Watch: Original Star Trek: The Motion Picture Commercials – Now In HD

Our old friend visual effects artist, and super Trekkie, Daren Dochterman is up to his old tricks again. This time has has lovingly recreated the original commercials for Star Trek: The Motion Picture, but now in HD. Check them out below.


The Human Adventure is Just Beginning – In HD

In 2000 life-long Star Trek fan and visual effects artist Daren Dochterman got the dream job of working with director Robert Wise on the Star Trek: The Motion Picture Directors Edition DVD. Daren, along with producer David Fine and Michael Matessino essentially "finished" TMP and produced the version Wise had originally hoped to put into theaters in 1979. Daren was responsible for creating much of the new digital effects for the project.

Unfortunately all of the effects done for the project were done in standard definition so when it came time to release all the Star Trek movies on Blu-ray in 2009, Paramount released the theatrical cut. The world of Trekkies still hopes that some day Paramount decides to give the Director’s Edition the Blu-ray treatment.

Until then, Daren decided he would go back to the original 1979 commercials for the film and "remaster" them in 1080i. While the Blu-ray featured original commercials, they were just upscaled to HD. Daren has actually re-cut the commercials using bits of the 2009 Blu-ray release. These new edits were exactly spliced together with the original audio track, including Orson Welles famous narration. He even replaced the mono music track with stereo! The result is a new set of commercials in HD.  

Dochterman tells TrekMovie he "just felt like doing it." And we are happy that he did.

So far Daren has done six of the commercials. Here they are with all there Orson Welles HD awesomeness.

Daren tells TrekMovie he will finish up the last two original commercials, but probably not the full trailers as those contained some graphics not seen in the films. Daren has also created a special playlist, so tune into that for more additions.

For those who are curious, Dochterman says there has not been any movement on Blu-ray version of the Director’s Edition for Star Trek: The Motion Picture. He says he and the team are ready to jump into the project if/when Paramount decide to do it.

Keep up with Daren and learn more about his projects (including Star Trek: The Motion Pictures Directors Edition) at

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