Bruce Greenwood: ‘Content’ With Pike’s Role In Star Trek sequel

Bruce Greenwood made no secret of the fact that he wanted to return to the role of Christopher Pike for the Star Trek sequel. And last month we revealed he got his wish. In a new interview promoting his new show The River, Greenwood talked about returning to Trek and how he is "content" with Pike’s role in the sequel.


Greenwood content with Pike’s role in Star Trek sequel

Here is the interview snippet from Crave Online (note it appears the interview was conducted in mid January).

Crave Online: How is [Star Trek] going?

Bruce Greenwood: It’s great. It’s great to be back with the gang again. It’s really very fun, it’s a good script. I can’t say anything about it.

Crave Online: Are you happy with the way Captain Pike is being handled?

Bruce Greenwood: Of course, yeah. I’m really content with it so it’s a great script.

Crave Online: Is the cast more of a whole now that they’ve done the first movie together?

Bruce Greenwood: Yeah, it’s a family.

When we last saw Christopher Pike he had been promoted to Admiral and was in a wheelchair due to his injuries suffered from being tortured by Nero. The wheelchair was an homage to the episode "The Menagerie" where we see Pike confined to a chair (although in that version he could only use beeps to communicate). No word yet on if he is up and about in the sequel, but in the past Greenwood has said he would prefer to not be in the chair in the sequel.

Admiral Pike from the Star Trek 2009 movie

Go to for more from Greenwood, including details on his role in ABC’s The River.

The River is ABC’s new show about mysteries in the Amazon. The first season focuses on the search for Emmet Cole, played by Bruce Greenwood. The actor appears in flashbacks and video clips, like this one:

The River airs on Tuesday’s at 9PM on ABC. You can watch this week’s two-hour pilot at

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I’m currently enjoying his work as ‘Overlord’ in Modern Warfare 3!

Glad that Greenwood is in the sequel. For me, he was one of the best things about the 2009 film.

Mongo happy Pike mans in sequel. Mongo hope Pike mans not have “beep” and “beep, beep” be only line. Mongo think Greenwood mans deliver “beep” with great thespian flourish though.

Mongo not see river. Mongo not want get burn again by TV show with promise but turn out be dud. Like dinosaur TV show. Mongo wonder if dinosaur show still on TV? Mongo not really care.

Mongo rather have Star Trek TV show back. And BSG. Mongo like those show.

I think Terra Nova was renewed for a second season. Finally watched the season finale last night.

Mongo has good taste.

Pike (and his uniform) are just about the only things I like in that picture.

It must have been a real problem for the writers. On the one hand we have Kirk who has to remain the central hero of the piece, but on the other hand we have a more than worthy equal in Pike.
How they are going to juggle this will be very interesting indeed.

I’m very happy that Greenwood is in the new movie. I hope he get’s some good screen time like he did in Trek 09. he is a great role model for Kirk and that would help Kirk un his years as a Capt.

“The River” was FAR from being the scare-fest ABC has hyped it to be.


I agree with you Mongo. I try to avoid serial story telling because I got burned by “Lost.” Season Six was terrible as it turned from science fiction into the Ghost Whisperer.

Hey Mongo I left three questions for you on the Bob Orci is developing Anne Rice film. It’s number 19.

They could make Pike go out honorably by saving all those cadets from the Delta rays, etc. and so forth.

I’ve always liked Bruce Greenwood and thought he was perfect as Pike. He’s a great fit for Trek generally. I’m thrilled they’re including him in the new movie.

Awesome. So Greenwood obviously accepted the offer. Cool. Looking forward to it…

According to the article, Greenwood actually said, “really content,” which I think is even better than “content.” :-)


somebody clearly watches botchamania….

The River was a stinkfest!

Talking of Captain’s, here’s a Sir Patrick interview that may interest you…

Glad Greenwood might be out of the chair…. Two and a half years as chief of Starfleet Operations might make him a little bit rusty…. hahah.

I wonder if the sequel is going to be a remake of the The Menagerie Parts 1 and 2? Maybe they could do a twist on it and Pike becomes the Villain? Pike could have that accident on board that training vessel and get disfigured but not as much as in the original episode. Maybe Cumberbatch would also be on that vessel survive and becomes Pike’s henchmen? They then go against the Federation and allign with the Klingons to take on the Federation for what happened to him?

so glad he is back
pike is a great character and Bruce is a good actor what can go wrong !!!
i some ways i hope he is in a chair and is giving kirk orders maybe he is still healing and if they is a another film then he is out of it and wanting the enterprise back maybe he flips and takes on kirk(this type of story did happen in the ordinal program)

The River’s first two eps were great.

Glad Greenwood is in the sequel. He’s a big plus to any project.

Still trying to pick my jaw off the ground after his performance in Mao’s Last Dancer.

Trek is lucky to have him.
Content with his role?
Maybe Pike buys the farm in this one?



Bob Orci wrote here that there was a story written for Pike if Greenwood accepted the role. I doubt it was the main villain.

Folks, I think we have the next ST series right here. Why not do a show that focuses on Pike in the new universe? He gets another command and the adventure continues. He really was one of the best things in ST ’09. Liked him much better than Chris Pine as Captain Kirk. Of course, I always felt that Chris Hemsworth would have made a much finer Capt James T. Kirk that Chris Pine, anyway.

