Watch: Chris Pine Calls His HS Crush Kristy Swanson (original Buffy) On Kimmel

Chris Pine, Star Trek’s new Kirk, has a new movie opening today (This Means War) so last night he took some time off from shooting the sequel set to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live. While there Chris talked briefly about shooting Trek, travel, cartoon crushes, and his Kardashian connection. Jimmy also arranged a phone call with Chris’ high school crush Kristy Swanson (the original Buffy The Vampire Slayer). Watch it below.


Chris Pine on Kimmel

via ABC on YouTube (in 3 parts)…Kristy Swanson call is in part 2.

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Starfleet-issue sideburns!

Yeah… CP is alive and gorgeous… and funny….. I love it!!!!

High school crushes… Oh, my. :-D

CP is also starring in The Ivy Walls’ video “All I Want”….


Considering these skits are all scripted, it’s still amusing….

Didn’t William Shatner wear that shirt in “The Final Frontier” during the campfire scenes? :-)


So you’ve moved up to “Admirer” from “Fan” now have you?

Chris Pine seems like a nice bloke.

Love the sideys.

I am getting a tingle thinking that he was just on the Trek set.

Its actually happening!


That was hilarious. You could see the blush just start from his neck and go up all over his face. Oh and the sideburns! Kirk is in the house!

I LMAO’d when he hung the phone up on them. Good vids btw.


Sure have, and for good reason… ;-)

So it’s official. Chris is a taken man. Lucky lady, whoever she is. Chris is so lovely, melting every time he smiled.

#7 – Yes, I know what you mean. So cool to think that he’d just come off the Star Trek set to do the interview. It certainly makes it seem more real than ever, like the movie is actually happening, he really was being “my captain” not more than an hour or whatever before he did this interview which occurred within the last 24 hours. Chills. Good chills!

I *love* the way that red checked style shirt that Chris was wearing is called a “lumberjack” shirt. According to my information, that shirt is actually an expensive knock-off what is called the Kiwi bush shirt or swanndri. My older cousins were always in shirts just like what Chris was wearing when I was knee-high… They have been worn by NZ farmers, hunters, trampers since forever.

11. Keachick …

Yes, and after all he was in Greece… remember the photo in Mykonos? …

…………………………………..and he also traveled to South Africa… ….yes South Africa………….. ah we who orbited the nebula where lives the fandom of Chris Pine, knew he is a “taken man” for months…. ;-) :-)

11. Keachick…

boborci on twitter yesterday:

roberto orci @boborci
Will all of u who think all we know how to do is rip off old concepts wth explosions give us a chance and see WELCOME TO PEOPLE this summer?

………….sooner please, Mr. Orci!!!!…………;-) :-)

#9 Perhaps Jimmy Kimmel had instructions from the lady who has taken Chris…:)

Actually Chris revealed one or two *interesting* personal things about himself in the interview, one that he is “taken” as in he is in a relationship and does not consider himself “single”. Also he mentioned that he leaned towards the liberal left (political). I wonder why he mentioned his political leanings and it would appear to be in relation to skeet shooting…

Skeet shooting is a sport in itself but it developed from duck or geese shooting (hunting for food or basically a bloodsport), as in shooters would practise their shooting skills on a skeet or clay pigeon outside of the bird shooting season.

Huh. I also had a crush on Nicole Eggert when I was a kid. And She-Ra.

I think I wrote Nicole Eggert a fan letter as well. Weird coincidence.

The Kirk sideburns aren’t done as well as Shat’s.

Yes, Dee. However, it is nice that he has publicly confirmed what we had known about for a while, but saying something felt like it was disclosing something to the general public that he was not ready to do himself. I will not disclose here who we think is the woman in question because that is up to Chris to confirm or deny, make public, if or whenever. So he did go to Greece and South Africa…

Yes, I saw the Trekmove/Bob Orci twitter about Welcome to People. Come on, Bob Orci, “pony up” information on the movie’s actual release date and please, make sure that this kiwi downunder does not have to wait longer to see it than you guys upover.

Please – Bob Orci – give us here a head’s up.

Uh.. um…. uh… er… you know… uh… err…

Good god, Chris Pine needs to work on his public speaking. Shat for life.

More like….
“Hi, Kristy. We’ve never met. Anyhoo, you know how you get like 24 dollars for an autograph in the Walk of Fame at DragonCon. Funny thing. I just signed a coupla deals for about a million times that… Sooooooo….”

