Orci & Kurtzman Developing Anne Rice’s ‘Body Thief’ Movie + Orci Tweets More Star Trek 09 Photos

Star Trek co-write producers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman are working on bringing the vampire Lestat back to the big screen. A new report says the pair are working with some other big Hollywood names and Anne Rice on a deal for her fourth vampire book "The Tale of the Body Thief," In other Orci news, he has tweeted some more of his photos from the last Star Trek movie.


Orci & Kurtzman developing Rice’s ‘Body Thief’ movie

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Ron Howard’s Imagine Entertainment has optioned the rights to “The Tale of the Body Thief,” the fourth book in Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles.

A script for the adaptation is being written by Lee Patterson (Snatched). Orci and Kurtzman are attached as producers, along with Ron Howard and Brian Glazer. The four also worked together on last summers Cowboys and Aliens. The film is still considered in "development" and doesn’t yet have a studio deal.

There have already been two films from Rice’s Vampire Chronicles series: Interview with a Vampire starring Tom Cruise in 1994 and Queen of the Damned in 2002 (based on the third book, but also took elements from the 2nd book “The Vampire Lestat”). While Interview was a big hit, Queen of the Damned as considered a disappointment. The story for Body Thief involves Lestat the vampire transferring his soul into a human’s body and then trying to get his old vampire body back. 

Two films have been adapted from Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles series – Orci & Kurtzman working to produce the third


More Orci Star Trek 2009 photos

Last week we posted some behind the scenes shots from the 2009 Star Trek movie that Bob Orci has been tweeting. This week he has posted some more.

Photos and captions from BobOrci via Twitter, click to see larger

me, chatting on TrekMovie.com from the set of the first movie.

[Michael Giacchino] conducting his awesome score for Star Trek 09

Two captains at Shatner’s charity function [Hollywood Horse Show]

[Chris Pine, JJ Abrams, Bruce Greenwood, & Clifton Collins Jr. at Shatner’s Hollywood Horse show]

another from the function. Kirk and Bones with lucky fan

Orci also tells TrekMovie that he is doing what he can to get more from the current production, but those need to be approved by the powers that be (Abrams, Paramount, etc).

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Keep’um coming, Bob. Love it.

Show some from the Sequel. :)

I agreed with Chris. Send more, Bob!

Someone should option the rights to do a “Merrick” film. Great book.

Someone should option the rights to “Merrick,” for a film. Great book.

Again: so cool Bob!! :)

I’m a fan of the horse show pics. Nice to see there’s no obvious bad blood despite the snubbing of Shatner that didn’t actually happen.

So this is how you occupy your time between shots Bob.

How about we make it more interesting for you with a Trek trivia challenge? I’ll set the first question!

1. What character does Benedict Cumberbatch play in the 2013 Star Trek film?

Thanks a trillion, Bob Orci. Nice to see you in one of those pictures. Wonderful pictures from the Horse Show Charity. Love them!

Bob’s typing “Brain fart! I need to know what to call the deflector dish! Kinda right now?! Anyone there?!”

I like the scoring stage picture, and the one of Bob sneaking a post during filming.

I like these kinda things. Should no doubt be a book compiled of behind the scenes stuff when all is said and done.
Maybe we can get a second Cloverfield movie with some of the new ‘Trek’ cast in it, so we can watch the first trailer for trek soon!

Mongo think he see enough vampire movie. Mongo want more monster movie. Big monster. Scary monster. Monster Mongo be scared of if see.

Mongo not scared of vampire.

It’s about time Hollywood went to the vampire genre. :-)


I guess Twilight ruined it for everybody…

I still say if you want to cast shatner make him kirks uncle ;)

These one’s are quite good Red Dead…..


Apart from that they’ve been done, well, to death really haven’t they.

@ 13 MONGO Our favorite pawn in the game of life! (See Blazing Saddles, you young folk.)

Mongo, you do know that vampires are undead? That brings us to the TrekMovie segment, Three Questions for MONGO..

