Report: Star Trek: TNG/Doctor Who Comics Crossover Coming In May [UPDATED]

In the last year we have seen Star Trek comics mashup with zombies and DC’s Legion of Superheroes. Now according to a new report, Trek is going to cross over with another icon sci-fi franchise…Doctor Who. If true, Star Trek: The Next Generation and Doctor Who will be teaming up starting in May. [UPDATED]


Report: Star Trek: TNG/Doctor Who Comics Crossover Coming In May

[UPDATED] The new report comes from Bleeding Cool, who reveal that Trek comic publishers IDW are working on a Star Trek: The Next Generation/Doctor Who Mashup comic book to premiere in May. No other details are available, but they did nab a cover for this (potential) series.

IDW makes Star Trek comics and Doctor Who comics and they have been on a bit of a cross-over binge lately, but for now they are not officially confirming this news. However, TrekMovie and other outlets have confirmed the BleedingCool Report. Next week IDW is attending a Doctor Who convention where more details may may be revealed.

TrekMovie will keep tabs on this potentially exciting new project.

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Awesome! This is probably as close as we’ll get to a real crossover episode on the show.

Not a ‘Who’ fan …

Timey-Wimey this is fun!

I haven’t read many of the comics (unless you count Countdown) but I will be looking into this definitely.

If they really want to shake things up they should make a wars/trek crossover to really infuriate fans of both sides!! =D

My first thought was a bunch of cliche’s: Picard annoyed at the Doctor. Worf: “Bow ties are NOT cool!” Riker trying to pick up Amy. Rory befriending Barklay…

But what if the Doctor had to deal with Q?

– Harry

Somehow I suspect the SW fans might be a bit more forgiving….


Who knows- this might make me interested in Doctor Who, finally.

please make this so

if done right this will be amazing cool

Would rather see a crossover with Kirk. Yet that said, Trek is fiction in the DW reality, so that may be interesting.

I imagine the crossover with TNG makes more sense than TOS, simply because TNG was always a bigger deal in the UK than TOS.

IDW confirmed the report for a story I wrote for Radio Times in the UK. They say they’ll issue further information next week. More deatils here:

Yeah wondering how they will deal with the fact that in the latest series especially they have referenced Trek as a fictional show that exists like it does in the real word. Should be fun though.

This is almost as exciting as the upcoming Trek/He-Man crossover! And I’m sure it will be every bit as clever!!

Did you just say “He-man”……

Personally i see it as all very silly and not doing anything for Treks credibility.

Dr WHo not as bad as the legion of super heroes but altogether makes trek seem farcical.

My fav two shows together. This could be a load of fun.

I just giggled maniacally.



Sounds like a great idea.
I would buy it !

One thing though, if Q is in it, they can’t have the Doctor be more powerful than he is. I for one would love to see the Doctor be put in his place as it were.

Be cool to see the Doctor meet Q.

The Doctor, The Legs, The Nose and Mrs Robinson on board the Enterprise?

Sounds like fun.

Can´t wait for the Doctor to realize, that a holodeck does appear to be bigger on the inside. ;)

Perhaps there is a Team-Up between the Cybermen and the Borg along with it.

Too bad it’s the crap doctor, another missed opportunity because they cancelled Enterprise.

This was done years ago, in “The Doctor and the Enterprise.” That was stupid, and I’m sure this will be as well. NO MORE CROSSOVERS.

Can’t wait for this. I have always thought they ought to do them in the spirit of each era… as if the shows really had crossovered at those points in their histories.

So, like-

1964: When Susan and Barbara are kidnapped by Orion slavers, Ian and the Doctor join forces with Captain Pike of the USS Enterprise to track them and the other victims down.

1968: When the Doctor, Jamie and Zoe arrive on the Enterprise it’s already enroute to aid a Starbase besieged by mysterious disappearances and power drains. But while Captain Kirk struggles with orders from the Starbase’s increasingly unstable commodore, the Doctor knows the nature of the real threat all too well… the Cybermen.

1971: It’s a border world of little importance so, why, the Klingon Captain wonders are the orders delivered by his new Political Officer so adamant they risk conflict with James T. Kirk and the Enterprise to claim it? The newly arrived Doctor and Jo could tell him… for they recognize the mysterious new officer as the Master.

1979: Tiring of her disdain for humanity, the Doctor brings Romana to visit Earth at its brightest time: as the heart of the Federation. But with his TARDIS impounded and held to ransom by Admiral Kirk, he’s pressganged into solving the type of weird mystery Kirk knows he excels at. For mysterious deaths plague the refit of the USS Enterprise and the Doctor quickly realizes that while Starfleet engineers gut the great ship to rebuild her from the ground up, the ship IS FIGHTING BACK.

1984: Captain Spock’s unease when a cadet training cruise is interrupted by urgent orders from Admiral Restam to save the universe only grows when they involve the destruction of an inhabited planet. On which, in fact, the Doctor and Turlough are struggling to prevent the rousing of an ancient doomsday weapon. But who is Restam really, and what’s his true agenda?

