Leonard Nimoy To Finally Do Big Bang Theory Cameo

Apparently Star Trek’s Leonard Nimoy isn’t 100% retired yet. After year’s of trying, the producers of the nerdy CBS comedy The Big Bang Theory's have finally convinced the actor to do a cameo (of a sort) on the show. More details (and TBBT spoilers) below.


Leonard Nimoy To Finally Do Big Bang Theory Cameo

According to TVLine, Leonard Nimoy is doing a cameo on the CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory…or at least a sort of cameo. According to a source, Nimoy will be providing the voice for Spock in a dream sequence for Dr. Sheldon Cooper (played by Jim Parsons). The episode will air on March 29th.

Of course Big Bang's Sheldon is a Spock super fan, bordering on obsessive. Just last month he was seen getting bent out of shape after he was sent the wrong Spock. Watch it.

There have been many other Spock jokes and references on the series, but the closest Sheldon has come to meeting Mr. Nimoy in the past was when he got a gift from Penny. Watch it.

Not Big Bang's first dream sequence with TOS star

This will actually be the second dream sequence featuring an original series star. In 2010 Howard Wolowitz dreamed of Mr. Sulu (played by George Takei), along with Battlestar's Starbuck (Katee Sackhooff). Here is a clip from the episode, along  with some behind the scenes with the actors.

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Gonna be hard to beat the Takei dream

Hey. I hope Nimoy does this. It would be super sweet to see him on the BBT

Should be fascinating.

Awesome Leonard! Good for you!

March 29th…..sooo not working on my thesis paper that night! :)

WOW… I’m waiting so…;-) :-)

I loved the 1st two seasons of this show. It’s been straight downhill ever since. Now it’s just pretty much ‘let’s take some slight, effeminate men and make fun of them’. It’s petty and it didn’t used to be.

Smiled when the interviewer says to George that it ‘looks pretty good for being in the closet for decades’ :)

Can’t wait! Love this show. I’m glad Nimoy agreed to do it!

Just recently decided to watch this show. I enjoy it now. Sounds like a fun episode.

Wooow Leonard Nimoy en TBBT…Sheldon breaks the restraining order?

be cool if he was dressed as spock in dream!!

So much the retirement….he unretires again?? LOL I’ll love the guy forever, but let’s all admit it — he’s the Brett Favre of science fiction.

Yes! I cannot wait!

Writer Bill Prady has hinted at an arc where Sheldon deals with the new Spock. This might lead to another Spock cameo- with Zachary Quinto. And Zach has already said that he likes the idea.

This will be a hoot to watch. TBBT is a great show and I am sorry we got into it rather late but my dear wife bought me all 4 seasons (so far) on DVD for Christmas. I am indeed a lucky man…and she lets me know it.

I told you guyz he was’nt retired.


Oh, my, gosh.

Takei Wants Her!

I was saying to my wife the other day that it would be great to see Mr Nimoy on TBBT.
Looking forward to seeing it.
Now if Bill Shatner would do it?

I’m surprised William Shatner wasn’t on the Big Bang Theory yet since he had a show on CBS last year and probably could have walked over to their set.

Well, at his final convention in Chicago Leonard Nimoy DID say that he might pop up here and there, (fingers crossed for Star Trek 2013 cameo.)
I’m so pumped to watch this BBT.

34958735239875235 nerds just punched the air.

This is so awesome!! Thank you Mr.Nimoy!! :) :) And may I say,about time!

“It looks pretty good for being in the closet for decades.”

Oh, my, did I laugh at the stupidity of that interviewer.

According to the original article, Nimoy will only be doing a VOICE cameo. So, his appearance may still be elusive.

Ok geeks don’t get too moist in your pants, the story said he’d provide a voice over, not an actual cameo appearance in the flesh.

Nimoy’s voice in Big Bang Theory ON my Birthday?! that’s like kismet, man! :D

if only i could play Star Trek Online on my MAC, that would be another COOL gift for me as well!

I’m writing my first Play and I plan to include a sci-fi reference in it…

I turn 40, been a Trekker since 1978! I would love to have any of the TNG or TOS Actors tweet me!


14 — That would be sooo great! I’d love to see ZQ convert Sheldon into accepting both Spocks!

This is wonderful!! Wonderful!!! I’m so excited!! So excited!!!

Although I do wish Nimoy were actually meeting Sheldon. It’d be funny to see his reaction.

How wonderful! Thank you, Mr. Nimoy! I’m looking forward to this.

