Chris Pine Talks Cumberbatch’s “Intensity” & “Vocal Quality” + This Means War Premiere Pix [UPDATED]

At the Hollywood premiere for his new comedy This Means War, Star Trek’s Chris Pine opened up a little on his new co-star Benedict Cumberbatch. Watch Pine talk about Cumberbatch’s talent and" intensity" below. Plus check out pics of Chris from the premiere.


Pine talks Benedict and hs "vocal quality"

At the Hollywood premiere of This Means War, Chris Pine talked about his Star Trek sequel co-star Benedict Cumberbatch, who TrekMovie has reported will be playing the villain in the film. Pine tells MTV:

"Benedict is fantastic. He’s just so good. He’s super talented, and we are more than grateful to have him onboard."

"Benedict has got this intensity about him, and he’s obviously extremely intelligent and articulate. His vocal quality is something else. He obviously is, unlike many of us, like, an actually trained actor. He actually studied for it."

Watch the clip (via MTV): 

UPDATE: Tonight Show video

Here is a Backstage with Brian interview with Pine following his Tonight Show with Jay Leno appearance from yesterday. Chris talks briefly about Benedict Cumberbatch and Alice Eve joining Star Trek’s "good family." And he appreciates the "Captain Fine" shoutouts.

And here is the video from Chris on Leno (no talk about Star Trek).

This Means War Photos

Here are some photos from the This Means War LA premiere.

Chris Pine at LA "This Means War" Premiere

Chris Pine at LA "This Means War" Premiere

Chris Pine signs for fans at LA "This Means War" Premiere

Tom Hardy (ST Nemesis: Shinzon)

This Means War will open for special Valentine’s Day preview showings, then open to full wide release next Friday.

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What? No one shoving a copy of “Nemesis” in Hardy’s face for an autograph?

Cumberbatch could be stealing the show. But we still don´t have a clue about which role he will be playing. They are testing our pacience.

It seems like they all the actors are becoming a big family. They at least seem to share a great deal of respect for one another.

Maybe one day, the name Chris Pine will be as well remembered as Wiliam Shatner is today. Imagine him being 80 years old and passing on the James T. Kirk role,… xD

Just a few thoughts guys…

I saw him on Leno the other night, and maybe missed the first minute or two of the interview, but I did not hear any “Star Trek” or Kirk references at all — only plugging his new comedy movie. Did anyone see the first minute or Leno’s introduction of him to tell me if there was any “Trek” reference at all?

@ 3:

Correction: “like all the actors”. Elliminate the “they” there… xD

Arent we about due for some “inside info”? I am sure we knew far more about the last movie this far out then we do about this one. Where are all the photo leaks and of the record story synopsis?

I love how Chris seems to be thinking “How do I answer this question without revealing anything about the movie or the part Benedict is playing?”

“he’s obviously extremely intelligent and articulate. His vocal quality is something else.”

Funny way to say it. I’m sure he’ll be great. But what’s his role? What’s (sobbing gasp) his (sobbing gasp) role?!!!!

Ok, call me crazy if you will, but the 3/4 close shot of him is veeeeeeeeery reminiscent of Mr. Shatner way back in the day….maybe that’s just me, but I totally see it.

Benedict Cumberbatch will be playing Khan.

Also, the reasons why Chris Pine didn’t mention the “Star Trek” sequel on Leno was beacuse a) Jay Leno didn’t ask him about it, and b) All Chris Pine would’ve said anyway would’ve just been a statement to the effect of “No comment”.

i know we shouldn’t be comparing likeness’, but Pine DOES look a lot like Shatner back in the day in that interview! I think it’s the hair…

I still don’t get all the secrecy around the sequel? Do they feel they let too much out for the first movie that they don’t want to make that mistake again? I don’t understand why they can’t say who the villian is? Do they fear a blacklash if it is Khan?

Benedict Cumberbatch won’t be playing Khan.

If I’m wrong I’ll admit it . I’ve already said so.

However….. if ( when ) I’m proven right, will some posters publicly acknowledge the “error” of their ways?????


Ah, another actor praising whatever…it’s not like anyone’s going to say anything negative before a release.