1985: Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise-A have enough on their plate trying to negotiate peace between two neighbouring systems and unravelling the mystery of how they’ve gained such advanced weapons. The last thing they need is the Doctor showing up in his most unstable guise yet and trying to strangle Sil, the ‘professional mediation mentor’ agreed by both sides, in the middle of negotiations…

1989: When a mysterious little man known as ‘the Doctor’ and his teenage assistant Ace materialize their little blue box aboard the Enterprise-D and claim the Borg are on the track of the Ultimate Weapon, Captain Jean-Luc Picard has little choice but to join forces to stop them. But Picard begins to feel like a chess piece in somebody else’s game, and as he realizes they’re on a course to genocide he determines to prove to the Doctor that he’s nobody’s fool…

1996: The Doctor feels a visit to the fabled Celestial Temple of Bajor is long overdue. But he and Destrii have no sooner arrived on Deep Space Nine than he becomes embroiled in an ancient Bajoran prophecy claiming that Bajor itself will crumble and burn unless the Lord of Time dies by the hand of the Emmissary. With nobody eager to play their role, the Doctor and Captain Ben Sisko must delve deep into the wormhole for answers…

2005: Rose Tyler is thrilled to be on a proper, proper human spaceship boldly going into the unknown. But Captain Jack Harkness is troubled for his history says the NX01 never flew. And when the Doctor realizes one last campaign of the Time War is still playing out his rage is terrible to behold. Now, with the Last of the Time Lords by his side, Captain Jonathan Archer is ready to uncover those behind the Temporal Cold War and end it once and for all.

2009: A collision with a unique form of black hole propels the TARDIS into an alternate timeline where the meets Captain James T. Kirk for the first time… again. But this Doctor, damaged by events and running from his own death, recklessly decides to undo Nero’s destruction of the Kelvin and save Vulcan. But with the timeline stretched to breaking point already he risks destroying this whole universe. Now Kirk faces an impossible choice: stop the Doctor and save the world, or help him and save the father he never knew…

2012: The Doctor brings Amy and Rory for a return visit to this nice little universe he knows… But immediately they and the crew of the Enterprise black out and when they recover it’s clear someone has been aboard and stolen something important of the Doctor’s. Now it’s a race against time as Kirk and his crew must track down… the Doctor’s Brain.

This is so stupid….

why can’t we get new Next Generation stories that take place in the movie era? Or better yet that lead up to Countdown or just after Countdown

I wonder if people might confuse Matt Smith with a Cardassian though…

While a neat idea, how can the crossover Doctor Who with TNG or Trek in general when TOS was mentioned on a Doctor Who episode?

NOOOOOOOOO. oh this sucks bad. Star Trek should never allow this.

As a bit of uncanonical fun, I’m cool with that. It might be great fun. I wouldn’t want to see anything of that onscreen, but that’s not gonna happen anyway.

I don’t see why everyone jumps at the Trek references in Who. If we’re pointing out incompability, the very different visions of the future should be a bigger problem. But as I said: for just a bit of fun outside the canon, I don’t mind that at all.

I made one or two jokes about Kirk meeting Dr Who and his blue police box nearly two years ago when I first started posting here. I also joked about showing an all-out war between the Daleks and the Borg, with lots of lens flares of course, where neither survive, not even the smallest atom/molecule. I saw David Tennant playing the Doctor, but it could be Matt Smith. Both would be great.

I really do need to find out about this copyright business…

Anyway, this is the wrong generation.

Sorry, the laptop I am using now is CRAP. I am housesitting. So if you see weirdness (or greater weirdness, depending on how you view my posts), this is why…will try to double/triple check but can’t promise always.



This will be a fun ride. Can’t wait.

Dr. Crusher vs. The Doctor!

Good stuff!

Just an FYI, there was an unofficial Trek/Who crossover back in the 80s:

Funny really. I always imagine McCoy’s Doctor visiting TNG. He was late 80’s/early 90’s. I guess one-time only McGann would’ve been DS9.

Eccleston on ENT was seriously considered by Russell T. Davies apparently…

Oh, and by the way there is a quite trekky (trekesk? whatever…) scene from Doctor Who on BBC Worldwide’s official youtube channel:

ABOUT F’N TIME I SAY! Ever since that fan video of the Star Trek/Doctor Who crossover, I’ve been hoping that there would really be some sort of crossover between the ST Universe and DW one, and now it has finally come to fruition. I am stoked.

Oh yeah, here’s the link to the crossover video in case anyone hasn’t seen it yet:

Hahaha. And some of you guys think a Jonas Bros Star Trek is absurd.

^^ Thanks enjoyed it.

Did we ever get a Star Trek/STAR WARS crossover?

Yeah, baby. Now we’re talkin!

44. That’s what I want!

I like crossovers.

The Empire tries to take over the Federation and Earth.

New BSG arrives at Star Trek Earth

New BSG arrives at SG1 Earth


We did… in 2009.

oh very good, this. the mega humor of who would be well served against technobabble.

also, i would crawl on my hands and knees across broken glass just to use billie piper’s sweat as moisturizer, but perhaps that is off topic.

And Jonas Bros. Trek is just as absurd as Dr. Who Trek. What’s next? Fred Flintstone meets Captain Kirk?

I’m actually not a huge fan of comic crossovers – for example I don’t really like any Batman comic which has even the slightest mention of Superman in it whatsoever. I also thought that those recent Trek crossovers were pretty laughable but pairing Star Trek and Doctor Who has a whole new quality to it. I seriously have no idea how this could actually work – blending a lighthearted, in many cases outright comedic and might I say “very british” franchise and the quite serious and undoubetly very sophisticated tone of Trek TNG but well… what the hell — this might actually be a whole lot of fun! Can’t wait for it!