Quinto: Star Trek Sequel Still Being Defined + Saldana Talks Exhausting Schedule

Star Trek's new Spock Zachary Quinto has once again given some insight into the process of making the new sequel. In new comments from Oscars over the weekend, the actor talked about how director JJ Abrams is still 'defining' the film. He, along with Zoe Saldana, also talked about the grueling schedule. Details below.


Quinto on sequel still being defined + hard shooting schedule

Speaking to E at the Academy Awards on Sunday, Star Trek's Zachary Quinto once again talked about how the sequel currently in production is evolving, saying:

Zachary Quinto: "What you guys are going to see has yet to be solidified, decided [and] defined and that's the great part about working with someone who is so mind-bogglingly talented as J.J. Abrams"

Quinto also noted that the shooting schedule has been "overwhelming," but he noted that he loves to "work hard." And Quinto's Star Trek co-star Zoe Saldana also talked to E over the weekend, and she too weighed in on the schedule saying:

Zoe Saldana: “I’m like happy exhausted. I’m literally going to bed with the biggest smile…I feel like I’m home.”

Zoe Zach At Oscar Parties
Zachary Quinto and Zoe Saldana arriving at Oscar parties

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Star Trek XII: The Undefined Country


Star Trek 2 – Defining Indecision…:)

S.T. Ongoing > The Undefined Frontier!

Spock needs a Bow Tie!

Wonder what it’s like to be on that set right now.

Quinto’s comments here makes the producers look like indecisive twerps. I guess this could be in response to the stills and video turning up on www. and Quinto commenting on how many days they had been working on those scenes – way too much information given about something nobody is supposed to know about anyway – duh!

Oh, that they could all be a quiet Pine! I doubt even a rustle is heard.

I hope all is going well for everyone on the set and that my fine Pine captain Kirk gets good dialogue, good action scenes and good loving.

Star Trek. The Search for more lens flares.

Like when Quinto’s filming the first film, I love seeing him with those big glasses! Makes me all giddy knowing he’s hiding those eyebrows! I feel like I’m 19 again. :P

I wonder why people who ‘had issues with’ the first Star Trek by JJ even bother to be concerned with the second film.

For me, I can’t wait to see what they have in-store for us, lens flairs and all.

Just my two-bits.

“Zachary Quinto: “What you guys are going to see has yet to be solidified, decided [and] defined and that’s the great part about working with someone who is so mind-bogglingly talented as J.J. Abrams” ”

Oh, Oh!

Reminds me uncomfortably of Richard E Grant’s memoir about working on Hudson Hawk.

Still. I’m sure it’ll be fine.

In JJ we trust…

1. LukasKetner wrote:
“Star Trek XII: The Undefined Country”

You, sir, win! Please accept these five internetz as a token of my admiration!

I think its great that the team are working on and thinking about this movie as they go. We all want this to be as good as it possibly can be. If they can take an idea and expand and improve it then why not.
I envy these people being in a job that they all clearly love.

More Ewoks!

Star Trek XII: The Search For Plot

It always makes me laugh when I read well-paid actors moaning on about how hard they work. Try flipping burgers for eight hours on minimum wage. Oh, bless.

Star Trek the search for sequel title

Star Trek fist fight on space barge with wind


Can’t help but wonder how much of the script wasn’t done before filming started.

i am sure its just the on going character plot thats making changers finding the moment and all that after all they know how lost was going to end right?!?

bring on the lens flares yeah i love them well i will love them more in the engineering set lol

is it Spock or superman


what a great title for a new movie! ;)

#16 Yeah, Harcourt, those lazy actors don’t do any hard work at all. Nothing hard about spending 10 or 12 hours a day away from home, in uncomfortable and even dangerous conditions, having to run, jump, climb, roll, learn lines, etc…

And what about all the actors whose movie job is to flip burgers? A scene shot in a diner might take 12 hours to shoot, with the “fry cook” and “waitress” having to flip burgers and carry plates that whole time.

