First Images Of Brent Spiner’s ‘Simpsons’ Character

Star Trek: The Next Generation's Brent Spiner will be voicing a character for The Simpsons in an episode airing later this month. Spiner's character is (shockingly) a robot and Fox has released the first images from the show of Homer and Spiner's character. Check them out below.


First look at Spiner on The Simpsons

Brent Spiner will guest on The Simpsons for the episode titled "Them, Robot" airing on March 18th at 8PM on Fox. Last year when Spiner did his voice work he sent out the following Tweet: "Did "The Simpson's" yesterday. Played a very unusual role…a robot. Actually, several robots. Love that Homer." And here is a shot of Homer and one of Spiner's robots.

Here is the official synopsis

Mr. Burns replaces all of Springfield Power Plant's employees with robots but decides to keep Homer as the sole human worker. With unemployment at an all-time high and mechanical arms operating the workplace, Springfield becomes a dismal and humorless place. But when Homer's machine-programmed peers start to turn on the community and his former real-life employees come to the rescue, they all realize that robots can't replace human friends

And here we see Homer and Burns running from Mr. Burn's famous hounds, who seem to have been released by Spiner's robots.

Not Trek's first guest voice

Star Trek's original Sulu George Takei has voices for three episodes of The Simpsons: "One Fish, Two Fish, Blowfish, Blue Fish" (1991), "Thirty Minutes Over Tokyo" (1999) and "The Old Man and the Key" (2002). He actually turned down a role in the episode "Marge vs. The Monorail" in 1993 because he felt it didn't paint public transportation in a good light (Takei has been a vocal advocate for mass trans). That role ended up going to Leonard Nimoy (see below). Nimoy also returned to the show in 1997 for "The Springfield Files." And in 2004 Nichelle Nichols played herself in the episode "Simple Simpsons."

Nimoy on "The Simpsons"

And Spiner' isn't the first Next Gen star to do a role on The Simpsons. That honor goes to Sir Patrick Stewart who was a guest star on "Homer the Great" in 1995. And in 2009 Colm Meaney did a guest voice on "In the Name of the Grandfather."

Images courtesy of Fox

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Spiner playing a robot?


Can he use contractions?

It would have been cool if the robot’s number was D47… I look forward to watching the episode!! :-)

The Simpsons? That’s still on!?

I look forward to Channel 4 showing that here in the UK, when I’m in an old folk’s home.

Sounds like Takei took the Simpsons a bit too seriously.

Awesome. I look forward to it.

Other Trek alumni to guest star on The Simpsons include:
George Takei
Nichelle Nichols
Colm Meaney
Patrick Stewart

I believe that’s it.

Nimoy’s been on at least twice – once as himself in tbhe X-Files parody episode and once as a character in the monorail episode.

Upon further reflection, Nimoy played himself in both of those episodes.

“No! The world needs laughter!”

Seems more fitting for a Halloween episode.

Sounds like a parody of the Twilight Zone episode, “The Brain Center at Whipple’s.”

And Caesar (post # 10) is right; sounds like a Treehouse of Terror episode.
Although it’s one hell of a clever way of Brent Spiner to play another robot and still avoid typecasting (since we don’t see him in the role; it’s only his voice).

I used to be a diehard Simpsons fan, but I admit I’ve not watched in a LONG while (about a decade or more). I may have to give it a try again one day…

It would be funny if Spinners robot number was DS9.

or B4 :)

Ahh, watching that clip reminded me of how funny The Simpsons used to be.

Yellow eyes.

@13 Spiner (spy-ner), my friend. That surname is like the word ‘sniper’ but with the ‘n’ and ‘p’ trading places to almost rhyme with ‘spider’. Anyhow I’m looking forward to the next episode of ‘The Simpsons’ with the ‘Spine-ster’ (cool nickname, but no offense to Brent) guest-voicing.

Wait: ‘Spiner’ rhymes with ‘Steiner’ (as in ‘Max Steiner’ and ‘Fred Steiner’).

What’s with all the Simpsons bashing
I for one am very impressed with the way the cast have looked after themselves. they don’t look a day older.

I’m surprised sharner hasn’t done an eppisode.

So we get an article about Spiner being on the Simpsons but not when he was on Young Justice? I don’t quite understand the discrepancy, especially since (to my mind) Brent doing the voice of the Joker is much more interesting than him doing a voice on a show I quit watching years ago. Ah well, still good to see Brent out there working, hopefully he doesn’t take any more jobs like “Superhero Movie”.

D8A would have been way too obvious though…

21 ‘cos the Simpsons is much more popular and widely known. I’ve never heard of “Young Justice”

20 He was parodied a few times and appears on Futurama…

Spiner plays all the robots so maybe one or two will have Easter Egg numbers?

23. ‘Young Justice’ is based on the DC Comics characters.

The Young Justice voice cast also includes Bruce Greenwood as Batman and Marina Sirtis.

Saw this exp last night… Good fun!

Exp should be ep…. Damn you auto correct!

Did anyone notice if there was a D8A, DS9 or B04 number on a robot? I missed most of the episode.