Wall Built Around Star Trek Location Shooting To Prevent More Leaks

The Star Trek sequel production will be wrapping things up in May but in the 11 weeks it has been going there have been some paparazzi type photos which have leaked out from location shooting in Southern California. To try to ensure there are no more leaks, producer/director JJ Abrams has ordered the contraction of a wall of containers around the latest location shoot in order to protect its secrets. .


Great Wall of Star Trek secrecy

The website Egotastic was trying to nab some more shots of the Star Trek sequel production but they were thwarted by a wall comprised of 30 shipping containers which blocked the production from prying eyes.

Star Trek sequel’s container wall

We have already heard the actors talk about how JJ Abrams is not happy about photos from his production which have worked their way across the web and even into the mainstream press. The production had already taken many steps to ensure secrecy, including code names, strict non-disclosures, long hooded cloaks for the crew to wear (even on studio the lot) and more. The containers are just the next step.

While there have been some high-profile spy shots that have emerged from this Star Trek production, it has actually had fewer incidents than the previous production.

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