Watch: Noel Clarke Talks Star Trek Sequel Audition & Shows His Trek Knowledge

Earlier this month we reported that Doctor Who actor Noel Clarke landed a role in the Star Trek sequel, currently in production. Last week the actor did a video interview where he talked about his audition. The actor also show his Trek knowledge, answering some Trek trivia questions. Watch it below.


Clarke on Star Trek taking him to the next level + shows Trek knowledge

In the following video (from London360 on the UK’s Community Channel) actor Noel Clarke says he tries not to get to worked up over landing roles, but he notes that Star Trek will take him to the "next level." He also shows he knows his Trek, revealing he grew up with Star Trek: The Next Generation.

It has been reported that Clarke will be playing "a family man with a wife and young daughter" for the sequel. Clarke is still in the UK and so he hasn’t started his work on the Star Trek film. In the video he said he didn’t know if this would involve him wearing any "tight lycra."

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I just wanted to get excited for him.

He is quite a calm one.

Pretty Cool. He is one of us. That makes it so sweet.

Good luck to the guy, he seems okay.

Loved him on Who. I just hope he extends that thumb out to make the Vulcan salute correctly :)

Haha, top man, he knew well she was angling for the “Beam me up, Scotty” response.

Interesting at the very end on lycra… “No idea… no comment” (my emphasis) Sounds like he has some idea of what he’ll be wearing maybe? What could it be? Starfleet uniform? If he’s a civilian character, he’d have no idea… but if he’s in a fleet….
Personality considered, he’d make a great Dr. M’Benga. Have a sense more towards Boma though, since Bob had the comics revisit Galileo Seven and it includes Boma.

Yeah, it always bothers me when people do the Vulcan hand salute with the thumb next to the palm. Conan O’Brien does it all the time, and he was even corrected by Rosana Dawson, I believe, but he still does it wrong!

Anyway, Clarke seems like a good guy. I’m glad he’s in the movie.

Wow, Noel Clarke is a really, really chill guy.

I thought he played Mickey Smith very well in Doctor Who, and I look forward to seeing him in Trek!

I really dig how he wouldn’t give in and say “Beam me up, Scotty”. That line has never occurred in canon and he knows it! Score!

Good work answering correctly on the “Beam me up” question, Noel.

I think he’s playing it cool here as I remember back in ’05 he was fetured in SFX magazine in which he was very candid about his geekdom ;)

He knew they never said that in the show (well, Scotty was chief engineer, and who knows WHO was manning the transporter, most of the time, NOT Scotty). He also listed all the shows.. pretty impressive. I’d love to see him as M’Benga, but hey, any role is good, he sounds like a great, down to heart, chilled guy.

*featued, damned iPad


For a second, I thought he was wearing a Tantalus V coverall, with its enormous hand and dove motiff.

Lt. Clark Terrell, perhaps?


Well, we can be excited for him. I enjoyed his work on Doctor Who and I’m sure he’ll be equally as fun on Trek. BWT Noel, you should talk with Moffat about coming back for the 50th next year, us Whovians would love to see you back!

@9 you mean Rosario Dawson yes?

20: Yeah! Thanks

@9 Thumb out really only matters if you’re trying to do a precise Rabbinical Shin handshape. I imagine the Vulcans might not care so much. Maybe there’s even some yet-known meaning relating to thumb position. Sure.
@17 Perhaps Terrell, but Ensign Ricky (18) could work just as well. :)

Hoy cripes. Someone who took the job without saying “I loved the script” or “JJ Abrams is brilliant”? This is a fresh take. That’s not saying that it’s a good thing not to talk highly about JJ or the supreme court. On the contrary, Noel is doing everyone involved with this film a good service with his answers. I personally can tell he’s excited to be a part of it, but doesn’t want to deliberately set expectations higher than they already are. After all, he’s now officially a part of two of the longest running science fiction franchises ever created.

@22 Possibly true re: hand salute, but every Vulcan we’ve ever seen on screen during hundreds of hours of film has had the thumb out.
I’m with #9 – drives me nuts.

He’d make an okay redshirt or Gorn fodder, I guess.

