Guide To Star Trek Conventions & Events For March-May

Before the big summer convention season, there are many great Star Trek themed events, both fan run and official, to keep us busy between now and the end of May. Today we present a (non-exhaustive) list of some of Star Trek related events for March, April and May. Some events are free, others have a cost. Please check with the event promoters for schedule changes and ticket policies if any and to confirm all times, dates, guests, and other details. Engage!





Creation Entertainment’s Official Star Trek Convention (Philadelphia Area)
May 4-6
Guests include: Patrick Stewart, Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner, LeVar Burton, and Tim Russ
(Note: Creation has many conventions planned for this year, check their website at for details)


Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo (Calgary, Alberta, Canada)
April 27-29:
Guests include: The main cast of TNG

Trek Trax (Atlanta, GA)
April 20-22
Guests include: Todd Bryant, Spice Williams, David Orange

Hub Star Trek 2012 Convention (Sydney and Melbourne, Australia)
April 28: Sydney/April 29: Melbourne
Guests include: Linda Park, Nana Visitor, Robert McNeill, Barbara March, Gwynth Walsh

Fed Con (Dusseldorf, Germany)
May 17-20th
Guests include: William Shatner, Gates McFadden, Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner, Garrett Wang

Wizard World (Toronto Comic Con)
April 14-15
Guests include: Scott Bakula, Jeri Ryan

Phoenix Comic Convention  (Phoenix, AZ)
May 24-27
Guests include: William Shatner, Patrick Stewart, Brent Spiner, Marina Sirtis, LeVar Burton, Michael Dorn


St. Louis Science Center
Until May 28
Besides the official Star Trek exhibition tour, the Science Center has many great events, including lectures, a Fan Day in March, showings of Star Trek (2009) on IMAX, and treasure hunts.


Shatner’s World: We Just Live In It (Broadway NYC & Various locations for US Tour)
Currently in NYC, Tour runs March 10 to April 12

3rd Annual International Talk Like William Shatner Day
March 22
Celebrate William Shatner’s birthday at home and work talking like him


All Six Original Star Trek Films
King County Library System/Bothell Library, Bothell, WA
Starting February 19 to March 25, every Sunday, one of the original Star Trek films will be shown in order
3 to 5PM:

Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (and fan costume night)
Calusa Nature Center and Planetarium, Fort Myers, Florida
March 3 @ 8:00PM:

Shakespeare in Klingon II
March 4, 8PM
Rosslyn Spectrum, Washington DC

Star Trek Night
March 10
Cedar Rapids Rough Riders Hockey – Cedar Rapids, IA

45 Years of Khan: Rare Photos from the Making of Star Trek II and VI (with “Space Seed” showing)
Grayslake Public Library, Grayslake, Illinois
March 10 at 2:00PM

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (and fan costume night)
Calusa Nature Center and Planetarium, Fort Myers, Florida
April 7 @ 8:00PM

Star Trek (2009)
Sacramento City College, Sacramento, CA
May 3 (Time TBA):



Check you local library for local Star Trek fan club meetings which are common in many locations monthly

Check for details about Star Trek actors appearing at all kinds of conventions

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I’m curious, are there conventions that don’t feel rushed and segregated as creation Ent’s cons? Last time I went, I felt like everything was rushed, and that the staff would give no time to chat with the stars… irritated me to the bone. Heck, even the Cocktail Party that happened felt rushed, like one of those Speedy Date meetups, where you have a certain amount of time to speak with a person before everyone switches around. Anyways…enough ramblings about Creation…just curious if anyone has any better alternatives.

Cool. Someone else set a new costume record so we can beat your ass in Vegas again this year. :)

There is an upcoming convention missing from your list.

May 25-27, 2012
Downtown Radisson
Salt Lake City, UT
Tim Russ will be the Media Guest of Honor.

Patrick Stewart will be at the Dallas Comic Con May 19-20

If there are any NYC-area cons that anyone knows about, I would be interested to know about them. Thanks!