Also, where exactly did any of these actors moan about the hard work? Quinto LOVES to work hard, and Saldana said she’s HAPPY about her exhauation. Clearly, no moaning here.

Sounds like you have a personal bias, maybe some insecurity about your own job, or at least a lack of awareness about what actors have to do. Just relax. There’s no need to sneer at actors, just as there’s no need to sneer at burger flippers.

Save all your sneering for the one job that deserves it: politicians. :)

#23 Agree. Maybe popular actors or actresses get a little bit toooooo much money for their job in general, but it is a very hard job indeed and there is no moaning indeed. For instance Jeri Ryan collapsed while working in that Borg-Latex-Suite. Wouldn´t be a job for me at all!

ST2009 was locked into the screenplay because of the writer’s strike, so you all complain that there wasn’t enough flexibility to fix issues you have with the plot and whatnot.

Now, the writers and the director have the freedom to rewrite and refine the screenplay so that it’s just right, and you all complain that they are indecisive and unprepared.

The title should be…

Star Trek: There’s No Winning With You Guys

@25 LOL!

I think its a form of catharsis for some people here and in other Trek forums. :)

Nothing Quinto said is reason for concern. There’s more than one way to make a great film. For Alfred Hitchcock the movie was completely shot, edited and done in is head by the time the script was completed. Shooting it was just the last step and necessary evil to realize the project.
But truly amazing films like 2001 and Apocalypse Now were works-in-progress until practically the day they were released. Or even after.

Look, we’re getting engineering improvements, I’m happy!

Let’s see how many will interpret Zach’s words as ominous.

@26. Jinn-Jinn – “I think its a form of catharsis…”

Catharsis: “Elimination of a complex by bringing it to consciousness and affording it expression.”

Well, some folks on these boards sure seem to have a complex, bring it to consciousness and afford it expression. H a v e n ‘ t seen a WHOLE lot of the “elimination” part though…

I don’t understand how they can be making a movie from a script that is not really defined. I got to admit I’m a little worried based on how long it took Bob and Alex to pump out this script that this movie might be a mess

15. No, needs more cowbell!

Anyway, it’s nice to hear Zoe seem so appreciative of working on this movie, that it’s not “just another paycheck.” At least that’s what I hope.

Quinto looks likes Clark Kent with those glasses, he would have been awesome as the next Superman, instead we get a short stocky guy who doesn’t look like clark kent or superman…

Maybe they are rewriting the script so it fits Cumberbatch better.

JJ and Damon threw together the LOST pilot in a few weeks. It turned out quite well.

They are so worried about not saying anything inappropriate about it … and end up talking nonsense…?? or not … but I understand it, and do not blame ZQ … LOL

;-) :-)

What’s undefined – how many lens flares to use and whether to use Coors or Anheuser-Busch logos on the engineering set?

#25 you use the phrase ‘you all’ rather a lot! Innacurately too!
There is a phrase that you may find of more use…. ‘some of you’. ;)

Could they be chaning who the villain is in mid-production? Would that work? Would it still be obvious who it was originally intended to be?

I want to see Kirk do battle with someone or something ten times his strength and win.

I would also like to see Kirk outsmart a super computer until it blows up.

If those two things could somehow be worked in then i think we can say a perfect movie is guaranteed.

@31 I think Henry Cavill resembles how Superman looks in the comics, very much so.

#7: “Quinto’s comments here makes the producers look like indecisive twerps. ”

Like Spielberg on “Jaws,” yeah…we know how that flop sidelined his career, eh? LOL


Hey, yous gonna tries an’ correct peoples Anglish?
Yous musts bes froms old Angland or somethin.

Read again – #36 wasn’t correcting grammar, just correcting unjustified generalizations.


Mind your tatters, Denny.
Buzz and I are old friends—hence my knowing he’s from “Angland.”

