Scott Bakula Cast In NBC Comedy Pilot

Star Trek: Enterprise’s Captain Archer could be headed back to TV. Scott Bakula has been tapped as a lead in a new NBC comedy pilot titled Table For Three. And in other pilot season news, Star Trek: Voyager producer (who hopes to bring Star Trek back to TV one day) is currently working on rebooting The Munsters and he has now cast Eddie Izzard as his new Grandpa.


Scott Bakula Cast In NBC Comedy Pilot

Scott Bakula could again return to network TV as one of the three main stars of Table For Three, a new comedy pilot being produced for NBC. Deadline is reporting the show focuses on a father and a daughter with Bakula playing the dad:

The project, written by Dana Klein and directed by Pam Fryman, centers on Pen (Christine Woods), a responsible, guarded, brilliant but emotionally challenged Harvard Medical School graduate who just returned from a stint with Doctors Without Borders to discover that her beloved dentist dad, Robert (Bakula), has become engaged to Pen’s high school classmate Holly (Nicky Whelan) – a 29-year-old bubbly blonde who happens to be the “mean girl” in high school. 

Bakula’s last show Men of a Certain Age finished its second and final season last summer. We will know if Bakula’s new pilot gets picked up in May.

Fuller gets his grandpa

Star Trek: Voyager writer/producer (and huge Trek fan) has made news here for wanting to bring Star Trek back to TV, along with help from Superman Returns director Bryan Singer. But for now the pair are working on rebooting another classic: The Munsters, with the new title Mockingbird Lane. And today Deadline reports that Fuller has tapped comedian Eddie Izzard to play grandpa, a role originally played by Al Lewis. Izzard in Fuller’s first casting for the pilot, which should shoot in June. Izzard is also signed on as a producer for the show. The show is being developed for NBC and will feature "striking visuals in the vein of Fuller’s Pushing Daisies." Fuller wrote the pilot script and Singer is directing.

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Mr. Bakula is one of the friendliest people I have ever had the pleasure to meet. 100% gentlemen!

He should be finishing the last six episodes of Enterprise along with the rest of the cast… They also need to change the ending so that Trip doesn’t die!

Since Trip’s so-called “death” happened in a holodeck, there’s a little wiggle room as to whether it actually happened.

I say it didn’t!

@3, I agree. I think a lot of the stuff in that episode can be ignored since it was a holodeck recreation that Troi put together for Riker. I’m glad Scott Bakula is getting another show. I didn’t like Archer (the character, not the show) that much at first but he really grew on me as a character. But I’m one of those weird Trekkies that actually liked a lot of Enterprise.

@3 and @4, you’ll want to read Star Trek Enterprise – The Good That Men Do.


I’m glad they killed of trip because all he was, was a hill billy in space and nothing more. also them forcing him and T’pol to get together was bad, just bad.

Scott Bakula may be the nicest guy in show business but, honestly, how many times does an actor get to recycle himself?



What do you have against someone having a Southern Dialect? Apparently you don’t like McCoy either.

@ 1 I agree 100%, Scott Bakula is one of the nicest people I have ever met! I met him at a Star Trek convention here in Melbourne last year and he made an effort to interact with the fans as much as possible. Laughing and joking around with us while we were waiting in line for his autograph. Made sure to write a personal message for each fan and greeted each fan with a warm smile and a hand shake.

@ 7 The fact he is a nice guy and that he was Sam Beckett and Captain Jonathan Archer gives him the right to “recycle” himself as much as he likes!

I liked Trip a lot. He had a retro 50’s look that I felt put him in a timeline before TOS, and that fit well.

Scott Bakula is a class act on and off the screen/stage.

I’d love a Romularn War mini series :)

ENT season 4, best Star Trek ever (appart the finale)

It will be nice to see Bakula in action one more time.

According to the post series books of ENT that I have read, Trip is not dead. His death was faked so he could go undercover in the Romulan Star Empire. While most will not (ever) consider novels/books as canon, I lean towards that they contribute to canon so it rounds out trek lore even more. So in TOS season 1 episode BALANCE OF TERROR, perhaps humans did know what Romulans looked like….and I bet they wish they started earlier with that Romulan Ale.

i am with you guys trip is not dead

like the idea trip went undercover as a romulan

my personal theory is trip and tpol wanted to get back together however Vulcan at that time would never have aloud it so they faked his death and he changed his look to be Vulcan and moved there

A friend/former co worker of mine was up for a potential recurring role for this pilot.

Best of luck with the pilot, Scott. Light comedy is one of the few things, Archer got shortchanged with on Enterprise, and I think that’s audiences missed most from Quantum Leap. Often what was attempted didn’t fit the tone of the show, but there were some memorable moments opposite Shran (Jeffrey Combs’ Andorian). William Shatner’s Captains documentary really highlighted the chemistry, we missed out on had he accepted an offer to guest-star back in 2005.

Still hope you get a surprise cameo in the next Star Trek film, or the one after that.

13–Take a look at the Enterprise relaunch novels. You may be surprised at what you see.

I recently finished another go around of watching Enterprise. I can’t help feeling incredibly disappointed with the last episode. Braga wrote a lot of good Star Trek episodes, however it was clear by this point he had lost his mojo.

What I would have done is stick it to UPN and have a cliffhanger. I would have ended with the declaration of war on Romulus. That would have left UPN in a bit of a spot, I think.

@16 That’s a pretty entertaining idea, but I doubt it would work. There’s an approval process in place, wherein each episode’s script has to be read and OK’d by someone else.
I’m not too crazy about Scott Baluka, but I’d give it a chance; I’m definitely interested in seeing Izzard as grandpa in the Munsters reboot though. All in all, there’s actually a lot of pilots coming up that interest me, which should translate into a pretty busy new season of TV watching for me. It makes me that much more excited that my employer, DISH released the Hopper (and that I have one now) too. With its PrimeTime Anytime feature enabled, it records every show during primetime from ABC, FOX, NBC, and CBS every night. That way I should catch all the premieres and be able to check them out when it’s convenient for me. I won’t have to choose between this-or-that this season.