What a fun clip. I get the impression that “Latter-Day Takei” would still be a pretty good actor if he would just chill out and drop all the pretense and be himself.

tried watching this show, couldnt make it through the episode. To me it was very over rated. I get it has a loyal fanbase, but for myself it just was a waste of 22 mins

@32. Yea, it has some mildly funny stuff once in awhile, and I love the Trek and sf references, but is it a great comedy? Nope!

They should get William Shatner and Nimoy together into the show. Or how about all of the remaining TOS-cast.
They are on their way to a supposed convention (a fake created by Sheldon to lure them to him) and end up in Sheldon and Leonards appartement…

@32 – So, you’re saying that you *don’t* like the show?

Funny that Katee mentions her favorite TOS episode is the O.K. Corral story. I don’t think George was in that episode.

@8 eprom

I laughed at that, too!

Watching the interview clip I can’t help but think that George Takei must be one of the classiest actors in Hollywood.

He’s had ‘shadow cameos’ on the show for years now, it seems. Mentioned, but never seen. And it seems he’ll uphold that ‘tradition’ with his voice cameo.

Nice of him to (*ahem*) ‘come out of retirement’ one more time, too! ;-)
Nimoy is a great guy and a class act. Meeting him at Comic Con two years ago was a genuine thrill, I must say.

SO AWESOME. Get Mr Nimoy, Sulu, Crusher, and Data together for a TREK reunion…Why couldn’t they get SHAT when he was right there doing thay horrible “**** that passes for a tv show” ……show.
#32…with the crap that passes for comedy on tv…BBT is the freakin “Gone with the Wind” of comedy

Voiceover would be great. Full cameo appearance even better. I’m looking forward to it.

#32 I could not agree more. Very overrated, not at all funny, the jokes are forced, the laugh track goes off at every single line, full of sexual innuendo. Just all around a bad show. I can not believe Nimoy would lower himself.

How soon until someone comPlains about how Nimoy agreed to do this show when Shatner couldn’t get him to do Boston Legal?

#42 – Well, thank God you’re here as the Arbiter Of Good Taste. I was almost worried for a moment there.

#43 – They’ll have to wait their turn in line behind the people peeing in our cornflakes about the quality (or lack thereof) of the show itself. The haters must take priority, after all.

For my half hour spent?
I think BBT is a cute show and a lot of fun. It doesn’t have the significant, socio-political themes of say, “MASH” or “All in the Family” nor is it really meant to, I think. It’s the very definition of light comedy. The cast are all charming and their sense of fun is contagious. The scifi cameos (George Takei, Katee Sackhoff, etc) are just a nice little geeky easter eggs…

I don’t really get the BBT hate I see here. It’s not meant to be much more beyond what is advertised. And as for the ‘sexual innuendo’? There’s a lot less on this show than many others out there really. It’s usually just suggestive, bare shoulders at most; often the commercials that run during BBT are far more explicit. Personally, I don’t think the innuendo is meant to offend (and IMO, it doesn’t). The show is about socially (and sexually) awkward characters; that’s half the fun of it.

If anyone is expecting ‘IMPORTANT TELEVISION’? This isn’t it, but if you wish to relax and have a good laugh at your own geekdom (as I do)?
It can be pretty fun…

Ooo, it will be “must-see TV”!

if any show gives a good representation of what its like to be a science major at a university, this is it! The first time I saw it, it was like a flash back to my years as a grad student in the Biochem department…………we were nerdy science people but there was a bond that held us together…..no pun intended. We werent cool but we didnt mind; we all had the love of science to keep us together in friendship. So BBT is a lot closer to reality than you think.

like i said i get it has a loyal fan base, but that doesnt mean i have to be a sheep and blindly like it. I tried watching it once, it did nothing for me.

I am happy for those of you that get something out of it, but to me in MY OPINON it was a waste of MY TIME.

Last i checked its a free country and we are entitled to have our OWN PERSONAL opinions. I am sure there is stuff i like that others dont like as well. its called personal taste, people!
instead of calling someone who says that a show isnt their cup of tea, a hater. let them have their opinon and not let it detract from your enjoyment of the show.

#47. mika

Too true! I have many friends (as well as myself and my wife) who relate all too well to some of those (*ahem*) ‘stereotypes’. ;-D

@48 “Last i checked its a free country and we are entitled to have our OWN PERSONAL opinions. I am sure there is stuff i like that others dont like as well. its called personal taste, people!
instead of calling someone who says that a show isnt their cup of tea, a hater. let them have their opinon and not let it detract from your enjoyment of the show.”

Well said — Agreed !!! The show is overrated and full of teenagerish bathroom and sex humor. Outside of the somewhat funny Trek-related episodes, I have no use for it. If that makes me a hater, so be it — I’ll be a proud hater then. I can take criticism, unlike some of you whiny wusses her who cry everytime someone disagrees with you. LOL