Happy Birthday, Simon Pegg + Check Out His Present From JJ Abrams

Today is the birthday for Star Trek’s new Scotty. Simon Pegg turns 42 today and so we here at TrekMovie want to wish Simon a happy bday. Of course Pegg is currently in LA shooting the new Star Trek movie, and director JJ Abrams gave Simon a special present. See a pic of Pegg showing it off below.


Happy Birthday to Simon Pegg

Today Simon Pegg tweeted the following picture with the message "Here’s me modeling my birthday present from JJ Abrams. He sure knows what to buy a 42 year old man.."

That’s Simon on the lot wearing his new creepy baby mask. Or is that a Karl Pilkington mask?

Happy Birthday, Simon. Now get back to work as the new Scotty!


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Finally, the real Simon Pegg shows his face.

It’s official!! Balok is the bad guy in the next film.

Alec, you beat me to it, I was thinking the same thing. LOL.

The new movie is based on The Corbormite Manuver. LOL.

Well looks like we have are first photo from the set.

@ 4

LMAO. Oh no… hopefully not, lol.

LOL… Happy Birthday, Simon Pegg!!!…

………….I love the way you say “nothing” about Trek Sequel!…….;-) :-)

Talosian face mask

Happy birthday to Simon Pegg.

Although Simon Pegg is NOT Scotty to me, he is still entertaining to watch in the film.

Holy crap, Balok is on Earth, we’re all screwed now :P No, just kidding, of course we’re not screwed….I think….

Dead ringer for my brother-in-law, a.k.a. ‘Uncle Fester’.

So, JJ thinks Simon’s a cry baby?

Happy birthday, Simon Pegg. You make a wonderful Balok…:)

Save some of that Scotch whiskey for the dilithium crystals. You know they work better once they’ve had a shot of the old home brew. In this alternate universe it is beer, wine and spirits that make those crystals go round and round, round and round…no wonder thrusters need to be on full…:)

forget the scotch whiskey, bring out the tranya! :)

happy birthday simon pegg!

5. Yep, it looks like Pegg beat Orci to that first set photo!

If you count the parking lot…

Happy Birthday Simon. Now start lobbying hard for Shatner to be in the movie! If anyone can do it, you can! (a non-sequitir but crucially important nonetheless. It’s my mission to keep this issue alive. Tom, back me up!).

A bit OT – but have you seen this?


My estimation from the figures given shows that Chris would owe the agency only about $1.3million, and that is assuming that the agency have received no monies from him. I do not see how they can claim money from him that has not been earned yet as the Jack Ryan movies nor the third Star Trek movie have been made yet and there appears to be no actual guarantee that they will get made. I hope that they do get made, that Chris will do fine and that they will do well at the box office but that has not happened yet…

This reads to me like another “Only in Hollywood”. Real nutsy stuff.

“The lawsuit explains that SDB took on the star in 2002 when he was an unknown actor and that “nobody was willing to touch Pine”.”

What? Now the agency makes Chris out to be some sort of leper. Why would nobody have been willing to “touch Pine”? Wow.

Happy B-Day Simon!! :)

17. Keachick

That link doesn’t work (it keeps jumping to another page).

Happy Birthday Simon!!

Oh look, it’s the logo picture for JJ and Simon’s new production company: Bad Baby. :-D

Happy Birthday, Simon. :-)

#19 Very odd. Here is a link to a different article on the same subject. This article actually gives more details. I hope this one works for you.


17. A “bit” OT? :)

Happy birthday to Mr. Pegg.

So no page-wide spread here about how an actor that plays a Star Trek captain isn’t fulfilling his obligations in his personal life? Hmmm. Okay…

I guess the site has moved on from that kind of reporting. I am glad.

Happy Birthday, Simon! Live long and prosper!

#’s 1,2,3

Here we go with the speculations about the movies story.

Happy Birthday Simon.

Hippy Bathday Simon.

Get into that whisky for the role, eh?

