Watch Takei Get Fired On Celebrity Apprentice + George Wants To See Shatner Take On Trump

On last night's episode of The Celebrity Apprentice, Star Trek's George Takei was the latest target of Donald Trump famous catchphrase "you're fired." You can watch the scene below and find out why Takei thinks The Shat should be the next Trek star to take on The Donald. We also have the full video of a live-streamed play from the weekend, where Takei joined George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Martin Sheen and many more big stars in a play on marriage equality .


George Takei: You're Fired

On Sunday night's Celebrity Apprentice, Star Trek's George Takei was fired by Donald Trump. George was the project manager for this week's task (creating a living window displays for Ivanka Trump's clothing line). Things didn't go great and it came down to George, Arsenio Hall and Lou Ferrigno in the board room. All had nice things to say, but George threw himself on the sword taking responsibility for the failure of the team. Watch George get fired below.

Talking to NBC' Style Goes Strong Blog, Takei only had nice things to say about his experience, saying  "it was very competitive and exciting and thrilling. It was ultimately a fulfilling experience.

George also offered an interesting suggestion for which Star Trek co-star should follow him to Celebrity Apprentice:

"Well, for this show, you need that driving, singular focus and competitive spirit. You need the hunger to win. And I think the member of my cast, the original cast of 'Star Trek,' that most personifies that is Bill Shatner. Our Captain Kirk bolding going," he says with a laugh. "I think Mr. Trump would get a thrill out of Bill."

Takei advocates marriage equality one on one with Trump and in star-studded play

Takei is also leveraging his new relationship with Donald Trump. Takei is of course a vocal advocate for marriage equality, whereas Trump has been a vocal opponent to same-sex marraiges. But on a conference call promoting the show last week the two said they would have a mini summit to discuss the topic, and George later announced (via Twitter) that this week he and Trump will meet for lunch where George hopes to change Trump's mind.

And over the weekend George participated in a star-studded live-streamed performance of the play "8." Here is the official description.

Featuring an all-star cast including George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Martin Sheen, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jane Lynch, Kevin Bacon and others, “8” is a play written by Academy Award winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black and directed by acclaimed actor and director Rob Reiner. It is a powerful account of the case filed by the American Federation for Equal Rights (AFER ) in the U.S. District Court in 2010 to overturn Proposition 8, a constitutional amendment that eliminated the rights of same-sex couples to marry in the state of California. Framed around the trial’s historic closing arguments in June 2010, 8 provides an intimate look what unfolded when the issue of same-sex marriage was on trial.

You can watch the entire play here (skip to 30 minute mark

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Takei now needs to get over this whole thing with Shatner. It’s making him look a bit sad.

@1 Actually that may be the most positive thing about Shatner that Takei has ever said.

all the cast has something to say about shatner- if you have met any of the original cast you would know this.
He deserves it.

That show is so freeking stupid. Takei has alot of class!


Yeah, that seemed like a compliment to me.

#3 all the cast? Come on you can’t make sweeping generalisations like this without any facts. Point to the evidence that Leonard Nimoy or DeForest Kelley have ever said anything negative about working with Bill?


No, only the side characters have issues.

The show is called “Celebrity Apprentice” but I think the word “celebrity” is used very, very loosely. Most of the people who show up for this kind of paycheck are “D”-listers. Shatner is at least a B-lister, and I don’t think he needs the exposure having just completed his one-man show on Broadway.

Watching the dignified way Mr.Takei bore the brunt of being fired made me imagine how Captain Sulu would deal with going before the admiralty at Starfleet. I can just imagine some disaster on board his starship where several crewmen were killed and Captain Sulu has to go before a board of inquiry. How Japanese he is! Taking responsibility for the entire debacle even though it wasn’t his fault and graciously thanking his inquisitors.
This little scene gives me insight into the kind of captain he is. But underneath how does he really feel? I’ve always felt that Sulu was a little like Spock and Chekov was a little like Kirk.

Gee, I want to go out and write some fan fiction about Sulu right now!

I can’t see shatner being put in a position where he has to “grovel” in front of a “boss” like that. My bet is he wouldn’t have handled the situation with nearly as much class as George.

Just MHO.

9. “My bet is he wouldn’t have handled the situation with nearly as much class as George.”

