First Video From Star Trek Sequel Set – Possibly Shows Different Scotty Uniform Clue [UPDATED]

Star Trek’s Simon Pegg is a big fan of comics publisher 2000 AD and so yesterday he decided to send them a special birthday greeting. He did this in the form of a video he shot with the help of Star Trek’s Karl Urban, and it gives us our first (spoiler-free) glimpse from the sequel set. Check it out below.


First video from Star Trek sequel is actually b-day message to comic company

We are still waiting for Bob Orci to get the go-ahead to post some pictures from the sequel production, but so for now you can try to find something to glean from this video from Simon Pegg (featuring Karl Urban), shot on the Star Trek set at Sony Studios.

What can we see?

Well in the video both Pegg and Urban are wearing the Bad Robot-issued hooded coats which are meant to hide their costumes, even when walking around the lot. But if you look closely you can get hints of the costumes. Karl appears to be wearing his standard blue McCoy tunic, whereas Pegg is not wearing his standard red tunic, but something with a grey collar.

Karl can be seen with his standard blue uniform shirt

Kirk in his cadet shirt along with Scotty in his red tunic and Bones in his Blue tunic – from 2009’s "Star Trek"

Pegg doesn’t appear to be wearing his red uniform, but something with a grey collar

Purely speculating, but it is possible that Pegg is wearing one of the grey uniforms (or a variant), worn by officers seen at Starfleet Academy in the 2009 Star Trek movie. Of course, just like with the 2009 film, we will likely see characters in various different costumes for the sequel.

Zachary Quinto in grey uniform – as officer/instructor at Starfleet Academy in 2009’s "Star Trek"

Can you spot anything? Sound off below?



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