Watch: ‘The Chew’ Cooking Show’s Star Trek Themed Episode

This week celebrity chef Mario Batali and his ABC cooking show The Chew went all Star Trek for their episode on the 60s. The entire team dressed up in classic Star Trek uniforms, and even made some "Spoq au Vin." Watch clips from the show below.


The Chew goes Star Trek

Chew Crew try the classic 60s space drink…Tang

Clinton Kelly shows off 60s Fashions

Daphne Oz talks Herbs

Michael Symon  makes "Spoq au Vin"

Mario Batali makes Shrimp Scampi

You can watch the full episode at

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Wish I was able to see the videos, but they are only available in the U.S.

Here’ are the recipes from the videos above. Hey I like watching cooking shows! Seriously, does anyone know how fattening the Spoq Au Vin is going to be. Dr. McCoy tells to watch the fatty foods. Maybe we can substitute turkey bacon for the real stuff. And use olive oil butter for real butter.

Spoq Au Vin

Shrimp Scampi

Nope….Trek or not, will never watch a show ABC replaced a soap with. NEVER

Okay, just realized on the Spoq Au Vin, the bacon fat is used to make the roux, so turkey bacon may not work.

I’m a blogger, not a chef.

yet again, only available in the united states

#3 Unless someone is eating it everyday for every meal, it isn’t particularly unhealthy.

#4 Not sure why it’s a bad thing that they replaced a soap with a different type of show, but I’ve watched a few episodes and it’s actually a pretty good show. And I’m usually not into anything from the Oprah-verse.

Clinton Kelly looks cute in uniform!! :-)

Bummer that the dish with the word “Spoq” in the title is not vegetarian.

I thought the costumes they were wearing looked just awful.

#9 It’d be perfect for the next time he takes a trip through the Atavachron.

Mario Batali? Doesn’t he play for Manchester City?

Mongo think Mario Batali look good in Star Trek style. Mongo wonder he get Mego Mugato costume?

Mongo good cook. Mongo make salmon croquet last night. Mongo make chicken canneloni tonight. Mongo make smoke pork for weekend.

You come to Mongo house. Mongo feed you good.

13: Send me your coordinates and the away team will be down to your location. :D

I hate this show with such a passion that now they are mocking my favorite series “Star Trek:” SMH

Only available in the US. I thought it’s called WORLD WIDE WEB?

Where are the colored food cubes??

#14 SFC3 persons

Mongo say hi! Mongo say give Mongo address and Mongo come pick you up. Also give Mongo SS# and birth-date and bank pin # and Mongo buy you nice gift.

#16 That’s because many Americans think they are whole wide world…

SFC3 – Beware the Mongo!