Watch: Video From Star Trek Sequel Location Shooting

Last week images from location shooting on the Star Trek sequel emerged showing actors Benedict Cumberbatch, Zachary Quinto and Zoe Saldana. Now video from some of that location shooting has emerged showing much of the same, but now in moving pictures. You can watch it below but beware of spoilers (except for the part when Zach eats lunch).


Video of Spock v Cumberbatch villain

Here is video from the same Star Trek sequel location shooting revealed in pictures from last week.

Via Splash


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No lens flares? Disappointing…

Ooooooooh…. is J.J. gonna’ be upset now!!!!

so… after seeing the pictures and the video, i have to wonder if benedict is playing this fellow:

it would explain how he appears to successfully combat spock.

Who is falling down???!!!

Sorry jj I know we shouldn’t watch but the needs of the many……

Wow, kind of cool how the villain fights off the nerve pinch. Gotta say, this seems like a very climatic fight, I kind of wish footage from a different scene were released instead. Oh well.

Seems like Spock doesn’t get his ass completely kicked… looks like he knocks Cumberbatch off the platform.

I notice Spock looks over the edge hmmmmmmm.

Those spoilers are several days old, now.

I want new ones.

Mr. Orci, how about leaking the villain’s identity?

Ok, what kind of human can kick a Vulcan’s a$$?

#2 totally agree

#6 I’m guessing this is like the Kirk bar fight from 09. At the end I think Kirk is going to show up with his shirt off and say “No one wails on my Vulcan” and then proceed to compare Cumberpatch to some sort of baked dessert, like cupcake in 09, as he’s kicking his arse.

Not really a spoiler. Every Trek movie has a fight scene or 2. Still, cool stuff. Looking forward to May ’13. I was 17 when ST:TMP came out, and I’m still hooked. Guess I should get out more……

“Ok, what kind of human can kick a Vulcan’s a$$?”

David Knowles knows.
We talked about that on another thread…

Ya know, thinking abt ST past, I’ve been thinking that this could happen at the *beginning* of the movie, not the end. How many times have the various Trek crews been forced to transport a potentially dangerous character after subduing them? If that platform they’re on is part of some unstable apparatus, this could one of those classic Trek “rescue against their will” scenarios, followed by “the only person we rescued is pretty dangerous & wants to go back there, what do we do with them?” situations.

Just a thought…

Does anyone remember the fights between Kirk and Spock from “This side of Paradise” and “Amok Time”? Kirk was left bruised and bloodied and Spock didnt even break a sweat. Cumberbatch must either be genetically enhanced, an android, an illusion or infused with god-like powers.

#15: my vote is for genetically enhanced.

Cumberbatch’s hair looks dyed black. Doesn’t he normally have medium brown hair?

If he’s able to combat a Vulcan he’s clearly not a normal human, I’m betting an augment of some kind but I can’t see it being khan.
Would love to hear mongos take on it.

#15 I’ll go with genetically engineered. In this timeline, Khan probably dies and one of his followers rises to the top.


It’s just as likely that it is Capt. Maxwell going back in time… this time newly augmented and super-human. He goes back in time to wipe out the Cardassians to get revenge for the death of his family.

#18: joaquin from “space seed”?

I wonder why no one gets seriously hurt during such fights. Broken chaws, missing teeth etc.

It seems as if Khan and Spock are not as strong as they pretend to be…

If it IS a “Space Seed” redo, and Kahn does not end up marooned on CetiAlpha then Humanity is DOOMED! Please Please Please let this NOT be a redo of space seed and some other ORIGINAL story!!!!


1. Kahn won’t end up marooned on the planet
2. the crew of the Reliant won’t mistake his planet for the one that exploded.
3. Kahn won’t be able to seek revenge.
4. Spock won’t die.
5. The crew of the Enterprise won’t risk everything to bring Spock back
6. The Enterprise crew won’t be exiled on Vulcan when the Space Probe visits Earth.
7. Nobody will go back in time to bring whales back to the future.
8. Earth will be devoid of all surface life and the Whale Space Probe will go on it’s merry way.
9. If the Enterprise crew DOES survive somewhere, they won’t for long because the Klingon and Romulan empires will see the failing Federation and conquer the Federation planets. Since there will be no more Starfleet command, and David Marcus never was killed (if he existed at all), Captain Kirk won’t feel embittered toward the Klingons, Spock won’t have opened a dialogue with the Klingons and there would be no Khitomer conference.