I’m sure with the very very many times Bob Orci has visited these illustrious halls at TrekMovie, that due diligence and every contingency has been anticipated to bring Star Trek the Sequel to its logical conclusion.

I can see all the naysayers sitting there, approaching the “great barrier” of the galaxy, with their fingers hovering over a blinking blue light…

There’s no need for GQ-III yet… lol.

Hmm, perhaps what is “undefined,” as mentioned above, is just exactly what the actors have been given; but on a need-to-know basis?

What the heck is a “tatters?” LOL!

I sort of doubt that Quinto means the script or the storyline is still in flux at this stage of shooting (as it’s already shooting; as was the case in ST-TMP).

What he may be implying by his ‘has yet to be defined’ comment may simply refer to the prodigious amount of post production and editing that awaits this movie after principle photography has wrapped. The post production and the editing truly shape a film. They can take two stunt guys fighting in front of a portion of a wall and a green screen and turn it into an epic battle royale.

No movie is really ever made ‘in camera.’

Reminds me of the Livingston/Roddenberry undefined Motion Picture! They would change scripts daily. If only those guys would have lived today, Quinto may have called them “mind-bogglingly talented”

#40 You need to be more precise in why you liken what I wrote to presumably what happened re Spielberg and Jaws, because I have no idea what you are referring to.

It is how it looked when I read Quinto’s comments and I am not the only one who took that meaning from those few words. Perhaps he should have said “refined” as opposed to “defined”. Everyone on set (esp. the main actors, surely) I would hope should be crystal clear by now as to what the plot/sub-plots are, who the (main) characters are and what they do and what the beginning, middle and end are. Of course, when something undergoes refinement, then usually definition is more obvious and apparent.

WE don’t have or need to know anything and that is not the same as wanting to know.

#45, “Wingin’ it” is a time honored Star Trek production policy. Pages of rewrites were physically run onto the set while the TNG actors waited as a matter of course, not exception. The set and prop guys were always rummaging through their warehouse to accommodate some last minute surprise which wasn’t even remotely in the writer’s minds an hour earlier. JJ’s mode of making movies is “gimme a hundred mil plus and I’ll see where the feeling takes me.” To my ol skool mindset that’s patently insane, but you can’t argue with success… and JJ has had plenty of that, so I respectfully bow and tip my hat.

If a corporation is going to spring $100+ mil on a new product plus another $100+ mil on marketing, they analyze every aspect, every component, every fillip, to make 100% sure that their best personnel have had every chance to amply perfect it before they take the step to place it into production. If any wunderkind were to show up in the exec offices and say “gimme that hundred mil and let’s produce an XYZ. I dunno if it’s going to run on AC, or AAA batteries, or a crank generator, or Tesla ether energy… and maybe it will make toast, or maybe it will be an insulin pump, or maybe it will communicate with dolphins… let’s crank up the assembly line and I’ll see what I can throw together” they would throw him from the 57th storey window onto Park Avenue. But if your name is JJ they lay out the carte blanche all the way to the Kodak Theater.

There is no substitute for success and even though the way it is achieved might make no sense to anyone outside the industry, it puts butts in seats and DVDs in players. That’s all that matters and therefore…


I think the problem is that everything is asked and answered in sound bytes. It seems Zachary got asked questions at a noisy after Oscars event and everything is rush, rush, so ambiguity and silliness tend to become the order of the day, as it were.

Finally, I got to see the video of Chris Pine talking to an interviewer at the This Means War premiere. There was a lot of background noise, as they were in a foyer and she mumbled into the microphone, so I could not clearly hear the final question, but it appears to have been repeated, because Chris said to her, “As I have already said…” It must have been late and he looked very tired and possibly slightly frustrated, but still managed to be good humoured. There seems to be so much shoddy journalism about and in this case an actor who probably should have been tucked up in bed after a long day instead of being asked the same old questions by a mumbling journalist in a noisy environment.