More Photos From Star Trek Set – IMAX Camera Spotted

More leaked location shots have emerged from the set of JJ Abrams Star Trek sequel – from the same source as the first photos we reported on this morning. The new shots offer some different angles and moments from the same scene which was being filmed. One shot also confirms the use of an IMAX camera. Check them out below, but be warned of spoilers. 


More Star Trek Sequel Images – IMAX camera spotted

More photos from a location shoot for the Star Trek sequel have emerged (see earlier article). These are from the same photo agency source, but have been published now on other sites. Here are a couple of shots of the fight between Spock and the movie’s villain (played by Benedict Cumberbatch). 

Benedict Cumberbatch and Zachary Quinto spotted on
 location shooting the "Star Trek" sequel in Los Angeles

Benedict Cumberbatch and Zachary Quinto spotted on
 location shooting the "Star Trek" sequel in Los Angeles

And here is more of Zoe Saldana’s Uhura. 

Zoe Saldana spotted on  location shooting the "Star Trek" sequel in Los Angeles

Zoe Saldana spotted on  location shooting the "Star Trek" sequel in Los Angeles

Zoe Saldana spotted on  location shooting the "Star Trek" sequel in Los Angeles

And here is a shot of Cumberbatch, Quinto and their stand-in (or stunt doubles), along with a shot of an IMAX camera. JJ Abrams had hinted before he would be using IMAX for the film, but this confirms it. It is likely that some scenes are done in IMAX but not the whole film. It is likely they are shooting just the big action sequences in IMAX, which is how it was done on the recent (JJ Abrams-produced) Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. Of course it has already been announced that the Star Trek film will be released in regular format and 3D.

IMAX camera seen on  location shooting the "Star Trek" sequel in Los Angeles

All photos by Eric Ford of On Location News. More images on, PopSugar, TooFab, and Yahoo.

What have we learned?

While not definitive, there are a number of things we have learned from the photos and report:

  • There is a scene where the villain fights with Spock hand to hand, and villain appears able to avoid or escape from a Vulcan nerve pinch

  • Uhura also has a scene at the same location where she apparently fires a phaser at the villain

  • Cumberbatch’s villain character is a human or looks human (so clearly not a Klingon or other alien requiring prosthetic makeup)

  • Cumberbatch’s character (for at least this scene) is wearing some variant of a Starfleet uniform (although this does not confirm is is actually in Starfleet)

  • The fight scene takes place on something that uses Arabic numerals (so not alien)

  • The standard uniforms appear unchanged from the 2009 Star Trek film

  • The communicator prop appears to be the same or very similar as in the 2009 film; the phaser appears mostly the same but might have some changes

  • At least some scenes will be shot in IMAX


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So it begins…

Sorry but Uhura looks about as threatening as Lisa Simpson with a cap gun.

I wonder if Cumberbatch is playing another genetically augmented character. Everyone seems to be focused on Khan but he was one of over 70 people on the Botany Bay.

These photos look awesome. The sad thing is that these photos look like the final climax of the film. So it could spoil the movie :-(

After seeing these pictures, I really want to know what the title of this film is going to be…it’s driving me nuts!

very good TonyD. LOL

something else we learned. they have dirt in the 23nd Century.

Zoe Saldana looks amazing in a mini-skirt.

Who leaked these? JJ and crew must be piiiissed

@4 FilmGenesis

I don’t see reason to believe these photos are from the climatic moment. This scene looks very similar to the drill rig platform from ST2009 and that was somewhere near the middle of the film.

I do like what I see so far!

Keep on Trekkin’

Zoe Saldana looks stunning in the red mini!

Wow. These set photos are amazing. Much obliged to whomever is responsible. If possible? Keep them coming.

And it looks like Cumberbatch is definitely wearing some variation of the cadet black shirt. Whether or not he’s actually playing a cadet? I don’t know; and that’s groovy. As long as he’s not playing Khan (I’m somewhat sure now that the Khan rumor is officially squashed like a bug).


Yeah, Tony. Thanks for the redirect and the list of what we know.

I’d add:

— We see a wound on Cumby with red blood, further proving that he is not Vulcan/Romulan.

–Cumby character can withstand a Vulcan neck pinch, and may in fact be stronger than Spock. (Speculate enhanced strength.)


Yes she does and her hair looks slightly different from before. Either way, still loving her! :-)

@7 I was thinking boborci would be posting the first pics..

And the FSNP now uses 3 instead of 5 fingers

#2 – Go-cart Mozart

“Sorry but Uhura looks about as threatening as Lisa Simpson with a cap gun.”

That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes those that look the least threatening can be the most dangerous.

I think these photos hitting the web were intentional by Paramount. It creates buzz. Face it, the 2nd installment is no secret and most of what we saw in general in the 1st film (ie. bridge, enterprise, etc..) will be present in the 2nd film. This 2nd film does not require the same amount of secrecy.

Buzz is a good thing. There are tons of people that are finding out today that there will be a 2nd film. A lot of people didn’t know.

I don’t think Cumberbatch is playing a TOS character.

Here’s why:

Benicio del Toro whom JJ originally wanted for the same role is 10 years older than Cumberbatch and, arguably, looks even older than that because Cumberbatch still looks younger than his 36, or so, years.

This is a significant age difference that would make it hard to believe that Cumberbatch is playing a TOS character that must fit into the chronology of things. Instead, JJ would have looked for another actor around Del Toro’s age. But JJ did not do that, so that means the character’s backstory is not dependent on TOS canon.