Yes. It is about time that Temporal Affairs or the crew of the USS Relativity show up and “fix” the freaking timeline!

13. “Ok, what kind of human can kick a Vulcan’s a$$?”

A Klingon or Romulan, who has infiltrated Starfleet.

#21 could be, but it would seen strange to have one of khans men in the movie but not khan himself.

Gary Mitchell

#1- the intro and outro had a huge lens flare. Does that count?

#25: what if khan dies in cryosleep and joaquin takes over?

#26 Gary Mitchell wouldn’t need to physically fight Spock, he’d just sweep him off the platform with his telekinetic power.

*GASP* The Vulcan neck pinch didn’t work?! Who IS this not-masked man????

Dude, JJ is going to be soooo pissed over this…..

Hilarious edit.
NOT Gary Mitchell.

Kirk gets his butt whooped in the first movie, now Spock gets his whooped. Who will get it next movie? Scotty? :-)

Shaun, yep that’s plausible but I don’t think bob and co would bother writing a space seed rehash and then kill off the greatest villain in trek history in a malfunctioning cryochamber.

My theory:
Peter Weller is involved with genetically altered embryos and Cumberbacht can be part of the experience. In Enterprise, embryos were stolen from a research center.

JJ is going to be maaaaad……

Bob Orci. Thank you for posting the Video. You are the best.
I keeds I keeds.


Sybok with clipped ears? Certainly we’ve already seen Kirk and Troi made to look Vulcan and Romulan, why not the reverse?


Yes it would be. Since these movies are going for the mass audiences, Khan is certainly more recognizable to non-trekkers. It would be like going to a Batman movie to see the Joker, but see one of his nameless henchmen instead. We don’t even know if he is from Khan’s era. I still think it’s Gary Mitchell or someone else. I’m a huge fan of Benedict Cumberbatch. I can’t wait to see him in this movie!


IF you watched “Where No man has gone Before”, MItchell’s powers started off weak and gradually got more stronger as time progressed.

#34: i like that idea, too!

#33: if one wanted to play in the same sand box, but try and build a more interesting castle, i’d be willing to look at the finished product. i would consider it a challenge worth facing, if i were in their shoes.

Anthony “aids and abets” the “picture thieves” by posting this video!!! Steam is shooting from JJ and Roberto’s ears right now! HAHA!!!

Again — boo fricken hoo!!! :-)

Like that McDonalds commercial – “ba da ba ba ba ba…I’m lovin it!”


Maybe it is Khan. The new comics already covered Gary Mitchell and the “WWhere no man has gone before” story. They said the comics would bridge the stories from ST09 to the new movie, so I doubt they would go back to Mitchell. You also have to remember that Benicio del Toro was the first choice to play the villain. Cumberbatch is a great actor, he can play anything. What kind of villain can be played by del Toro and Cumberbatch? Maybe it’s a new character entirely.

In Enterprise The Klingons did steal the Embryos. But it mutated and that is why in Tos we see them as we did. I think they did some more experiment’s and they were able to find a cure to get there ridges back so we would see them like we would in TMP through TNG. But. something else may have happened and now we have Cumberbatch who is now an Augment (Not Khan) doing all he can to take over. That is where Peter Wellers Paxton comes in as he is still alive from Enterprise and he is helping Cumberbacth do what ever is necessary to take over and Kirk and Spock are trying to stop them.

This movie is going to kick ass. As much as I enjoy the leaked video, I hope JJ clamps down on security, I want to be surprised.

Cumberbatch might not be the Khan´s team, but an experiment with genetically altered embryos. So, it would not involve Khan, but it would be a good topic about human genetic manipulation.

“A Klingon or Romulan, who has infiltrated Starfleet.”

…Or, it could be that “Nancy ” has infiltrated Starfleet .


It ain’t Kahn!!! It ain’t Kahnnon!!! LOL!!!

I think Ralphs theory is gonna be closest to what this is about, does anyone know if there are any plans to bring out collected editions of the new comics?

Khan Jr?

You know I really hate the thought of Leonard taking this kicking. Quinto not so much! He’s young, he can take it!

We know that since the eugenics wars that genetical engineering is outlawed in the federation but that’s not to say it doesn’t go on (dr bashing ds9). I think the fact peter weller is in the movie could definitely mean a tie in with the enterprise Terra prime story, perhaps weller would only appear in a flashback for cumberbatchs character.