Just read this on Roberto Orci’s twitter page…LOL

“@elcutta: @boborci Can you tweet a photo like this, of Trek script?” sorry. trek script is so secret that our minds wiped after writing it”

Title for next movie – Star Trek – Mind Sweeper.

#18 Chris is an actor, not a public speaker. There is a difference. Besides, William Shatner is a lot older and has had a lot more experience and what’s more, they are different people. Unfair comparison. At one point, Jimmy Kimmel was interrupting Chris and it was rather annoying.

#19 – What?

Yea Robert Pine! I loved CHiPs too when i was a teen. Who’d have thought back then that his little boy would end up being Captain Kirk!


Don’t you mean Captain Kidd?


You do realise that Chris’s first “appearance” on film was in a scene from CHIPs, which showed St Getraer and his very pregnant wife (played by Gwynne Gilford, Robert Pine’s real life very pregnant wife). Guess who was inside that bump? So cool, out there stuff. Real cheesy stuff, for real. Gotta love the cheese!

#6 you know what i actually caught most of TFF on tv earlier and i was quite stunned at just how powerful that McCoy and his father scene was. Bill doesn’t get nearly enough credit for that.
I also felt for Sybok in a way i hadn’t before, particularly when he describes Kirk as ‘his friend’ when talking to the ‘god’ alien.
Such a shame that TFF wasn’t fully realised because it had a great deal of potential.
btw i think that may be the same shirt. :-D

#23 lol behave yourself matey!
Young minds, fresh ideas etc etc ;)

(did you catch that other clip of Father Ted that i put up in that Pine Lawsuit story, Vults?)

#24 didn’t know that. Funny.




OMFG! his hair is parted on the WRONG side!!! (like Routh as Supes in Superman Returns)

so this Kirk likes to part his hair on the wrong side eh? im not sure im OK with that…

#28 Good isn’t it. I can highly recommend any Ted clips that you can find on YouTube.


(facepalm) please don’t let Pine be with David Arquette’s mistress again… (smh)


Do not worry about it … definitely not the case … that time, he was experiencing a “rebound” moment… now he is really in a relationship…

;-) :-)

Yay, that was hilarious! But I really wonder – it’s not that I care much about Chris Pine’s personal life but in case he DOES have a girlfriend I wouldn’t blame her for being pretty pissed at him hesitating to answer whether he was single or not (:

This brings up a fun question: who was your first celebrity crush?

Mine was Jennifer Aniston, in the early seasons of “Friends.”
Remember the Rachel hair? Oh yeah. She had it going on, and still looks pretty good today. As for her career… eh, not so much.

Keachik, just a question – do you admire Mr. Shatner as much as Mr. Pine or are you just a Mr. Pine fan all-around?

That’s funny.

I’d be even funnier if he called her and she was out on a date with William Shatner (hee hee)

Wrong, but funny! ;-P


Star Trek: Apparently


I thought the shirt was a throwback to “City on the Edge of Forever”.


“…. being pretty pissed at him…???”…. nope………. Don’t worry about it….. LOL

#38 DJT

That’s right; it does look like that shirt, doesn’t it?
Ha, I wonder if Quinto is back at the hotel working on that mnemonic memory circuit….


Mirror universe Kirk parts hair on right.


Chris Pine has worn other shirts similar to that one. As I said, if you looked at the link I posted, that type of shirt has been around since the late 1800s, at least in NZ. It is not really that surprising that William Shatner as Kirk was seen wearing similar in TOS and Star Trek V. I think it was just after the second world war that this style of shirt started becoming popular in the States after US servicemen staying over in NZ saw the locals wearing them and liked. It has been part of fashion wear at various times in the US and UK etc since.

The shirt was designed to be worn for work and play in the outdoors in rough terrain where rain was always a possibility, even in temperate Auckland. Auckland boasts to being able to experience four seasons in one day… The swanndri is made of mostly wool and some are made to be at least shower proof. Bear in mind, that NZ, up until recently, was renowned to have about 30 to 40 sheep per one person at one stage. I think the present sheep population is about 35 million, but it has been as high as nearly 80 million when there were 2.5 million people. A lot of the sheep have been bred more for their high quality wool than their meat. That’s a lot of wool…hence the reasonably priced, very functional and quite fashionable looking swanndri bush shirt.

