See Shakespeare In The Original Klingon On Sunday At Washington DC Benefit

You have never experienced Shakespeare until you have seen his work performed in the original Klingon. And Washington DC area residents have that opportunity this weekend at the WSC Avant Bard one-night special event "Shakespeare in Klingon II." More details below, plus a video report on the show.


Experience Shakespeare in the original Klingon at WSC performance

WSC Avant Bard (formerly the Washington Shakespeare Theater Company) is again returning to Klingon with a one-night special benefit this sunday titled “An Evening of Shakespeare in Klingon II: The Wrath of (Michael) Kahn.”

The event is to benefit the WSC and to celebrate the WSC’s artistic director Michael Kahn. The show will include performances of scenes from Shakespeare’s Hamlet, The Tempest and other plays. All of it will be in Klingon along with an English translation. The evening will also include a short talk with Klingon language inventor (and member of the WSC board) Marc Okrand.

Tickets for the benefit come in two flavors:

  • For $250, customers receive a ticket to the Klingon performance, four flexible-use passes to WSC Avant Bard’s 2012-2013 season, and a ticket to the VIP reception with Michael Kahn and Christopher Henley following the performance.
  • For $85, customers receive a ticket to the Klingon show, as well as two flexible-use passes to utilize through the remainder of the 2011-2012 WSC Avant Bard Season.

There is also a Groupon Discount Ticket for $42.

DATE: Sunday, March 4, 2012
TIME: 8:00 P.M.
LOCATION: Rosslyn Spectrum

More info at

Here is a report on the show from MyFoxDC

Thanks to Felix.

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Could be very interesting… in a Klingon sort of way.

You Klingon Trekkers are great. So, go other there and break a leg.

Word on the street is Dr. Marc Okrand will be in attendance as well.

At the reception I mean.

Hey, look, I love Star Trek as much as the next guy, but I think some people have WAY too much free time on their hands!

@Phil (#3): I certainly expect so; the text on the website suggests it, and previously he’s even played roles and taken part in Q&A sessions on-stage.

Really wish I could attend, but there’s a bit too much Atlantic Ocean in the way :P

Went to an Atlantic City convention with my wife once. Stopped in a Burger King for a snack. Sitting at a table were two Klingon ladies in full regalia, speaking Klingon as they ate.

Not only was that her last convention, but that wife, is now my EX-wife.

I would love to have a role in this- two of my passions!

Man, that musta really spiked FoxDC’s ratings.

Q’Pla on your book, guys.

Yes, Marc Okrand will be taking part. Don’t miss!

Actually, Michael Kahn is the Artistic Director of DC’s The Shakespeare Theatre which has no relation to WSC’s Avant Bard. They are two different theatres. Mr. Kahn just happens to be lending himself to Avant Bard’s fundraiser.

Mr. Okrand is a member of Avant Bard’s Board of Directors so I am sure he will be in attendance.

How do I say “WOW” in Klingon?…. LOL

;-) :-)

Is that Shatner on the left?

I saw the Klingon Christmas Carrol in Chicago and it was pretty cool!

Qapla’ !

taH pagh taHbe’

Does it come with English subtitles? Shakespeare’s translation remains a work of art, of course, but I’m looking for a modern translation from the original Klingon.

Go out there and break a targ!

Last night (Friday, 2 March) I watched Whose Line Is It Anyway? hosted by Drew Carrey. I don’t know if anyone has seen the show. In it there are four actors who have to improvise small comic sketches on subject matter (quite often totally off-the-wall stuff) given to them by the host and/or the audience. In one item, two of the them had to speak in a foreign language, while the other two gave the English translation for each. An audience member yelled out that the language should be Klingon, and so it was.

Totally hilarious…not only the Klingon speakers, but also the translations given. Apparently it takes a lot of wording (some spat and growled) to get out the English word “what?”. Who knew…LOL

Darn! Too bad that benefit is not in California!

Keachick wrote:

> In one item, two of the them had to speak in a foreign language, while the other two gave the English translation for each. An audience member yelled out that the language should be Klingon, and so it was.

Yeah, I seem to remember that episode. It was great!

I wonder of they refer to MacB___ as “The Praxis Play”?