1. In the movie, Underworld: The Awakening, the humans are winning the war with the vampires. How is this possible when vampires have the whole undead thing and superhuman strength?

2. Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum has a Google problem in that if you Google the word Santorum you get a definition that cannot be repeated on a family friendly site. How does Santorum fix his Google problem?

3. There was big explosion in Russia lately LINK. What was it? Electrical plant overload from use of Trojan Twister? UFO crash? Or Khan (Benedict Cumberbatch; I keeed, i keeed.) coming back in time and looking to rule mankind?

Big explosion in Russia.

#15. I seen that movie. It really Sucks.

Hey if Bob Orci likes Conspiricy Things. Then how about Bob Orci write a Star Trek T.V Miniseries and have Star Fleet deal with a massive Conspiricy. I would watch it.


re: “How about we make it more interesting for you with a Trek trivia challenge? I’ll set the first question!

1. What character does Benedict Cumberbatch play in the 2013 Star Trek film?”

Too funny! Great stuff. I have to say, as a new viewer of Sherlock, (Have finally watched ’em all) gotta say what a great choice this actor is. This fella Cumberbatch is really good.

#8 you know he Khant answer that!


Buzz, new vampires may suck, but they’re nowhere near as bad as these guys:


Wow. Too much here to comment on.

Ok, as a vampire fan, I dig the Anne Rice novels. There are a few things that bother me, but it’s nothing major. Anyway, I never cared for the first film simply because of the absence of River Phoenix. He died shortly before production started and they dumped Christian Slater in his role. It always bothered me.

As for this new film, I am interested in it. I’d like to see how it pans out, who directs it, who stars in it, etc. Lestat is a creepy guy, being stuck as a human is a great premise.

In that first pic, I knew the lighting on the bridge was bright, but wow! That’s Walmart-bright!

It’s ironic how the bridge scenes from Bermen-Trek movies were always so dark and now in the Abrams-Trek they are burn-out-your-retina bright.

I tried to zoom on Bob’s laptop screen, but I could’nt make it out. Ehh, it was probably about JFK anyway…

My grandma goes to horse shows and sees William Shatner once in a while. I should go more often with her.

I doubt Abrams and company would go again, but you never know. I got a million questions for the guy.

Ha i’ve never seen that Vults. How did you find that?
I liked this one too…


(oh, and Joey from Friends is the new fastest star in the reasonably priced car. And Chinese Fighting Stig is bloody funny!)

Thanks Bob. Love the photos!

29. Ditto. Thanks, Bob.

Good choice on Body Thief. A nice, tight plot with focus on the main characters — as opposed to the vampire phone book that is Queen of the Damned.

They can not show pictures of the currently in production Star Trek, NON-Disclosers. Sorry guys and gals


If anthony updates the sight and has a tabed section for tweeted picts from the new movie would you send us pictures from the set or are you obligated to no pictures?

THANKS!!! boborci… for the Kirks… Captain Fine…. and Bones… and
Greenwood……. and yeah JJAbrams…. and you, of course!…

………but let me tell you I have videos, pics, gifs and everything I could find of that night with Mr. Shatner…

;-) :-)

Anybody else suffering from vampire overdose? I’d be content to see this fad disappear and never to return. As lovely as those pictures are, they’re not from the set of the movie under production, therefore we would prefer those ones instead.

Sugar Plum.

( The script is still evolving on a regular basis, right? Those words could do for my sequel what “Rosebud” made for another movie….Just sayin’….)

Thank you for the photos.

31: HAHA: “Vampire phone book….”

35: Nah, I like vampire stuff, except for Twilght. But that has its place, too. It takes all kinds to make the world go ’round. (actually, it only takes inertia, but you know what I mean)

To each his own.

Is it not Four Captains at the horse show (Kirk, Kirk, Pike, and Spock??)

Thanks for the photos, Bob. They are fun.

Haven’t read The Body Thief, but Queen of the Damned was great. Better than the movie, but the movie did good by modeling Lestat’s music after Korn. Thought that sound was a perfect fit for Lestat — and the in-movie music videos were cool!