That begs the question what does the H stand for.

The second tier actors of tos got a pretty good ride courtesy of the maine three. That should always be appreciated.

Without the chemistry of Shatner, Kelly and Nimoy we may not have star trek now.

Oh, my.


Too bad Takei couldn’t take a phaser to Donald Trump’s hideous combover….

As for George? My wife and I have both started reading his blog (and my wife follows him on his other social media). He is great! I agree with his politics. I wish we ST fans could’ve gotten to know all these facets of him sooner (he’d have had our vote many years ago when he ran for office). He is both hysterically funny (with an acidic wit and great laugh) and also profoundly insightful.

We toured the Nissei museum in LA, and saw the STVI uniform he donated. We also read about all the work he’s done for both the Nissei community and the city of LA in general. He was grand marshal at a Nissei parade once in Little Tokyo, and he returned my Vulcan salute.
Great guy!

He’s too good for a silly show like “Celebrity Apprentice.”

I have something to say to you Mr.Takei. Get. A. Life. Its true that most of the cast seem to hate The Shat,save Mr.Nimoy,and maybe,just maybe they have a good reason. But some how,I really don’t think so. So you don’t get talked about like the The Big Three,your a side character like some have already said,that’s how it was,now its over. So please Mr.Takei,give it a rest.

not really a Takei fan, but i felt uncomfortable for him sitting there. But, i don’t watch the show so maybe he deserved the criticism he got. he certainly handled himself well.

as far as the Shat vs. Trump… one Kirk Fu chop and Trump goes down.

Seemed like a compliment for Shat from George. Imagine that.

As far as Shatner going on celebrity apprentice, I would think it beneath him. He’s on a much higher level than that. Besides he would shred Trump.

1/ Why is George Takei obsessed with William Shatner?

2/ Donald Trump is a giant tool box.


1/ jealousy

2/ a giant *rich* toolbox

lmao, I was thanking the same thing as @18…

As to D listers, at first I thought that was kinda harsh, but then I got to thinking about it and you’re kinda right. It’s the folks that we all know from TV or Showbiz but aren’t making enough money to move mountains for their charities anymore. Frankly, an A lister would rather just write a check for 20k then spend a week filming and dealing with the hastle because they’re making that much an hour. That said, I don’t think it’s fair to trash the term celebrity just because they’re not JLo or George Clooney.

Just saying

“8” was an incredible play. Glad to have watched it from end to end, as it’s a real eye opener for many. I’m hetero and married, and know the importance of the word “marriage” is word worth fighting for, as much as “citizen” is important to every immigrant who comes to America for a better life and future.

He handled that firing well, taking the responsibility as the leader. I thought he came off well. Realistically, the only apprentices are Trump’s siblings, and many show winners (non-celebrities like Bill Rancik, celebrities Joan Rivers, Goldberg) end up appearing on other reality shows. I mean, I don’t think anybody’s going to become a real estate mogul because of this.

As a pro-LGBT rights yet otherwise conservative Republican, I always thank Mr. Takei for his hard work. It’s because of advocates like him, those with grace, compassion, and mindfulness, that my views on gay issues and gay marriage changed many years ago over to total agreement with his views. He is a role model, an icon, and represents the very message that Gene Roddenberry wanted Star Trek to carry. Sure, he has the Spy v. Spy thing going with Shatner (and it’s mutual!)… and why is that? George is VERY mindful of what was going on during TOS. He was a superb observer. Case in point, from someone else? Read what Spinrad just said in an interview about the filming of Doomsday Machine:

So, who thinks it’s only George who noticed how Shatner was at the time. Bill’s never really fessed up completely to having often been an ass. Sometimes he does… but never quite right. George is the conscience Bill often neglects.

When George came back from Green Berets’ filming, and now Walter Koenig was there, and sharing the dressing room, and sharing the script and center front “stage” by being together at the helm, George could have gone with his “actor” instinct and been destructive. Instead, George and Walter worked together to the betterment of both.

So tired of Takei. So tired.

“Hara-kirii” George takes it for the team!

@ 19

please dont ever put JLo and George Clooney in a sentence together.

and while I loved him as the original James T Kirk, and he seems like a fun man, lets not act like Shatner is an A-lister just because this is a Trek site. Realistically, he’s not THAT far off from Takei -although yes, they are on different levels.