I suppose it’s also possible the character was originally written to be a TOS-one, but was re-written to be a different, now original character to avoid dealing with the age difference between Del Toro and Cumberbatch.

Either way, I’m guessing this is a new villan to the Trekverse.

Vulcans are known to be stronger than humans.

Mr.Cumberbatch’s character looks human and appears to be able to fight back, which James Tiberius Kirk could not do.

What type of human could hold their own in a hand-to-hand combat with Mr. Spock?

Oh man…

17. Khan

Premise of the film: Rogue Starfleet officers. There is no way to explain away the black Starfleet uniforms. Kirk wore the same in the previous film. Right?

Not necessarily, VZX.

Bottom picture looks like their stunt doubles are looking on.

Ok, then if not Khan, then what human could take Spock in direct hand-to-hand? Kirk was supposed to be best hand-to-hand fighter on the ship in Trek 09 and he couldn’t take down Spock

I think Cumberbatch’s character is somehow related to Section 31and these scenes happen early on in the film.

VZX has a point….

Ok I thought maybe someone else but I am more convinced than ever it’s Khan. Who else but Khan could outstrength an enraged Spock

That , his buff size, Black hair. It’s Khan

How many time stronger than humans are Vulcans again?

Don’t how it spoils the film though, how could you not expect it’d be a simple good guys kill (or just defeat if they want a sequel) bad guys thing?

KHAN seems the logical choice…they have to go with theie “joker” ala the dark knight..the best know villian treated in a completely different way.

additionally, KHAN does not have to look latin. In this timeline KHAN may be an acronym. He may be a more cerebral KHAN. There are NO RULES.

Eugenic wars, world dominion, a villian lost in time and space…why on earth would they chose to go with that.

FORGET obscure characters that only Star Trek fans know, FORGET them. This is HOLLYWOOD and it has to appeal to the masses.

Either going to be Klingons or KHAN or perhaps, just maybe, BOTH in the same storY.

“Ok, then if not Khan, then what human could take Spock in direct hand-to-hand?”

A very well written new villain to the canon?
A villain I would fear , ie., take seriously, and, remember for years to come?

And now I’m really worried that it’s going to be Khan. If it is that’s a big disappointment and would be sad that the writers couldn’t come up with something original. But who knows, maybe Gary Mitchell, that would be cool.

“A villain I would fear , ie., take seriously, and, remember for years to come?”

Er, like Erics Banas, whats his name, it escapes me.

Arabic numerals on stuff in fight scene+enhanced strength=Cumberbatch is either playing Khan, or an equivalent character. (I know Khan was technically Indian, but still) Then again… in Generations, on the rocket launcher control thing El-Aurian script looked rather like Arabic, so perhaps this might be a reinterpretation/younger version of Soran?

Yes, Khan dying and this other, new superman from the Botany Bay takes his place… sounds like a very Bad Robot-esque twist, being a fan of a lot of their work. Seems like a solid base to hopefully build upon well.

I still don’t dig the clunky props…reminds of the styrofoam boulders & blocks from TOS… Would soften the blow if it’s supposed to be old material from the Eugenics War period.

High hopes… it’s getting closer every day

“Er, like Erics Banas, whats his name, it escapes me.”

Sorry, I forgot his name too ; I did not fear him.


I like the size of the phaser.

Does it just look bigger in Zoe’s hands?

I wonder.

Yes I think it just looks bigger in her hands since she is smaller than the men who have held one in the last film.

22. VZX

I don’t think that was his intention.
Kirk was looking for Spock to freak out in front of everyone.

31, The dilithium rocket launch control panel clearly stated that it was in translation mode when it displayed English words and numbers ;P


True, but it is hard to take a character in a combat situation seriously when they’re wearing a miniskirt. She can look cute and sexy on the bridge and still wear some special issue landing party pants when they beam down to Planet Blustery. ;)

:D :D :D :D :D Three words:Spoil. Me. Rotten!! :)

“A very well written new villain to the canon?” You’re looking in the wrong place if you want that.

You win, Mr. Khan.

Mixed emotions about it, but I’ve accepted it now.

Cumby simply isn’t that thick in person. You’ve been enhanced, Mr. Khan.

Oh, and that’s a Hindu dagger on your shirt, not an awkward bloodstain.

You win, Mr. Khan.

I guess I always knew you would.

36: True, but even in TOS Kirk couldn’t beat Spock. Kirk also succumbed to the neck pinch easily. It looks like Cumby can get around it.

Question: was Cumby’s hair dyed to be black? If so, then I’m thinking even more so that it has to be Khan. They dyed Simon Pegg’s hair to match James Doohan’s, they could do the same for Cumby to match Montalban.


” You’re looking in the wrong place if you want that.”

I’ll be the judge of that myself, in 2013.
If you don’t mind, that is…


41: Wait, what? A Hindu dagger? Really?

Crap, it really is Khan, then. Bummer.

44 Not at all, I’m just voicing my jaded scepticism :)

The Wrath of Joachim perhaps? :)

OK: I am bummed that the villain is Khan, but these pics have fired me up about this movie. Uhura looks amazingly hot and Spock looks amazingly Spocky. Phasers and communicators and Imax seal the deal for me. I’m sold. Yeah, I’m weak…


“44 Not at all, I’m just voicing my jaded scepticism :)”

Voice away, then, my fellow Star Trek fan!
(Like I could stop you…. )