Watch Brent Spiner In ‘Fresh Hell’ Season 2, Episode 1

The second season of the comedy webseries Fresh Hell starring Star Trek: TNG’s Brent Spiner has arrived. In the first episode Spiner returns to the role of an alternative version of himself who is struggling with life after "the incident." You never know surprises can happen as "Brent" tries to figure out how he can scrape together the money to start a new career teaching porn stars how to act. Watch it below.


Episode 1 of Season 2 of Fresh Hell

Season two kicks off right were season one left off. Here it is…

If you missed it, you can catch up on season one on the FreshHellSeries page on YouTube.

And don’t forget to read TrekMovie’s exclusive interview with Brent about "Fresh Hell" and more.

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I miss Next Gen!

Nice seeing Brett is still keeping active, even if it is on a web series!

Why does he sound exactly like Kal Penn? 1:45-2:00.


Loved the episode. You should watch it #angelboobs

I just love these episodes. The angst implied here makes it all the funnier – great stuff Brent. Stan would have loved it.

“Trek Nation: The Legacy of Gene Roddenberry” – on Science Channel tonight – 9 to 11p.m .PDT

Not as funny as season one so far but I loved the cliffhanger! Looking forward to episode 2!

I like these snippets. They are generally funny.

Plus, Dakota is a total hottie.

1. MC1 Doug

It’s ‘Brent’, not Brett! You’d better go back to Star Fleet Academy, homeboy!

Great ep! Dakotah / Lois is so cute!

Good to note that their quality has gone up a notch (sound especially). The format also lets them do segments that hand together, not stretch or contract to accomodate commerical breaks.

One thing I especially like is that this is NOT being treated as a “sitcom” where the characters are trading artificially “witty” barbs.

But I have to say I liked the Season One opening credits better.

Brent’s web series is great!

Hmm. For some reason my mention of Brent Spiner’s Pre-Trek (1985) guest starring bit on “Hill Street Blues” did not make it to the list. Did I perhaps run afoul of an automated filter for using a “bad word”?

I was attempting to point out that the story element involving the adult film industry was interesting in light of Mr. Spiner’s early acting turn playing a director in that field. Perhaps the new shields held against the particular word (which Brent and others use in Dakota’s “job description”).