Watch: Stephen Colbert Arm-Wrestles William Shatner + Clips From “Shatner’s World” On Broadway

Last night William Shatner appeared on The Colbert Report to promote his new Broadway show and host Stephen Colbert showed his inner Trekkie by gushing with Bill, including saying that when he was on Star Trek he was "god damn beautiful" and a "golden god." The two also arm-wrestled. Watch the clip below, along with another clip of Bill talking to VH1 about alien sex and a couple of clips from his "Shatner’s World" show.


Colbert calls Shatner "Golden God" for Star Trek + Bill talks Alien Sex on VH1

Stephen Colbert has made a good number of Star Trek jokes on his show The Colbert Report, but when the original Kirk William Shatner showed up last night, he was as giddy as a schoolgirl. Watch it.

And Colbert isn’t the only Trekkie that Shatner has had to deal with on his latest publicity tour. While visiting with VH1, host Carrie Keagan also gushed with Bill and even had him sign a Kirk figure for her. They also talked about alien sex. Watch it.

Another TV personality who outed himself as a Trekkie was Joe Scarborough when Shatner visited Morning Joe on MSNBC. Scarborough tells Bill he thought Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan was better than Citizen Kane.

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And just for good measure, here is Bill on his appearance on the View, with yet another super fan, Whoopi Goldberg.

Clips from Shatner’s World

And here are a couple of clips from Shatner’s Broadway show.

For more on the show and the US Tour, visit


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Awesome, from the picture, I thought it might be Shatner and Takei!

WOW!. Colbert is so funny and having the Shat on is always a good thing. He sure does get around.
But the Shat will always be.
Captian James T Kirk of the U.S.S Enterprise. N.C.C. 1701.

Great stuff.

Fantastic segment. I so envy Stephen Colbert. In recent weeks he’s sung with James Taylor, chatted with the Shat, and raised more than a million bucks in SuperPac dough.

Not bad.

Stephen Colbert’s act is that he’s usually sarcastic when he says a lot of things. But you can see from his reaction, he really loves William Shatner. You could tell he wanted to talk about Star Trek more than any of the other topics. And when Colbert tries to call him Bill and Shatner gives him his response, you can see Colbert almost lose it. At the very end of the interview, watch Colbert get up and direct the applause to Shatner. We know Colbert is a geek; Captain America, Lord of the Rings fan. I wonder how much of a Star Trek fan Colbert is. A fun interview.

On the VH1 interview, all I can say is that the young people like Willam Shatner too. Carrie Keagan just turned her Kirk figurine into a million dollar souvenir.

Shat would have hurt my feelings in that Colbert interview.

Yes, there are lots of Trek references on The Colbert Report. I think it’s safe to say he’s a fan. And how great was that Carrie Keagan interview? Someone with the Trek collectible to show her colors! Nice!

@ 7

He would hurt your feelings if he said to you what he said to Colbert?

Lol IM too much of a fan….I used visual shorthand and read “Stephen Collins arm wrestles William Shatner…” now that I gotta see….Kirk slams Deckers arm down hard and that causes the transporter malfunction…

Colbert had Nimoy on several years ago to push his latest book of photographs, and he didn’t refer to Trek once. Here, he was truly giddy.

Mongo like Shatner mans. Shatner mans look good for 55 years old let along 80.

Colbert mans likes Shatner mans. That good.

I hope that when and if I’m 80, I can be that full of life and drive.

Saw Shatner’s show last Saturday. I wouldn’t have gone because I’ve seen him before, but some friends who hadn’t ever asked me along. Good show and, of course, more about Shatner the man and actor than about Trek (he covers that too). Interestingly, he seems to have much love for vaudeville and comedians. He put out much energy on stage.

Mr. Shatner is great!… ;-) :-)

Shatner’s establishing himself as the “Master of deadpan” – Can’t help but love the man. It’s actually unbelievable that he turns 81 soon!

I just had a epiphany. Carrie Keagan is a *hottie*!

I like Carrie she was giddy just talking to him.

I can hardly wait for the San Francisco showing of Shatner’s World!

Shatner is such a great, funny, and interesting guy.

Anybody else remember Colbert’s animated outer space adventures with “Tek Jansen”? So hilarious. I’m glad the whole batch is on comedy central’s website and on itunes, but I wish they would make more!

20 comments after 2 days? Where are all the Shat fanatics these days? Have they also finally become tired of his antics? I need answers! : D

Captain Kirik is on a mountain. Why is Kirk on a mountain?

Is it really 2 days already? Ah, how time flies when you’re watching the Golden God….:))

That was a kind of uncomfortable interview, Shatner can’t quite play the straight man for Colbert but it was interesting and funny nonetheless!

Shatner on PSYCH, too? This guy is a machine.

Why do you do so much? Because it’s there to be done. Reminds me of Hari Seldon’s words: a talent does what he can, a genius does what he must.


To hug the mountain.

Shatner’s voice seems a lot deeper than it was. Is that just me?