“Tight lycra”? What do they expect him to play–a 23rd century road cyclist?

I keed. I have nothing against lycra. Quite comfy, actually.


That would be cool.

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…what a bore.

Attention thumb-o-philes, here is a simple guide to the Vulcan salute:

Thumb out = Spock

Thumb in = Mork


@26, Well, he did say he watched a lot of TNG, maybe he was worried he’d get stuck with one of those notoriously unforgiving one-piece suits from Season 1. :)

@28, Thank you! I wish people would learn to do the Vulcan salute right it they’re going to do it. The Vulcan salute is thumb OUT.

I’m assuming he has more screen presence than interview charm. It’s cool to be ‘chill,’ but not very interesting in this context.

I’m not the tin dog!! Go Noel!!

I hate when people have the thumb in doing the vulcan salute. It’s wrong! It’s like shaking hands with the left hand.

This is a great clip! I thought Noel was very good in Dr. Who. Especially when they entered a parallel universe and he played the freedom fighter version of himself which was an intense change to his character on the show.
@28 – That’s very funny. I like it.

@23: Amazing, isn’t it, different people having different reasons for doing something? ;)

Honestly though Jeyl, for what it’s worth, Iva’s posts made me miss you. We disagree on almost everything, but you ain’t no troll, that’s for sure.

And you have cute owl gifs on your tumblr. This counts for much. :)

@13. Did they call him Scotty all that often on the show? I can’t remember anymore. In the movies it was usually Mr. Scott, unless it was a one on one thing (like in the travelpod in TMP). Just wondering. It seemed odd in Trek V for Uhura to call him Scotty (among other odd things about their relationship in that flick, but whatever, why wouldn’t they hook up?)

On my list of inane, trivial quibbles about Trek ’09 was, would Kirk call Scotty by that nickname just hours after meeting the guy? Why not, I suppose.

@35. What’s the Jeyl – Iva connection?

@36: On re-viewing 09 multiple times, I write this off as consequences of the mind meld with Prime Spock. Although young Kirk doesn’t realize it consciously, he immediately bonds with Scott because of the unconscious imprint of the mind meld left behind. At least… that retcon works for me, and covers a number of other peculiarities in the script. Why, I’d love it for Boborci to polish in a throwaway line in the current filming for Kirk to point to his head and note something like “I still have all these inner thoughts left by Spock Senior showing up now and then”….

So cool that Noel knows that “Beam me up, Scotty!” never happened in TOS. :) Although he tapped his imaginary cloth insignia as if it were a TNG communicator badge… that was funny!

It would be sick if he’s playing Geordi LaForge’s ancestor.

@ 38
maybe he’s Rikers ancestor

@36: Nothing really. I just happen to really, really disagree with both of them, but Iva is awful and Jeyl is not.

Why would it be sick if he played Geordi LaForge’s ancestor?

Perhaps he does…

Fail. As others have said, he’s doing the Vulcan salute wrong. All credibility lost.


I think by ‘sick’ the poster means cool as in good, but I could be wrong.

Ah Ricky, good to see you again.


That’d be very interesting; a slipped-in TNG reference. Kind of like the ENT reference to Admiral Archer’s beagle in ST09.

I could imagine Clarke’s Whovian response to that, “Am I the tin dog?!?” ;-D

This cast (Cumberbatch, Clarke, Alice Eve, Peter Weller, etc) has me VERY interested. Hope it’s a really good story, because this interesting a cast deserves no less.


Who’s Ricky?

He was great on Doctor Who!

@46: On Doctor Who, the Doctor would always call Noel Clarke’s character Ricky instead of Mickey, just to mess with him.

Hmm, I wonder since Mickey’s on Trek, maybe we should loan Doctor Who the Shat for a few episodes as a thank you… :D

Mickey was from one universe and Rose Tyler was his girlfriend. In this same universe, in which Rose meets the Doctor, her mother, Jackie, is alive but her father died not long after she was born.

In another universe, Mickey is now Ricky. Rose is a dog, and Jackie and her husband (Rose’s father in the other universe) are both alive.

Mickey could, at times, seem afraid of his own shadow, whereas Ricky was a real go-getter.