Wall Built Around Star Trek Location Shooting To Prevent More Leaks

The Star Trek sequel production will be wrapping things up in May but in the 11 weeks it has been going there have been some paparazzi type photos which have leaked out from location shooting in Southern California. To try to ensure there are no more leaks, producer/director JJ Abrams has ordered the contraction of a wall of containers around the latest location shoot in order to protect its secrets. .


Great Wall of Star Trek secrecy

The website Egotastic was trying to nab some more shots of the Star Trek sequel production but they were thwarted by a wall comprised of 30 shipping containers which blocked the production from prying eyes.

Star Trek sequel’s container wall

We have already heard the actors talk about how JJ Abrams is not happy about photos from his production which have worked their way across the web and even into the mainstream press. The production had already taken many steps to ensure secrecy, including code names, strict non-disclosures, long hooded cloaks for the crew to wear (even on studio the lot) and more. The containers are just the next step.

While there have been some high-profile spy shots that have emerged from this Star Trek production, it has actually had fewer incidents than the previous production.

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“Mr. Abrams, tear that wall down!!”

That secrecy is really a obsession of JJ, isn’t it?

Is that row of houses on the hill behind the containers on Paramount property, or are they privately owned?

I’m kind of surprised they weren’t already doing this. If I was going to go through all the trouble to keep people from seeing what I was doing, first thing I’d think of was make sure it isn’t visible from across the lot…

Why do I think many will just view this as a challenge?

Bit extreme isn’t it? Never thought it was a big deal

It’s nice getting a taste of something to look forward too

But I do get that they don’t want any more out

This makes me wonder if the script is bad? What’s the deal with not even letting us know who the villain is and the plot? Are they that bad? I mean if they are really gearing the new Trek for a new generation of fans, do they know the old Trek fans are going to hate it and they fear the blacklash?

Cool! Now the photogs can climb on top of them and get even better shots!

Sorry I should have said synopsis instead of plot. A synopsis doesn’t have many spoilers than a plot right?

Obviously this production is self-contained.


All we need is someone 8ft 8in to peek over the wall…..

Wonder what Peter Mayhew [sp] is doing these days….


Does it really mean that much to him that we know nothing? Come on, J.J., respect the fans, I don’t want to know the whole story, but the basic plot would silence me up real quick.

Take TDKR for example. They just released a paragraph long plot summary, no longer than 4 sentences, and that’s enough for me. I know who’s in it, who they are, and the set-up to get me interested, but I don’t know who these characters are, what they will do, how they fit in, or what will happen to them, and that’s fine enough for me. I am now really excited and will read nothing more.

We’ve had nothing for years. Please, honor our loyalty with a little respect

Now if we could just secure our border… lol

I’m glad there trying to contain the spoilers as best they can. Those containers were probably pretty cheap to rent.

contraction of a wall? Or Construction?
Contraction, construction, oh let’s call the whole thing off.

But I thought JJ was just pretending to be unhappy but really is very worried about keeping internet posters happy with lots of fake leaks.

Ummm…JJ? That’s a bit too much.

Well, that’s one way to ensure secrecy.

kind of looks like the dockyard set for the pilot episode of ‘Firefly.’

I said this on the Spiner thread when it originally came up. Just transfer it here:

Building the Great Wall of Shipping Containers is a waste of effort. Mental and physical energy was used on it’s inception and realization that might have been better spent on actual film-making.

My point was that spy pics are going to happen if you are filming outdoors or on location. Other directors have accepted or even embraced it to some degree and avoided the distraction. It is my hope that JJ doesn’t allow himself to be caught up in trying to be so secretive that he loses focus on the real prize of making the best Star Trek movie that he can.


The less we know the better tbh. I mean I loved it last time when we pieced together the story, but when I sat down to watch the film there was no real surprises. While I’d love to know what the new film is all about, I’ll love it even more if I don’t know much about it when it is released. and really, filming finishes in May? Wow, earlier than I realised.

