Watch Takei Get Fired On Celebrity Apprentice + George Wants To See Shatner Take On Trump

On last night's episode of The Celebrity Apprentice, Star Trek's George Takei was the latest target of Donald Trump famous catchphrase "you're fired." You can watch the scene below and find out why Takei thinks The Shat should be the next Trek star to take on The Donald. We also have the full video of a live-streamed play from the weekend, where Takei joined George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Martin Sheen and many more big stars in a play on marriage equality .


George Takei: You're Fired

On Sunday night's Celebrity Apprentice, Star Trek's George Takei was fired by Donald Trump. George was the project manager for this week's task (creating a living window displays for Ivanka Trump's clothing line). Things didn't go great and it came down to George, Arsenio Hall and Lou Ferrigno in the board room. All had nice things to say, but George threw himself on the sword taking responsibility for the failure of the team. Watch George get fired below.

Talking to NBC' Style Goes Strong Blog, Takei only had nice things to say about his experience, saying  "it was very competitive and exciting and thrilling. It was ultimately a fulfilling experience.

George also offered an interesting suggestion for which Star Trek co-star should follow him to Celebrity Apprentice:

"Well, for this show, you need that driving, singular focus and competitive spirit. You need the hunger to win. And I think the member of my cast, the original cast of 'Star Trek,' that most personifies that is Bill Shatner. Our Captain Kirk bolding going," he says with a laugh. "I think Mr. Trump would get a thrill out of Bill."

Takei advocates marriage equality one on one with Trump and in star-studded play

Takei is also leveraging his new relationship with Donald Trump. Takei is of course a vocal advocate for marriage equality, whereas Trump has been a vocal opponent to same-sex marraiges. But on a conference call promoting the show last week the two said they would have a mini summit to discuss the topic, and George later announced (via Twitter) that this week he and Trump will meet for lunch where George hopes to change Trump's mind.

And over the weekend George participated in a star-studded live-streamed performance of the play "8." Here is the official description.

Featuring an all-star cast including George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Martin Sheen, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jane Lynch, Kevin Bacon and others, “8” is a play written by Academy Award winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black and directed by acclaimed actor and director Rob Reiner. It is a powerful account of the case filed by the American Federation for Equal Rights (AFER ) in the U.S. District Court in 2010 to overturn Proposition 8, a constitutional amendment that eliminated the rights of same-sex couples to marry in the state of California. Framed around the trial’s historic closing arguments in June 2010, 8 provides an intimate look what unfolded when the issue of same-sex marriage was on trial.

You can watch the entire play here (skip to 30 minute mark

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