Just my oppinion, not trolling.

The only cast members that have a problem with Shatner are the ones who thought Star Trek was truly an ensemble show rather than a show with three stars and several supporting actors.

And all the ones who have a problem with him sure dont mind cashing a cheque or getting some air time thanks to him.

I think after watching this, you can understand, not only why Takei appearantly got run over by Shatner, but that Takei never had any sort of leading role. He was too sheepish and non-competitive. I would imagine with that personality type you wouldn’t get far in Hollywood.

I didn’t like how the show flamed up George by having him stare at the Hulk and make comments. Why was that necessary to the show, and how does that make the otherwise fairly professional Takei look. If a man made the same comments about a woman in the office, then he would be up on charges.

Ten thousand Donald Trumps wouldn’t be worth one George Takei on the open market, and I say that not as a fan of Star Trek. My only issue with Mr. Takei is that he would agree to appear on that self-aggrandizing blowhard’s folly in the first place.



George Takei is a humorous, witty, compassionate human being.

Donald Trump is a walking money vault with a bad temperament and ugly hair….

Mongo not watch video. Too much commercial. Mongo like Takei mans. Mongo like Hulk mans. Mongo like Arsenio mans. Too bad Takei mans get fired.

Mongo wonder why people bring up Takei mans and Shatner mans not like each other? Takei mans compliment Shatner mans. Maybe they not best friends in past. Maybe they get over bad feeling. Time have that effect.

Maybe some Trek fans learn from that. Even Shatner mans say “Get over it!”


i disagree.

i think Sulu and Takei are nothing alike. Sulu isn’t petty and more importantly he would have been a better project manager than George was. ;)

I didn’t take that as an insult directed towards Shat as much as a endorsement of what Shatner could accomplish on a show like Trumps. Would be interesting to see.

I really, really, really can’t stand Donald Trump. I’ve never watched this show and never will.

Having said that, I think we all know that A) Shatner is too big a celebrity to be on this show, and B) Trump’s ego would clash with Shatner’s ego. I can’t see Shatner ever agreeing to do this kind of thing.


maybe it would make a good matchup for Celebrity Deathmatch. is that show even still on?

What about an all Trek cast on the next Apprentice?

In defending LGBT rights, George was quite wise and reasonable last night on CNN’s Showbiz Tonight.

I agree with those who posted that Trump’s little show is beneath The Shat.

I actually have managed to watch 2 weeks of this show and have been surprised that I like pretty much everyone on the guys’ team this time.

I feel bad that they lost this time, and George had to go, but it was really the right thing for him to take responsibility for it. His “hands off” approach was good for the creative types, but he really did need to have a little more involvement with all the crew than just phone conversations to see how the whole thing was going to come together. Although no one on that team was into women’s clothing enough to be able to tell what were the right clothes for the appropriate scene (not sure I can blame them on that), It was George’s responsibility to approve Arsenio’s selections and to approve the look of the production team’s work. George gave the team their directions, and the team carried his orders out well. You can’t really blame the team’s failure on anyone but the boss. Sorry, George. :(

I feel worst for Lou Ferrigno though. That guy seems to get completely underutilized and taken for granted in each episode. I just keep waiting for him to snap and rip someone’s arms from their sockets.

He just did not ever assume authority. Even when Fired.

Shtner’s response would be…

“Well, now I am Un-fired! . . . What do you say that? I’m the Captain, damn it!”

Yeah, I know. I see it.

George Takei…what a classy guy.

(and no, that doesn’t rhyme, Bill Shatner)

Shatner would treat it like the Kobayashi Maru.

Probably by having trump kidnapped then taking his place and firing the entire crew of celebrities.

The show would end with the Shat biting an apple as he looks at the camera and says “i don’t like to lose”.

George is the best.

WE LOVE YOU GEORGE! He was so Captain SULU there! .. .

I assume, he will WIN! He is, the Captain after all.

Honestly George! We know you hate Shatner! Heck, you’ve made a career it of it! Get a life!

Shatner would find a way to take over Trump’s business and fire him!! ;)

I’m impressed with Ferrigno. He didn’t hulk out once.