Star Trek equivalent of Chuck Norris, I say the man is allowed to make a mistake.

Hopefully Brooks will get probation from this and will choose to call a friend for a ride in the future.

@ #5

Gee….”driving erratically” doesn’t discriminate. Any person can do it…no matter their color.

Get a grip.

nice try #5. Kindly step into the agonizer booth… If you drink and drive, no matter what color, you deserve to be arrested. period. Same for any drug. but don’t cry racist w/o knowing the facts about his arrest.

Thankfully Avery was apprehended before hurting himself or anyone else. I do hope he learns from this and if he needs help, gets it.

What’s over the legal limit in Connecticut? Sniffing a glass of wine?

Making a mistake or error in judgement doesn’t mean he needs help, but after watching “The Captains” I might agree. The Captain definitely suffers from Space Dimensia….

It happens. Won’t change my opinion on Avery Brooks’ Sisko being one of the top three most charismatic characters in Star Trek. I love him, and wish I could see more of him on film and TV.

I wonder if it was Chateau Picard?

But at least he looked cool doing it.


swapped non-working video with most recent photo we have of Brooks

Wasnt Martok arrested a while back for something crazy? Oh, those DS9ers still doesnt change my oppinion about them though.

Driving while impaired on a public road is not a private act. It’s being a danger to the public, which is anyone who has the misfortune to be in the path of a vehicle that is not under the control of a sober driver. Luckily no one was in the path this time, but luck is all it is. There is no privacy to respect here. People can drink all they want, or ingest whatever pleases them as far as I’m concerned, but it’s not too much to ask that someone stay off the road when they can’t drive.

@6: This is news only because, quite simply, Star Trek fans care about the people who brought Star Trek to life. Whatever the circumstances may have been, I wish Mr. Brooks a speedy resolution to this little embarrassment (because, let’s face it, it’s not like he got pulled over for blowing up an orphanage).

#5 No. They would arrest him because he was drinking and driving – drinking and driving being the operative words here.

Foolish man. I hope all is well now and pleased that he and no one else was hurt. I hope this DUI is not a habit of Avery Brooks.

That is what people want cops/law enforcement to be there for – to prevent tragedy and protect people. Would it have been better if the thread posted had told us that Avery Brooks had been involved in car crash and that he and others had been (seriously) injured, even killed? Good catch, for the sake of Avery Brooks and for anybody else driving along that road at the time.

I’m suprised the Defiant didnt come to his rescue. Damn you Worf! This is not a good day to die! Come and pick me up!