Happy Birthday, William Shatner

Today is William Shatner Day. A day when people the world over celebrate the birthday of a man who has been entertaining us from decades, including his time as Star Trek’s Captain Kirk. Bill turns 81 years old today and so we too at TrekMovie want to wish him a big happy birthday.


Happy Birthday to Our Captain

After Gene Roddenberry’s first pilot for Star Trek ("The Cage") was rejected he decided to try again. The biggest difference for the second pilot (“Where No Man Has Gone Before”) was a change in the Captain’s chair, with William Shatner coming aboard to star as Kirk. The second pilot worked, NBC picked up the show, and the franchise is still going more than 46 years later. So today we remember Bill, and the role that he turned into a cultural icon. This tribute video by filmakr1 gives us a nice history of Kirk’s original five year mission.

Of course Star Trek is just part of Bill’s life. TrekMovie’s resident Shatnerologist John Tenuto has put together a special photo montage of Bill’s life from childhood to today. Check it out.

Trek celebs wish Bill happy bday + help Get Shatner to 1 million followers

So far today we have a few Star Trek celebs who have wished Bill a happy birthday, including Jonathan Frakes, Simon Pegg and LeVar Burton.

And in the last week William Shatner’s wife Liz has been working on to get Bill to a million followers on Twitter. She has almost met the goal, as of now Bill has around 986 thousand followers. You can read more about her plan to "Thrill Bill With A Mil" at his official site.

How are you celebrating William Shatner day?

Don’t forget about Shatner’s World Tour

Bill is currently on the road, touring his show Shatner’s World. Tonight he is in Dallas. He will be visiting Houston, St. Louis, Cincinati, Cleveland, Columbus, Charlotte, and Detroit over the next month. Visit http://shatnersworld.com/tour for more info and tickets. Here is a promo.


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Happy Birthday, Bill!

Happy birthday, William Shatner! You’re an inspiration to us all!

Happy Birthday to the original and best Captain in all of Star Trek! Peace, good health and long life sir!

Happy Birthday Captain, may your adventures continue with joy

Happy Birthday to the best Star Trek Captain!!

81 years young! Happy Birthday William Shatner!


Happy Birthday, Mr. Shatner!

Actor, author, director, pitchman and singer–Happy birthday to the single most unforgettable performer of our generation.

Warp speed ahead, Bill. Many happy returns.

Happy Birthday Bill Shatner! Live long and prosper.

its also twitters 6 birthday

Happy Birthday Bill!

Happy Birthday William and many years in good health

“Don’t mince words, Bones. What do you really think?’

Happy Birthday, William Shatner!

I get to wish The Shat a Happy Birthday *in person*, tomorrow in Houston. Can’t beat that! :)

Since you’ve already lived long and prospered, I’ll just say Happy Birthday Mr. Shatner.

Happy Birthday Mr. Shatner! Thanks for all your great entertainment over the years. With hope of many more to come. :)

Happy Birthday, William Shatner. You are the best – the one to bring me “my captain”. Have a wonderful birthday and may you have many many more!

Happy Birthday, Mr. Shatner. I hope the year ahead is a good one for you!

Gonna go see Shatner tonight in Dallas in his one man show. Maybe tell him Happy Birthday in person. Anybody else going to be there?

Some of those old pics of Shat really do look a lot like Chris Pine.

Happy birthday, Captain!

Happy birthday bill 81 and still a legend !!!!

Happy Birthday. Hope I’m horseback riding at that age, which would be quite a trick seeing that I don’t do it now….

Im put in mind of the ending of DS9’s Trials and Tribulations… what one of us would not wish ourselves in Ben Siskos shoes to wish our Captain a very happy b-day indeed.

From one Canadian to another, have a Happy Birthday!!! You are the Greatest Captain/Police Officer/ Lawyer/Pitchman/Humanitarian.

Happy Birthday Bill! I can’t believe you’re 81, but you look great for your age! Looking forward to seeing you in more “Psych” episodes!

Happy Birthday!!!…… Mr. Shatner is awesome!!!

My first childhood hero. Happy Birthday!

LLAP, Mr.Shatner.

Bill, all the best on your birthday!

I apologize 100% for any misunderstandings we have had in the past, and hope that we can be friends moving forward.

Happy Birthday Mr. Shatner! You are by far, my favorite Captain.

Happy Birthday!!

Many Happy Returns, and thank you for the Captains film, which I greatly enjoyed.

My earliest memories are of Mysteries of the Gods, Kingdom of the Spiders and T J Hooker, along with your most icon role. Long may you continue to inspire future fans with your work.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Shatner!!

You’re an inspiration to many.


Hippy Bathday!

…..oh my….

Gene Roddenberry was indeed fortunate to have found Mr. Shatner for the Captain. There is no other actor who could have imbued Kirk with such energy and verve as he did. Even though Mr. Nimoy got most of the attention over the years, it was Mr. Shatner who did most of the heavy lifting when it came to keeping what might have been a rather turgid space opera afloat.

One can’t help but smile with fondness and remembrance at the sight of these clips. Thanks for the memories, Mr. Shatner, and a very happy birthday.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Shatner!!!

Thanks for everything you have given us by way of your performances!!

You are an inspiration!!

Happy Birthday!

Happy B-Day Captain!

Happy Birthday, Mr. Shatner!!!!

May you have another 81 years ahead of you, Bill!


Happy Birthday Mr Shatner, Oh captain, my captain!

“I feel young.” You feel it, act it, and even look it! Thanks for all the memories and the ones still to come — Happy Birthday, Bill.

Surely, the best of times.

Happy B-Day Mr.Shatner!! :) Thanks for everything!! (Namely Captain Kirk!) :)

Happy birthday!

81 is just like 18, but in the reverse order.

Happy Birthday, Bill! May you continue to boldly go where almost everyone has gone before! Live long and prosper!

Happy birthday, Shat! Surely the best of times!