In reply to Tanner Waterbury, yes there are a lot of smaller conventions that don’t have that feel. They are usually fan run and don’t have the same “star power” that the creation events do though. For example, I attend a fantastic fan run event in Toronto every year. Polaris, it is in it’s 26th year I believe and it has a much more relaxed atmosphere. The way I explain it to other people is, that it’s like a nerdy spa, as opposed to the Creation/Wizard World/Hobbystar events, that are like a nerdy marathon.
Check it out, I highly recommend it!

They are also missing a Toronto, Ontario event in March.
Toronto Comic Con (not to be confused with April’s WIzard World Toronto Comic Con, the two waring Toronto events are looking to push each other out of the market, so similar names will doubtlessly lead some to attend only one such event.)
March 10-11th, 2012


Please post the “Talk like William Shatner Day” reminder the day right before the 22nd.

No beach…to walk on…………….

I’d love the opportunity to tell Tim Russ to never direct again.

Hold on. There’s a celebration of Star Trek V.?! The Trek production that I don’t like along with Spock’s Brain. Okay, both had moments but Star Trek V was supposed to be the low point for the film series.

10th annual Emerald City Comic Con … Seattle … March 30-April 1 … Christopher Lloyd … George Takei … and, because it just wouldn’t be an Emerald City Comic Con without him, the one guy who’s still classy enough to NOT charge fans for an autograph, Wil Wheaton!

1. Tanner

You’re so right! All the early events were fan-produced and really had a fun atmosphere. Then Creation got involved. Prices went way up and the fun went way down.

This will be my first time at the Fedcon – anyone else going? :D

Again… stay classy, Greenberg.

I’ll send my greetings from the TNG Reunion in Calgary come April!

I am really looking forward to the new Star Trek film!

My favorite character has always been Dr Spock

Walter Koenig will be too at Fedcon!

#16 That’s Mr Spock. Mongo. Anoher one for the Agony Booth.

#10 — And so it (Star Trek V) was (the low point of the film series)…lol!!

But — at least it wasn’t boring like Insurrection and Nemesis, so it gets points from me on that.

Wow, looking rather empty for the UK this year…I really should live on the other side of the pond!

Alpha: 2012 – A Space: 1999 Event
September 14 – 16, 2012
Burbank, California
Alpha 2012 A Space 1999 Event

Guest Artists
(schedule permitting)

Martin Landau
(Commander John Koenig)

Nick Tate
(Eagle Pilot Alan Carter)

Prentis Hancock
(Controller Paul Morrow)

Judy Geeson
(Regina Kesslan-Carter)

Roy Dotrice
(Commissioner Simmonds)

Jace Hall
(Executive Producer, Space: 2099)

Barbara Bain
(Dr. Helena Russell)

…is also tentatively appearing…


Both Judy Geeson ( Star Trek: Voyager (in the recurring role of Sandrine)) and Nick Tate (appeared in ST:TNG and ST:DS9) appeared in Star Trek series, so this does have some relevance to Trek. This is gonna ROCK!!! :-)

For more info:

The USS Las Vegas Star Trek Club based here in Las Vegas NV will be hosting a Star Trek Game Night at Winchell’s Pub and Grill located at 199 E Warm Springs in Las Vegas. This Star Trek event is OPEN to all Las Vegas area Star Trek Fans. Games included will be: Star Trek Scene-It, Star Trek: Scrabble, Star Trek: UNO and more.

Date: Wednesday March 29th
Location: 199 E Warm Springs (Near Las Vegas Blvd. South)
More Info:

Correction: Game Night is on the 28th NOT the 29th

Somehow you missed Emerald City Comicon in Seattle; March 30 – April 1.

George Takei, Wil Wheaton, and Christopher Lloyd will be there, among others.

@ 19

I tend to like all Star Trek. So I liked TNG’s Insurrection and Nemesis. I thought they were good not great. I like to point out that the plot for Insurrection is similar to Avatar. Federation wants to exploit paradise for its natural resources sounds like Avatar’s exploitation of Pandora for unobtainium. Unobtainium? Ha, ha, ha. James Cameron. Nemesis had an Wrath of Khan feel. Shinzon wanted to kill Picard for his blood but it came off like another revenge plot because Shinzon had deep hatred for Picard. At least Nemesis had Tony award winning writer John Logan. (Nominated Oscar or Hugo and Gladiator.)