But remember to drink WHISKY and not WHISKEY – the difference being; one is distilled in Scotland predominantly (along with Canada and Japan) and the other is distilled in America (or Ireland)…. :) Perhaps I too am going OT (Occupational Therapist) with this one :) :) :) :) :) :) – just yanking your chain Kea, no need for scathing retorts!!! :)
Either way – get shit-faced for your Birthday, SP.
Remember your age is the Ultimate Answer to Life, The Universe and Everything and if you can get hold of a Pan Galactic Gargle Blaster, even better.

Your face in the pic doesn’t actually look any different – i guess that is what happens when Chucky is your dad!

Peace out Peggster and make sure you get a better engineering this time

OMG! The Delta Rays!!! Poor Scotty…

#24 Perhaps you are right. I find it curious that Avery Brooks’ alleged DUI and the legalities arising from that get a thread. Avery Brooks’ problems have nothing whatsoever to do with his professional/public life, however this lawsuit Chris Pine faces has a lot to with his professional life, and therefore somewhat more relevant than the thread about Avery Brooks was. Of course, one could also say that neither are particularly relevant to this site.

Since Chris Pine nor those presumably representing him have made any comment, then all we have are the SDB Agency allegations of non-payment of fees due. I have no idea what is going on but it does surprise me that he does appear to be in a bit of a mess. I hope things get resolved soon to everyone’s mutual satisfaction. This sort of problem/distraction is not what a young starship captain getting the hang of things needs!

BTW, while I am OT (kinda), I found this link to a website about an actress/model called Anne Gwynne, Chris Pine’s maternal grandmother. It was put together by Chris’s mother’s brother, Gregory Gilford, and comes with the blessings of all the Pine family. Among the pictures is the one and only picture I have seen of Chris’s maternal grandfather, Max Gilford (nee Max Goldfarb) – producer and attorney. For those who might interested –


edit: Sorry keep thinking the little words then typing the next word –

“…Pine faces has a lot to with…” should read “…has a lot to DO with…”

“…those who might interested.” should read “…those who might BE interested.”

Simon Pegg is a Benjamin Button case?

A photo from the set!!!!!
The new movie is all about how the Klingons hijack truck shipments to Ikea. Then, Khan (in a bit of stunt casting, now played by Betty White) vows revenge against Ikea for selling her the crappy chair that collapsed, killing her husband. It’s up to Scotty (seen here rebooted to appeal to a younger demographic) to realign the beer taps and get the Klingons pissed (British for drunk) so Kirk (still recovering from the shots he required after knocking boots with Reese Witherspoon) can kick their butts.

What, Pegg is playing a young captain Picard now?

Is that from the movie Brazil?

He must be yelling at a young Wesley.

I don’t get it. Where’s his present?



That’s pretty funny!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SIMON!!! One of the nicest guys in the business

Picture Caption:

“Greetings! I am Balok, now piss off!” ;)

I hope he is not just going to be comic relief next time.


That is an eerily realistic (though over-sized) baby head. Scary and funny at the same time.

Happy Birthday Simon!! And, uhm, that is a scary baby mask…

Kinda sucks to have a birthday on a “holiday”. Less wonderful presents when you have to share the day.

I can speak from experience. My BD is Feb 4. Everyone is so worn out from having to buy all those Groundhog Day gifts. Dammit!

We should ban Valentine’s Day and replace it with World Simon Pegg Day !!

I was waiting for the first on set pic of the new Star Trek movie,,

Didnt think it would be something like this thou,,


Happy Birthday Simon Pegg !

Mongo say look at outfit. This clue about new Star Trek movie. Mongo know title, too.

Star Trek: Scotty mans Brain

#45 Yeah, and it must really suck being born on Christmas Day….:( or being born eight days before Christmas because you end up getting all these belated cards and presents, if you’re lucky…

Now why would JJ send such a present? OMG – I think I may have it…

In this movie, it is Scotty who gets all the action, and it is not with those ample nacelles either, and that present is the result…Yeah, that’s it!…:)

45. Well, my daughter’s birthday is on Halloween. She loves it, as do I. Every birthday party she has is also a costume party.

I bet Simon Pegg got a lot of pink birthday presents as a kid.