I doubt the shirt Chris is wearing is a genuine Swanndri (made in NZ), but you never know.

#35 – I guess I am a fan of Captain Kirk and became interested in the person who played that character, who of course was William Shatner. However, all I saw was Captain Kirk on a b/w TV, followed by reruns of TOS. I did not see TOS in colour until sometime in the 80’s. There was little, if any, information about the actors and what there was, wasn’t always correct. I have not seen William Shatner in much, other than the Star Treks, where he is great as Kirk.

With Chris Pine, it is a little different. I have seen him in other movies playing different characters and I have seen him in numerous interviews since Star Trek 09, like the one posted in this thread. Chris is younger and is just so lovely to look at and comes across as basically a nice person, like in the interview, and in the characters he plays, even if they are not the antagonist. Even Darwin Tremor (Smokin’ Aces) showed intelligence and a certain degree of sympathetic awareness, though not much, but that was the character.

I didn’t know what to think when I first saw this stranger playing “my captain”, but as I kept watching the movie, he “grew on me” if you will. I think it was when Uhura said, “I hope you know what you are doing…Captain!” then Pine made that Kirk delivery of “So do I” that I really felt I was seeing a beautiful younger version of “my captain”.

Sometimes I feel like I have divided loyalties between Chris and William Shatner. I love William Shatner for being the first Captain Kirk and how beautifully he played the character – the speech patterns and delivery, the subtle gestures and nuances etc – such a joy to watch. Chris will bring his own style but he has a similar “quality”,”essence”, if these are the right words, that enable him to play Kirk. I don’t think just anyone can pull off playing a character like Kirk. I guess that is what makes the character special and the person who can bring that specialness to life. Chris lets the younger Kirk live again!

I love them both, but Chris Pine just a bit more. I hope some of this makes sense.

LMAO @ Jimmy Kimmel bit and have to say that would be really cool if there is a campfire scene with bones and spock with him wearing that flannel. Hey @BobORCI, while you have a bunch of sets, how about getting The Shat to swing down and film the scene you guys envisioned filming and slapping that on a special edition of the movie down the road? It’s a win/win, you sell more DVD’s, everyone gets more Royalties, and all us crazy fans get to see Prime Kirk in action one more time. Just dreaming, have a good weekend all!

Correction: “…are not the antagonist”. I meant to write “protagonist”

While we’re on the subject of celebrity crushes…

Maureen Flannigan from “Out of this World”
Kerri Green from “The Goonies”
Clare Carey from “Coach”
Robin Curtis from “Star Trek III: The Search for Spock”
Chase Masterson as Leeta from “Star Trek: The Next Generation”


Chris Pine has bad ass sideburns! :-)

oh this movie is going to be good. Pine was filming today and I can sense a sharp and intense Kirk energy.

I found the content of the interview *amusing*. The fact was that there were “two big elephants in the living room” and both were so studiously ignored…

One was the lawsuit to the tune of millions of dollars slapped on Chris Pine two days ago and the other, Star Trek itself.

Personally, I would have liked to hear Chris Pine explain his point of view re the lawsuit, but I doubt he can, because his attorneys will have told him not to say a word to anyone, for now.

And with Star Trek, we’re all dying to get anything info at all about anything to do with the next movie, like how much action of every kind Kirk gets, whether he gets to keep her around; how many ledges/vines Kirk gets to hang from; whether he gets to yell words like Kannnnnnng or Korrrrrrr (now Bob Orci should know that Chris should not spoil his lovely voice by yelling another four letter word starting with K), how many times he gets to hear Bones tell him, “He’s dead, Jim”… just so much
Once again, poor Chris is told not to say a word to anyone about any of it…

Well, at least he finally got to speak on the telephone to the crush of his life at the tender age of 12. Good on ya, Chris!


TFF did have some great Kirk-Spock-McCoy moments in the film. The campfire scenes and the scene you just mentioned were easily the best parts of the otherwise subpar movie. Shatner just didn’t have the directing chops that Nimoy had, though to be fair, the writers strike and the studio’s cheapness handcuffed him a bit.


Yup. I guess if Pine was doing a throwback, he’d probably chose “City On The Edge Of Forever” over “The Final Frontier”! :-D

I enjoyed This Means War. Light hearted but lots of fun. Both Pine and hardy have a very strong screen presence which was used well.

Reese Witherspoon is always worth watching, even if the movie is bad.