3, do you suppose that 40 years down the line, Pine and John Cho are going to be involved in a very public feud? Hmmm…

I have never asked a celebrity for an autograph. Ehh, not my style.

Anyway, Pine mentions that Cumberbatch is “onboard.” So, should I over-analyze that and speculate that means Cumberbatch’s character is actually on the Enterprise? Like, he took it over, or something? Kind of like how, dare I say the name, Khan took over the Enterprise in the episode “Space Seed?”

Bob Orci teased that we will see more of the Enterprise, so maybe that means the movie is a “bottle show”, with a lot of the action on the ship. Kind of like Space Seed.

Yeah, all speculation.

I would love to think Pine and Quinto were in Trek for the long haul. If they are really successful though they may only do three movies and then a recast.

shia labeouf may be the next Spock.

Hey… Didn’t Khan DIE! So he WON’T .. CAN’T be in the movie.

If it works that way for Shatner then it works that way for Khan.

We all saw him die in star trek 2 he is dead, no more, ceased to be, he is an….

Well you get the point.

Or Jim Parsons.

Rod your point works only if anyone were asking old Khan to come from the future, no one is.

I don’t want Khan either due to having a big imagination but your point doesn’t hold. Sorry dude.

Better to come from a sympathizer than the enemy.

18. Wow, really? Alternate timeline = all bets are off. Khan is still in suspended animation in the Botany Bay just floating around somewhere during the events of Trek 09.

Didn’t you even watch the 2009 Star Trek movie? It takes place BEFORE TOS and Star Trek II. And, in another universe. Dang, man.

If you had been watching close you would have seen the shattered remains of the Botany Bay floating is space amongst the debris as the Enterprise approached the Narada.

Am i the only one that actually watched the film?

Oh goodie, another derailed comments thread by a nuisance poster about Khan. Jerk.

22. OK. I guess I was watching for R2 D2 and missed the Botany Bay.


same thoughts about the “onboard” comment…someone from the crew? A hijacking?

can’t believe we’re waiting till NEXT May.

23. Holy crap in my hat. OK, I was very tongue-in-cheek, but really. I’m a jerk? And a nuisance poster? Let’s let Anthony be the judge, shall we?

Not for nothing, but the comment I posted was directly related to Pine’s mention of Cumberbatch being onboard. How am I derailing the thread when it was simply speculation based one of cast’s statements right from the article?

Yo, I don’t want Khan in it either. Whatevs.

25. Thanks. I was just goofing around with it, but you never know….


speculating about the next Star Trek movie is not derailing. And namecalling is flaming

warning to you

his hair is parted on the wrong side for kirk! (that also happened with Routh in Superman Returns)…hope Pine isnt wearing his hair like that for Trek2!!

In the “backstage” photo of Pine being interviewed following his Tonight Show appearance, he’s virtually become a young William Shatner! Look at the uncanny resemblance, given the trek-burns, and the hairstyle… Looks more like Captain Kirk in that pic than in any other I’ve seen to date.

My bad.

Pine seemed to have a cold while on Leno the other night, hope that didn’t hurt the filming schedule.

I love Benedict Cumberbatch in everything I’ve seen him in. I hope some of his intensity and formal training rubs off on the others and raises their game even higher!

Not to say they’re not good actors, but there’s something intangibly different and more interesting about Cumberbatch’s performances vs. the Enterprise crew’s.

Everything seems to be on Track now that Mongo is Chief of Security of the Empire.
Can’t wait to see Cumberbach in the new movie.
Hey Bob Orci. Is it to early for a trailor.

Pine puts a little weight on his face and looks even more like Shatner.

That Tom Hardy convinces me that he could play Alan Moore in an upcoming biography. Ha, I’m sure Alan Moore will appreciate that.

So Chris Pine comes from good pirates? LOL Yes, that might explain why he is getting to play nice, but characters who have a slightly roguish quality about them, like Captain Kirk or TMW’s FDR. It’s all in the jeans.

Chris Pine’s hair, body and voice are fine, more than just fine and always have been. He is NOT William Shatner. People – Stop wanting to see Chris look and be like another actor, please. He needs to be Captain James T Kirk of the 23rd century, alternate universe, not some Shatner/Kirk lookalike of the prime universe. This desire by some people ultimately deprives both actors of their own creative input to the character (which was ultimately only words on a page) and could be injurious to Chris Pine’s physical wellbeing.

