Viral Video: What’s in Spock’s scanner Part 3

The final entry in what is destined to be a classic Star Trek viral video trilogy has been released with Black Moon Studio’s "What’s in Spock’s Scanner Part 3." See how Spock and crew deal with life following a long night of partying on Deep Space Nine.


What’s in Spock’s Scanner Part 3

Here is the latest hilarious entry in Black Moon Studios "What’s in Spock’s Scanner" series. This time Spock deals with the aftermath a long night on Deep Space 9.

And if you missed them, here are the previous two entries in the series.

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Funny stuff!

I loved it!

That really made me laugh.
Nice work buddy.



Thats hilarious, good work.

Sebastian S.

The usual, hilarious editing job; just like the first two. It was worth the wait. It’s amazing how many of those ‘heavy pauses’ Star Trek has.

Great stuff!

Harry Ballz


Pensive's Wetness

holy &^%$ thAT WAS FUNNY…


Funniest video I’ve seen in a long while.


Just look at what Pine, Quinto, et al have to look forward to 40 years from now when Star Trek fans have become bored with them too.

Great editing job though. If there really was a USS Enterprise, I suspect day-to-day life on board would be closer to this than to the show.

That is pretty hilarious…

I'm Dead Jim!


(many times)

That was well done. Very creative. Clever and funny.




They were all very well done. The first one was the funniest, IMO. Good stuff.

Commodore Mike of the Terran Empire



Loved it! I love the asteroids and pong stuff, and the trekipedia was brilliant! Keep it coming. The NX-01 has lots of useful material, ripe for the plucking.

Chris Miles

Ya gotta read the message from Picard to Spock at 1:41


I had to look up “MFX 1209.” I had forgotten about that.


My God, man! Who has that much time on his hands?

Too funny!

Richard Daystrom

VERY Funny! I am such a nerd!

Dee - lvs moon' surface


Thomas Jensen

That video is the perfect tribute to the original series. It was a great way to spend the 11:29 I have in life to be able to watch another Star Trek. This time, pretty much without dialog and sometimes new stuff for the comedy bits and some really creative editing.

…I’m old, I helped and watched the original series, and even I loved it. I never knew where it was going and when it got there I laughed loudly and with glee. (Not lol, I hate that).

That was fun, thanks blue moon people.

Keachick - rose pinenut

That was all so seriously bad…LOL!

Commodore Redshirt

NICE! Best “Nerd” humor I’ve seen in a long time!

That was pure genius!

mr. trek77

# 22 , are you from denmark, with that name????

Thomas Jensen

#26 I’m from Norway. Oslo.


What is in Spock’s scanner?

Well, I would think some rather personal photos of Uhura, right?

Dr Beckett

Love these!!
I am still absolutely amazed at the technical aspect of these videos, I would love to read about how these were made or see a ‘making of’ video. Some of the character insertions are flawless! Brilliant piece of work, well done.

mr. trek77

# 27.

I am from denmark.
But good that there so of us scandinavians in here on trekweb :-)


I liked the little things…such as Picard sending his email from his iPADD (iPad – D, like the NCC-1701 – D)

Bob Tompkins

I just heard Howard Stern’s ‘Tradio’ calls and coughed up a lung laughing so hard.
Coughed the other one up laughing at this!

Captain of the USS Monte Carlo

THAT is freakin hilarious. love the spock mind meld on uhura’s ‘assets’. classic.


reminds me of GeneralGrin’s star trek recuts


Uhura ladies change hair style a lot in video.


not canon


Better plot than “Spocks Brain”.


Tesco…… Brilliant!!

Black Moon

Hi all. Glad you liked it. I just did a search in google to see how often it’s getting mentioned. I see I have some fans here. :)

Vice Stojčić

Not bad, not bad at all.