Star Trek V had its moments. Great music. But too many bad cute moments. Kirk, Spock and McCoy singing ‘Row your boat” and Uhura’s fan dance were a couple of them. There were some good Klingon moments.

Star Trek Meetup groups are a good option for ST themed fun with like-minded fans. There are also a good way to find out what events are planned in your area.

#28 — Heh! I never made the connection between Avatar and Insurrection until you pointed it out! Definitely similar!! :-) I didn’t like the stretchy-face aliens…

My main beef with Nemesis was that Shinzon had no history, so the whole attempt (for me, anyway) to make the film into a kind of ST2 for the TNG cast fell short. I wasn’t emotionally invested in Picard’s battle with Shinzon and Shinzon’s motives kept changing…why did he hate Earth? There was no justification…and then the haphazard completely flat “death of Data” sequence. It just didn’t (again, for me…) have the emotional resonance of Spock’s death. Also, I found it to be talky.

I just don’t think the director understood Star Trek — or even what he wanted Nemesis to be.

I have never been to a convention in my entire life. I think I need to read more books, comics and watch a few more movies and shows before I could even qualify to enter one. :)

#31 — There’s no “qualification” other than being a fan. There’s not as much mystique about conventions as the main population might think. Not everyone who goes is wearing a costume, for example. I’ve never worn a costume or entered a costume contest…not once…and I’ve been to a ton of conventions.

It’s mostly a place to meet the actors, hear them speak in person, get an autograph and buy a bunch of cool stuff that you typically can’t find in a store…at least that’s the way I view them.

Cool. I’ve never been to a Trek convention, but am interested. Maybe I’ll go to the Philly one since I live close to it.

I went to my first convention in Chicago ironically it was Mr. Nimoys Last. It was a blast!!

See you @ FedCon!

Hey, when is Wrath of Khan going to be on the big screen in Santa Cruise again?

List is missing ICON, out on Long Island

I wish we could have one here in the UK. All of our sci-fi expos are running out of Trek things

Not necessarily Star Trek but there is the William Shatner Weekend at the end of April which coincides with the Hollywood Charity Horseshow in Burbank, California.

In regards to Star Trek: The Experience. I’m STILL waiting for the date in which a NY showing will occur. From my recollection, they promised to go to the original list of cities that the company that first did the exhibition put out. As far as I know, that NY visit was supposed to have happened last year, yet this thing has stayed in the Midwest and West. When the HELL is this thing going to hit the East Coast, or are these people screwing us over again?

I might go to the Grayslake Library to see the photos.

I’ll be attending the Las Vegas ST event in August this year. C-YA THERE!

Mongo miss days when Star Trek convention happen in his town. Emerald City would be good for Mongo, but March 30 bad.

Favorite part of convention for Mongo is see the fans. Mongo like see all fans dress up. Mongo also like dealer room.

I’m old enough to remember the original New York City conventions. I missed the first, in 1972, but I made sure to go to the next one, in 1973. The guests would speak during the daytime, and “Trek” episodes and movies would be shown at night, sometimes until 2 a.m. The first day of the 1974 convention, I caught Walter Koenig, Harlan Ellison and a bearded Jimmy Doohan walking around the hotel, and I approached and took pictures of all three. I was at both Mr. Nimoy’s first, in (IIRC) 1974, when he came unannounced, and Shatner’s, in 1975. Shatner told the con organizers that he stayed in Brooklyn, rode the subway alone to the hotel which housed the con, and nobody approached or bothered him. Like Goosenecked Fan, I never went in costume either. I stopped going to conventions in 1981, figuring I was, as Danny Glover’s Muratugh was fond of saying, “too old for that s**t.” Unfortunately, one of the organizers of five NYC Cons, Joan Winston, died in 2008.

why cant a star trek convention be held in fort myers