Bruce Greenwood: ‘Content’ With Pike’s Role In Star Trek sequel

Bruce Greenwood made no secret of the fact that he wanted to return to the role of Christopher Pike for the Star Trek sequel. And last month we revealed he got his wish. In a new interview promoting his new show The River, Greenwood talked about returning to Trek and how he is "content" with Pike’s role in the sequel.


Greenwood content with Pike’s role in Star Trek sequel

Here is the interview snippet from Crave Online (note it appears the interview was conducted in mid January).

Crave Online: How is [Star Trek] going?

Bruce Greenwood: It’s great. It’s great to be back with the gang again. It’s really very fun, it’s a good script. I can’t say anything about it.

Crave Online: Are you happy with the way Captain Pike is being handled?

Bruce Greenwood: Of course, yeah. I’m really content with it so it’s a great script.

Crave Online: Is the cast more of a whole now that they’ve done the first movie together?

Bruce Greenwood: Yeah, it’s a family.

When we last saw Christopher Pike he had been promoted to Admiral and was in a wheelchair due to his injuries suffered from being tortured by Nero. The wheelchair was an homage to the episode "The Menagerie" where we see Pike confined to a chair (although in that version he could only use beeps to communicate). No word yet on if he is up and about in the sequel, but in the past Greenwood has said he would prefer to not be in the chair in the sequel.

Admiral Pike from the Star Trek 2009 movie

Go to for more from Greenwood, including details on his role in ABC’s The River.

The River is ABC’s new show about mysteries in the Amazon. The first season focuses on the search for Emmet Cole, played by Bruce Greenwood. The actor appears in flashbacks and video clips, like this one:

The River airs on Tuesday’s at 9PM on ABC. You can watch this week’s two-hour pilot at

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