I still cant shake the Khan vibe I’m getting out of this. Could be wrong and it may have nothing to do with Khan.

But Either way I see a super smart, ego manic villain here, and Khan fits the bill. We’ll see.

21 Actually there may not even be a Khan in this universe.

Okay, I threw up a little when I read Pine’s comment about Cumberbatch. From the context of the quote, Pine seems amazed to be working with an actor who actually studied acting. “He obviously is, unlike many of us, like, an actually trained actor. He actually studied for it.” As an actor, myself, I’m always shocked by actors who are amazed that trained actors are actually pretty good. Like, really? Like, for sure!

Why do I think that Cumberbatch may very well steal this movie away from the rest of the cast?

@39, indeed. is it any wonder that the best Trek Captains happened to be classically trained actors?

I wonder if Montalban would’ve stolen the show were he not up against Shatner..

39 I had a similar reaction but I’d go for confused instead of throwing up, and from personal experience the ones who don’t study and just get roles whenever they want them are awful.
Maybe Pine didn’t express his point the way he intended? I think I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt because he was so good in Carriers.

38. Well, the two universes diverged when Nero went back in time and destroyed the Kelvin. So, before that happened Khan was already in existence (launched in the Botany Bay during the Eugenics War.) So, Khan must exist in this alternate universe.

@ Mr. Bob Orci – Ok – I’m going to type this once a month until Star Trek 3 is in production. MAJOR VOTE for Tom Hardy as a “young” Picard in an upcoming movie. Talk about the ULTIMATE crossover. He’s already established as the image of young Picard. He’s probably chums with Chris Pine… It would tie together the ‘old’ and ‘new’ movie universes in such a great way. Let that soak in. You’ll love it five minutes from now if you don’t already.

One of the reasons Pine was cast as Kirk was his resemblance to Kirk. Kirk looks like Shatner (surprise!). Pine looks like Kirk. Pine resembles young Shatner. Amazing. But-

#36- keachick, how can all the comparisons be harmful to Pine’s wellbeing?

I’d love to hear Captain Fine talking a lot about Trek sequel, but it will not happen anytime soon … so I love hearing him talking about anything that he want to speak … WOW … I think that comedian Lisa Lampanelli, I think … that was on Jay Leno know what I mean … LOL …

Chris is absolutely Pine/Kirk at this time … but he is not looks like Mr. Shatner… no way… hellooo… ;-) :-)

That’s pretty cool. He has round about connections to past Trek. His father was on CHiPs with Michael Dorn (Worf) and Quantum Leap with Scott Bakula. Not to mention his own direct connections with Shatner doing the “Captains” documentary and now with Tom Hardy.

@42 Not necessarily, since the future was altered so too were a potentially unlimited number of predestination paradoxes, the ripple effect of changing a random moment in time will change the past as well as the future. This helps with continuity errors.
Though in order for Nero’s incursion to not change its own linear timeline, as it is stated changing events from your universe’s past will cause your timeline to cease to exist, there was either some meddling by those that keep the timeline intact, the black hole naturally went to another universe and time like IaMD (which again removes the need for continuity and could mean there might never have been a USS Kelvin in the Prime Universe) or that the future Nero and Spock came from is not the future of the Prime Universe.

Pine looks nothing like Shatner in my opinion. Yes they both play two versions of the same character but they don’t alike much. To me one is the character and the other plays an alt version of the character.

Shat is the best and Pine is good in his take on the role.

Intensity. Now who does that word remind me of? Yes, I know. It can only be…

Nurse Chapel

Pine is better than Shatner, in terms of acting ability. As for character, that’s hard to say, I think TOS is bad but was innovative for its time and led to the birth of a legendary franchise, XI is mediocre but it’s modern so doesn’t have the same defence. There’s only so much an actor, no matter how good, can do with a weak script.
I went through an obsession with XI but it hasn’t managed to withstand the test of time for me. And in saying it’s only been three years, and as I fit nicely into its target audience (I was 17 when it came out) that’s not good.