Come on, guys, Pike had about 20 minutes of screen time in the last movie. There is little to suggest he isn’t doing anything other then settling into his desk job at Starfleet somewhere. I doubt that management is going to divide the focus of this movie by developing a “What’s Pike Doing” subplot….

whats botchamania? i remember mongo from blazing saddles mongo only pawn in game of life…i liked the terra nova finale…would be nice to see more..the river..blah..

Still a little amazed that the TMP Admiral’s uniform made a comeback.

Always liked those duds.

Hope he doesn’t go the ‘hero’s older, wiser mentor’ route and get killed off. I have concerns.

Very happy greenwood is apart of the eppic second movie!

Bruce Greenwood: Of course, yeah. I’m really content with it so it’s a great script.

So….. “it’s a *great * script.”

‘Hear that, Phil?

What is actually newsworthy, here, evidently, is that, Bruce Greenwood HIMSELF, just gave you your birthday present, a few days in advance.

How about THAT?!

WTF? Patrick Stewart in Die Hard 5?

Greenwood’s great. I’ve been a big fan of his since his ‘St. Elsewhere/Nowhere Man/Sweet Hereafter’ days. He’s a great fit for Trek. His Pike is an favorite of mine.

mongo knows “thespian”? interesting…

brevard, i like your idea of a pike series. he owned that chair when he was in command of the enterprise. that is what i want to see from kirk in the new film.

I can’t see any reason why they’d feel compelled to snuff out Pike in this film. Fans obviously love the character and he can be kept around, to play Admiral roles as needed–might even leave open some creatively promising doors.

Glad he’s ‘content,’ and very pleased to hear what sounds like real enthusiasm for the script.

Glad Bruce Greenwood is in the new movie. He was one the delights in the previous one.

No word on Terra Nova yet, but the cancellation of House probably cements the Fox Monday schedule with Akcatraz and Terra Nova, which had lower- than- anticipated ratings still turned a profit for Fox.
The longer we go without word on Fringe the more likely we will at least get a partial season next year…

In answer to —-4. Jonathan – February 9, 2012

Mr. Greenwood is the only reason to tune in to “The River” next week. The rest of the cast was awful, and the writing left a lot to be desired. Another overhyped/under-delivering genre show. Both “River” and “Alcatraz” look to be as mind-numbingly slowly plotted as “Flashforward” and we know how THAT turned out.

Why kill off Pike? He shouldn’t be a main character but there are interesting possibilities as to what his character may get to do – like become overseer/administrator of a brand new space station, complete with spas, built on the edge of Menosian space and that strange spacial *ocean*…

or… I am pleased that Bruce Greenwood is back to play Pike again. At least I have had one of my own wishes granted. Thank you, Bob Orci, et al.

35… Fox is having trouble with the slow decline of “American Idol” starting to hurt its long-time programming philosophy. I think the jury is still very much in doubt for “Fringe”, “Alcatraz”, and especially the ultra-expensive “Terra Nova”. My guess is “The Finder”, “Fringe”, and “Terra Nova” won’t be back while “Alcatraz” and “Touch” will return. The other holes will be filled by new shows.

Fantastic. In a word.

I sincerely hope the next movie has Pike slowly degenerating in the chair form neurological damage caused by the Centaurian Slugs.

I think it would a much stronger approach to the “new movie-verse” if for the sequel, we see some elements such as that which more solidly connect it to the Prime Universe.

The writers need to establish that in some circumstances, fate is playing a role here & that even though Pike wasn’t in the same accident as the he was in the Prime Universe, he still ends up incapacitated in the chair.

You can’t cheat fate with time travel. Sorry, Marty!

#38. Keachick …

Yes it’s great that he’s back … and certainly he does not have much to say or can not … as well as Captain Fine can not add much about it, too …


;-) :-)

one of the best conceits of the 2009 film was the casting of “JFK” (as audiences know greenwood) as pike. the cultural nod to the era that trek was born in (corvette anyone?) was very much a sweet move, and a tribute the that rod generbodden guy…

i look forward to the next film, but believe its success depends largely in whether or not we see uhura’s space tits in 3D (b’orci?) but that goes without saying, of course.

just reminding you all that michael jackson and khan were wearing one glove at the same time while bob marley’s “one love” was a hit. coincidence?

“CONTENT”…? Doesn’t sound like he was happy at first about it. Perhaps it is even smaller than in ’09? Strange adjective.

Make Bruce Greenwood the captain of a ship in a new Star Trek series.

This is awesome!! :) Don’t guess Bob would tell us if Pike is still in that chair or no? I know,I know!! But what can I say?! I’m a dreamer!! :)

I’m a bit sad and hurt that he doesn’t want to sit in me for the sequel……….still great to have the Admiral back though! Beep

If Pike is in the movie, then Spock must blurt out his famous catchphrase……..The Women!

Do we know for sure that Pike is in a wheelchair because of his time on the Narada? We don’t know how much time has passed between the destruction of the Narada and Pike’s and Kirk’s promotions. Pike could also be in the wheelchair temporarily while recovers from the events on the Narada or some other event, accident, or even surgery.

Keep Pike in the chair. It’s the timeline trying to heal itself.