I think, however — and this should apply to all movies — if an actor can’t absolutely NAIL a foreign accent, then it is just so much better to just not even try speaking with one.

Keanu Reeves in Dracula, for instance. Never have happened.

Jake Gyllenhaal did good in Prince of Persia, except for following the established Hollywood custom of having all ancient peoples speak with a British accent.

I mean, that’s dumb that just won’t die.

Never have = Never SHOULD have

Would love Benedict Cumberbatch to be Lestat

Bob, hopefully you’ll be lurking about in this thread at some point and hopefully you’ll be able to answer a burning question I’ve got about this film adaptation of ‘Tale of the Body Thief’.

I’m thrilled at the prospect of Lestat making it back on to cinema screens (and hopefully properly back too, as I’d rather pretend that film adaptation of ‘Queen of the Damned’ never happened) and I’m equally excited that you’ve become lucky enough to be part of the penning the screenplay.

Still, I can’t help wondering why ya guys are reprising a cinematic adaptation of Anne’s ‘Vampire Chronicles’ with ‘Tale of the Body Thief’ instead of ‘The Vampire Lestat’? I might be biased, given that ‘Vampire Lestat’ has always been my favorite of the series. Yet, it’s always struck me as a logical starting point for a series of films, based on series of novels, which focus on Lestat himself.

So, why skip to ‘Tale of the Body Thief’, whilst skipping out on ‘The Vampire Lestat’?

Mongo has been named Head of Security for thye Empire. He controls the Agony Booth. Oh and Mongo. Please do not forget to take people out of the Agony Booth. Last time you left one in there for 5 day’s with the setting on High.


Coppola’s Dracula is one of the weirdest movies ever. It had one of the most perfect casting ever with Gary Oldman as the title character combined with the worst ever with Keanu Reeves as Jonathan Harker. I mean, I like Reeves in stuff like the Matrix and Bill & Ted, but he was just awful in Dracula. Really, really bad.

Then there was that werewolf rape scene that I wish I could erase from my memory…

@15 RDR

They do indeed suck!

The real question is whether they spit or swallow!

Nice pics Roberto. We can see you posting Trekmovie whilst filming ST 09 in the first one.

You crazy loon…:)

Awesome!! :) Way to work Bob!! :)

Dracula was a masterpiece despite the very weak link of Reeves’ performance.

Actually, the first two “Underworld” movies were good, I thought. Still haven’t seen “Underworld Awakening”, though.

Kate Beckinsale as Selene in the tight, leather outfit…….mmmm!

She can suck my………………………………………blood! :-D

Also, “True Blood” is a true pile of crap!

It’s been a while since I’ve read it, but that was one of my favorite of the Lestat Vampire Chronicles’ books. It’d make a great movie if it’s done more or less faithfully. I don’t think they’ll ever tackle “Memnoch the Devil” though; way too controversial for the multiplex unless they seriously tone it down. Makes “DaVinci Code” and “Angels and Demons” look like G-rated cartoons….

I was somewhat disappointed with Queen of the Damned, but it had some good ideas, good moments here and there and the soundtrack was great. Interview With The Vampire was one of those movies that, IMO, got better over time the more I’ve watched it. Tom Cruise, while badly miscast, really gave it his all. The look and feel of the movie are also wonderful (gorgeous music and cinematography; it casts it’s own unique spell over the audience).

The last really good vampire movie for me was the original Swedish version of “Let the Right One In”; that one’s modern classic.

The Underworld movies are more action movies than vampire movies for me. I just don’t see them as horror movies at all…

I’m NOT even going there with Toilet–er, Twilight. Excuse the pun, but those movies REALLY suck. They’re just tween girl fan service; no value at all. Once their target audience grows up, they’ll be worthless…

As for “Tale of the Body Thief”? I’m looking forward to it.
Orci and Kurtzman? Please read the book carefully and good luck guys… ;-)

Time for some sequel photos or news–something to sustain us, Bob, please?!