More Star Trek Sequel Set Photos – Chris Pine Spotted

More spy photos from the Star Trek sequel set have emerged, this time featuring Chris Pine, along with Zoe Saldana and Zachary Quinto. The new photos are more behind the scenes with the actors in their street clothes going back and forth to the set. See below.


Pine spotted on Star Trek sequel set

The new batch of photos don’t reveal anything, but show Chris Pine with co-star Zoe Saldana on a golf cart, along with Zachary Quinto milling around. It is possible that Pine and Saldana are joined by actor Noel Clarke on their golf cart, but it is hard to tell. Again no one appears to be wearing a costume from the film.





More photos at JustJared and PopSugar.



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Wow, these are revealing

lol you beat me to it great bird,

lol wow they must be golfing in this next movie! ENEMY TIGER WOODS

he comes back in time to prevent is Infidelity and destroy the federation!

Spock has pointed ears?!@#

this might be actual footage….STAR TREK IV reboot anybody?

Oh my gawd!!!

They just spoiled the entire picture for me…it gave me the beginning, middle and end of the picture!!

Please Bob Orci…save me!!!

the cloths noel clark has on looks alot romulan or klingon.

These new photos provide us with all the evidence we need to surmise the title of the next movie……..

Star Trek: Caddyshack Rebellion

Noel’s short hair makes me think of M’Benga.

Is it really that chilly in SoCal right now???

These photos will make much more sense once we have strung together all of the clues about the new movie that are being peppered into the IDW “Ongoing” comic books. Like the fact (?) that Gary Mitchell is dead (again).







Awesome!! Me love it!! :)

Look! The NUMBER 44 is on the right fender of the golf cart.

Calling numerologists NOW!

ooooo people on a golf cart. So “behind the scenes”. Where is the list of things we can figure out from these photos?

“It is possible that Pine and Saldana are joined by actor Noel Clarke on their golf cart, but it is hard to tell.”

Yep, ’cause all black people look alike.

#14 Why did you type each word on a separate line? Actually, more importantly, who care’s about his hair.

This clearly indicates that Benedict Cumberbatch is playing Khan. As you can see, Kirk, Spock, and Uhura have had the Enterprise stolen from them by Khan, and now they’re stuck driving a golf cart around. They keep calling it a “shuttlecraft”, but they’re too upset to admit that it’s just a golf cart. /sarcasm

14: It’s Evil Twin Kirk. Must be a remake of Mirror, Mirror or The Enemy Within.

Quinto looks so much like a young Leonard Nimoy it’s almost spooky.

1 year, 2 months and a few days to go …. ;-)

I don’t get why they do that Chris Pine’s hair for Kirk. His normal hair looks more Kirk-like, both in style and color.

#17 what?!

Really?! Had to go there?!

Spock should wear a hoodie through the whole movie. :)

“Is it really that chilly in SoCal right now???”


What Noel is wearing looks as if it’s a Klingon undertunic.

That’s all I’ve got.

Doesn’t look like Noel Clarke to me…


11 for the last few days yes it has been pretty chilly, its a good deal warmer today though thankfully.

16… Golf Cart 44 is the TOS Golf Cart. By the time of Next Generation, they’re up to 44-D, commanded by Captain Vick on a quest to eradicate coughs and sore throats…

Yes… apparently waiting on the set is boring… and they seemed to be freezing there… but not Mr. Spock, of course… and Zoe appears making faces in some photos, I bet was because of the cold day.

;-) :-)

18. what?! “Yep, ’cause all black people look alike.”

Nope, it’s because you cannot see his face in the photos. Not even slightly race-related, nothing for you to troll here, move along.


Star Trek: The Wrath of Carl the Groundskeeper!
Joachim (sp?) will be played by the gopher…

If anyone is interested, I saved, then sharpened and reduced the noise in both the Pine photos. From the collar and a little left sleeve poking out of his pea coat, it looks like he may be wearing the same gray tunic we saw a glimpse of Simon Pegg in. It also look like he may have some sort of large belt buckle, a la the movie era uniforms. Then again, Zoe Saldana is wearing jeans, so they may both be in street clothes and are wearing coats to screw with our stealth shutterbug. Who knows.

OMG!!!!. What a Spoiler. Pine Relaxing. Wait. Must be Kirk preparing to play Fisbin. Can’t wait to see it in the movie.

#18. For that Comment. Mongo. Head of Empire Security will round you up and place you in the Agony Booth for a period of no less then 48 hours set on High.

@11. Chilly is relative, but yes, it’s been cold here the last few days.

At least we know who our SoCal contingent is here…maybe we are the spies….

Are the cast really in costume for filming, they must be zach’s got the hair and ears made up already and they all have what looks like red scripts.

Movie Title: Star Trek: Y’all are PUNKED! These are pics of JJ’s Halloween party!


The answer is: Yes, it’s chilly!
I even managed to catch a cold – my best friends these days are Vicks and Nyquil :)

The only one ‘in character’ appears to be Quinto…

i’m starting to think Chris Pine is in this film

Star Trek: Men In Black IV

Actually these photos do reveal a significant production detail. We now know exactly why filming was delayed until this time of year. It’s the only way JJ Abrams could get away with making his actors wear coats over their costumes.

Inquiring minds MUST know… does ZQ get the hoodie off without pulling off the ears?

Now this is funny….the pop up ad on the bottom of the ZQ/Car photo asks “Are you looking for a furniture dealer”. Spock must be selling chairs for the new Vulcan colony somewhere…..