Chris Pine: Star Trek Sequel Production ‘Fantastic’

As reported earlier this week, Chris Pine took some time away from Star Trek production and popped over the pond to London to attend the premiere of his new action-comedy This Means War. While there he spoke briefly about how the Trek shoot is going, and how the the new and returning members of the cast are getting along?


Pine talks Star Trek shoot

At Monday’s London premier of his new action comedy This Means War, Chris Pine talked about how things were going with the Star Trek sequel, which has been shooting since mid January. Here is what Radio Times reports from the premier:

[Chris Pine] revealed that filming so far has been "fantastic", and that his new co-stars are fitting in well.

Pine commented: "They’re getting on great. We have a really good, warm, inclusive group from the first one and I think everybody’s kind of getting the hang of things and fitting in quite nicely."

Not much news, but what do you expect with the traditional veil of secrecy over a JJ Abrams project.

Of course the UK’s Radio Times is interested in Pine’s thoughts on his new co-stars, since most of them are Brits. The new movie’s cast includes the UK’s Benedict Cumberbatch, Noel Clark, Alice Eve, and Joseph Gatt. The only non-Brit announced for a role so far is Peter Weller.

Chris Pine at "The Means War" Premiere in London on Monday – check out those Kirk Starfleet sideburns

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After along time im First! Nice to see Chris is exsited.

The way the cast gets along is such a big part of a good movie to me… You could always tell TNG got along great, and i think it led to a superior product.

exsited? wow. He looks great and can’t wait for more production news!

Pictures, Pine. The Interweb is all about pictures!!

I’ve cracked Pine’s secret code. “they’re getting on” (the villain). Rearrange the letters in great (and switch an h for an e) and you get Garth. It’s so obvious. ;)

Bride of Mongo has huuuuuge crush on Chris Pine.

Shhh, don’t tell Mongo. He get reeeaaaal mad if he find out.

‘Not much news, but what do you expect with the traditional veil of secrecy over a JJ Abrams project’?

So, I guess the first video diary from the set is coming any day now.

It’s not a ‘veil,’ it’s more like The Great Barrier.

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Are you telling me no one down there is leaking yet? Is that place under armed guard or something?

Come on. Prometheous was locked tighter than this and there was more info at this stage of filming lol :). Cant wait for Prometheous either.

Hey Mongo, Unstoppable sucking not Pine mans fault.

@9 JJ must’ve confiscated all of the smart phones!

@ 8

Woo hoo. Mongo sighting. Your post was hilarious.

Bob Orci tweeted last night that he would post a picture from the set if he reached 10,000 followers on twitter. I think that offer has expired, although following him @boborci is probably a good idea if he ever does decide to post something.

Yeah, Chris Pine is not likely going to say anything negative or give out details. On the other hand, it could be worse. Remember Christian Bale’s blow up on the set of Terminator Salvation. Wow. Just started to listen to it and could not listen to the whole thing. Bale drops a bunch of F bombs on the poor crew. So, it’s good that so far there’s been no YouTube videos of anyone losing it on the Star Trek set.

#9 Well, no one is leaking because the Sony studios obviously have toilets, so no one needs take a leak against a wall due to unavailability of nearby toilet…

The man speaks! I am pleased that Chris seems to enjoying his second outing as the fine Pine captain Kirk. He seemed pretty happy at the TMW London promotion, so it does appear that all is well…

Keachick very happy for the fine Pine man!

Oh Captain Fine … you managed to say “nothing” in a gorgeous way …

;-) :-)

Hey, Bob, that’s not fair. I don’t do twitter but my desktop is STILL awaiting a good Trek sequel picture, preferably one with that good looking dude called Captain Kirk.

Bring it on. No time like the present.
Good man.


For some reason CP has changed the side he used to comb his hair … perhaps a strategic reason … lol … but I suspect we’ll see Kirk with his hair combed to the usual side … I guess…. ;-) :-)

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Hey Bob, if for some reason ST2 disappoints, maybe JJ can get you involved is his “Newhart” reboot? :-)

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Hey. Crazy Idea for Star Trek. A New T.V series. But I know Bob Orci would never go for it. Lol.


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At least Chris Pine isn’t using the Bermanism of “I’m very pleased.”!
@18 Oooh! Newhart with Lens Flares! “This is my brother Darryl, and my other bruh…. WILL YOU QUIT FLASHING THAT DARN LIGHT! ther Darryl.” Of course, in this version, the worst part will be when he destroys Vermont with a black hole made of cheese matter.

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He’s got a very Kirk esque look on his face in that photo.

What oh what is this next Trek to be called?!?!??? I must say I’m more interested at this point in finding that out than seeing an early set shot. I guess the title will be a tad too revelatory of the plot and/or the “Big Bad” for us to know just yet.

How many tweeter followers for the title Bob? For that I’ll jump.

I watched Star Trek (2009) again last night, it was still amazing & fresh. I can’t wait to see this group back again in a much bigger & better movie.

The wait between the movies are far longer than I hopped. I wish if CBS will greenlight a new Star Trek television series, it has been more than seven years since Trek was on TV.



If Anthony sees we’re all having fun, and not arguing over religion, politics, or gay characters in Star Trek, why would he complain?

Of course, MONGO, you’re always welcome to click on CHAT, and bring your new friends along…

#22 Bob O. – is Deep Roy coming back for Part Deux?

Mongo, any thoughts about the movie, Rango?

Bob, I saw on the sidebar that you’ve promised to release an image if you get 10,000 followers. Is that true? I may have to join Twitter just for that. You will be my one and only! : D

Noticing that MONGO is always in all caps, once might deduce that MONGO is an AI, like HAL-9000. Perhaps MONGO is an acronym for this advance sentient computer as follows:


“Traditional veil of secrecy”????

By the time production was this far along on ST’09, we already knew the title, the bad guy’s name, & the basic framework of the plot.

Secrecy is expected, but this level of paranoia over how fans will react when we find out it’s Khan is just plain ridiculous.

It is honestly draining my interest in this movie.

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