Quinto wins 2 Spirit Awards + Pine and Saldana Present + Plummer wins Oscar [PIX & VIDEO]

On Saturday Star Trek’s Zachary Quinto picked up a couple of Independent Spirit awards for Margin Call, for his debut film as a producer. Also on hand presenting at the Spirit Awards was his co-stars Chris Pine and Zoe Saldana. And in a small Star Trek world connection, Saldana presented a Spirit award to Christopher Plummer (Chang from STVI). Plummer also won an Oscar on Sunday. See below for photos and videos of the Star Trek celebs over the weekend.


Quinto wins 2 Spirit Awards + Pine and Saldana Present + Plummer wins Oscar

Over the weekend two Star Trek luminaries were winners at award shows. First up, on Saturday at the the Independent Spirit Awards, as one of the producers of the film Margin Call, Zachary Quinto picked up the award for First Best Feature and the Robert Altman Award.  

Quinto with one of his new Sprit Awards

Here is a video of Quinto and Margin Call writer/director JC Chandor talking about the film.

Zachary Quinto’s Star Trek co-star Chris Pine was also at the Spirit Awards. Pine was there to hand out the award for Best Male Lead.

Chris Pine with Jessica Chastain presenting at the Spirit Awards

Also presenting was Star Trek’s Zoe Saldana, who was there to give away the Best Supporting Actor award to Christopher Plummer for his work in the film Beginners. Plummer is of course also known to Trek fans as General Chang from 1991’s Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.

Zoe Saldana gives Christopher Plummer his Spirit Award

And speaking of Christopher Plummer, the actor also won the Academy Award on Sunday for his role in Beginners

This was Plummer’s first Oscar, and at age 82, he is the oldest recipient of an acting award in Academy history. Plummer was greeted with a standing ovation.

More Photos

Here are some more photos of Star Trek celebrities at the weekend award shows.

Chris Pine at Spirit Awards

Chris Pine at Spirit Awards

Zoe Saldana at Spirit Awards

Zachary Quinto at Spirit Awards

Zoe Saldana arriving at Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Zoe Saldana at Vanity Fair party

Zachary Quinto arriving at Oscars

Quinto with fellow “Margin Call” producer Neal Dodson

Benedict Cumberbatch arriving at Elton John Oscar Party

Director JJ Abrams arriving at Vanity Fair Party

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Having just seen “The Beginners” three nights ago, I must say Plummer more than deserved that Oscar. He gave a funny, touching performance.

Of course, my nerd-brain half-expected him to spout “To be or not to be” in Klingon when he accepted the Oscar last night….

Zoe Saldana looks gorgeous.

That’s not Chandor in the still with ZQ but his production partner, Neal Dodson.

Sweet! What an incredible cast we have for new Trek! Congrats Zach!

And I almost forgot… congratulations, Zachary Quinto! ;-)

I admire his pursuit of smaller, indie projects despite his mainstream success. Good for him!

Did this get added in-between the articles about the ST2 photos and JJ being upset about them instead of after???

Anyway, great pics! As always, I especially liked Zach and Zoe. Congrats to Zach!!! :-)

Pine’s Starfleet sideburns are evident and Quinto did what he could with his Spock haircut.

I wish ZQ had showed up to the oscars with Jonathan Groff on his arm. They’re a pretty cute couple. Congrats to him and to Mr Plummer. And thank you Chris Pine just for being there, that dude’s lips are just PERFECT.

Big congratulations to Christopher Plummer, a well deserved Oscar winner!!

And his role in Star Trek VI is without doubt one of the great acting performances in all of Star Trek.

Hooray for Star Trek alum. Congratulations to Christopher Plummer for his Oscar. Still love him for “Sound of Music.” Salute to Zach Quinto. And will somebody ask if Jessica Chastain is a Trekker? I read in Entertainment Weekly that she dressed as Spock for a costume party.

Representing canada ! Nice job mr.plummer !

Congratulations to Zachary Quinto. Margin Call looks like an interesting film, but I can’t recall ever seeing come to NZ cinemas. I hope I will get to see the film one day.

Congrats to Mr. Quinto, I will definitely go and see Margin Call, and congrats to Mr. Plummer for a stellar performance in The Beginners!
It’s great to see others too, they all look jazzy and sleek ;)

Don’t forget James Cromwell (ST VIII) and Malcolm McDowell (ST VII) in Best Picture winner “The Artist”.

Poor Quinto! I feel so bad for his itty, bitty eyebrows! It must be a bit uncomfortable to go to something like that where you know cameras are all over the place and you’re not looking your normal self.

On that note I would also like to add that Chris and Zoe are looking wonderful! I wonder where the rest of the cast was?

Well the glasses almost totally hide the fact that they’re angled, so I wouldn’t feel too bad. I’d actually love to see what he looks like without the glasses, but I know that doesn’t fit with attending events like these.

I think the rest of the cast were probably working on that film that we are all awaiting or just having a lie in. It is possible that none of the three would have been there had they not had a reason – Quinto as a nominee, and both Chris and Zoe were presenters. I am glad Quinto picked up those awards. It must be so gratifying for him.

Congrats to Quinto. Well deserved. Margin Call was a unique film–very much worth seeing.