It’s part of the movie

#21 Good point maybe JJ thought we were able to piece together the film and that their were too many spoilers and he doesn’t want that to happen this time. However, is letting us know who the villain is and a synopsis considered spoilers?

Well Obviously the spoilers are being stored in those containers until at the moment proclaimed by the great JJ they will be set free. Obviously

I’VE GOT IT – the picture’s over budget, and the shooting is taking place INSIDE the containers! *nyuk*nyuk*nyuk*

Paparazzi on stilts coming next

I wonder if it would be possible to sneak into one of those containers under cover of darkness, live in them for several days, drill some tiny holes in the sides and insert a small fiberoptic lens…
Well, it worked in “Inside Man.”

That won’t prevent lens flares!

Yeah, jeez, it never thought of that…………..only J.J. could create lens flares inside a pitch dark shipping container. LOL

This is just yet another 2 hour movie, right? What is the big deal?

“We saw a costume!” “We saw an actor!”

What is the consequence? Everyone who is going to see it when it comes out will still see it.

Production crew sure has some weird priorities about what matters in the world. This is why America is stuck with the situation it’s stuck in.

More concerned about celebrity interaction than things that actually affect your daily life.


Why do you wonder if the script could be bad, Craiger? It’s written by the guys who brought us the first two Transformers movies and Cowboys and Aliens. How could it possibly be bad…?

J.J. Abrams is a TOOL!

Well, that’s about as non-descript of a location as you will find in SoCal. Wonder how much it cost to get those homeowners up on the hill to not rent their patio for some long range shots….

Well, I don’t want to know the plot. But I do enjoy seeing the pics. It wets my appetite and I can’t wait to see the film, especially if there’s an actor I like (insert Benedict Cumberbatch here).

Kirk “Scotty engage the Cloaking Device NOW!” Scotty ” Captin I can’t the damn thing is broken but I have 30 shipping containers that might work!” Kirk “DO IT DO IT DO IT!

J.J. is ridiculous…

I’d be more interested in seeing some pics of Peter Weller and the other supporting cast, if I wanted to get more a of a vibe for the movie.

Still don’t even know the NAME of this movie. I mean, come on. Throw us a bone.

Oh my… this is so EPIC……. ;-) :-)

Who cares if people see stuff early? Those who don’t want to see it don’t have to look. Abrams is a dingus.

Bull! Those are Botany Bay storage containers! This confirms Khan! See I told you!

Oh well, at least the leaks helped a few people get some more hours… good for the economy lol…

Really miss @boborci popping in here from time to time. Seems like its been forever since we heard something from him.

Finally! A nice secure place to store all those ‘shippers!

The more this goes on, the more interest I lose in this film.

Of course, if you allow holes for air… they’d only use ’em for peeping. :)

Walls? Eh. Use a drone.

@ Bob Orci, please talk to JJ about this.

JJ, spend the money on some decent props, bring back that classic phaser II.

RC controlled camera, indeed.

If they don’t let anything little out, something huge will eventually leak from within due to demand and overblown secrecy. Remember being a teenager? If it’s “off limits” it is even more desirable…

He (and Paramount and the production, presumably) doesn’t want the making of the film leaked before it’s finished — it doesn’t mean the script is bad, it doesn’t mean he’s afraid of fan outrage over something in the film, it doesn’t mean he’s a dingus, or crazy, or a tyrant or, certainly, anything else about the situation society is in. Hell, are we as outraged that we can’t see the next iphone, a year before it’s released?

It’s not just curious, fan-lovin’ do-gooders who take these spy photos — they’re doing it to make a bunch of money.

Tnere’s no public good/interest/news value in knowing the details of a movie that’ll be out next year.heck, there’s no public interest/news value in telephoto spy shots of celebrites at the grocery store or on the beach.

Is seeing the actors standing around on their breaks or picking their noses or whatever really of any benefit, even to fans? Heck, if you want to see the making-of, or candid shots from filming — wait for the making-of book and DVD extras.

Not only that, but all the news about the secrecy is great publicity.