Pegg Remains Mum On Star Trek Sequel Plot + Poll: Too Much Trek Secrecy

This week we reported that director JJ Abrams has literally erected a wall around location shooting on the Star Trek sequel. And in the latest comment from Simon Pegg (aka the new Scotty) shows that this quest to maintain the film experience has been "installed" into the actors as well. See Pegg’s latest comment below and sound off in our new poll on Star Trek’s secrecy.


Pegg remains mum about Star Trek plot

While talking to Total Film about his upcoming thriller A Fantastic Fear Of Everything, the mag tried to get something out of him on the Star Trek sequel currently in production. Here is all Simon had to offer:

"It’s all about space….It’s about the final frontier. And the one before it. I know it’s boring, but one thing JJ installed in all of us is the importance of giving the audience everything they can get from the experience itself."

Apparently Pegg is so enamored with JJ’s total secrecy approach, that he plans to apply it to the final film in his "Three Flavors of Cornetto" trilogy. The follow up to Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz titled The World’s End is set to shoot later this year, but Pegg says that we shouldn’t expect leaks from that set either, noting:

“When we do World’s End we’re not going to do blogs from the set, which we did with Hot Fuzz and Paul, because we want to maintain some mystique."

Pegg’s interview for A Fantastic Fear Of Everything (opening on 8 June 2012) will appear in a future issue of Total Film.

By the way, Pegg will be appearing on Conan on Tuesday.

Simon Pegg in "Star Trek" – not talking about sequel


POLL: Too much secrecy?



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I like how Pegg comes across like a fanboy. Good for him!

Over in the live chat someone said that Aint It Cool News says Cumberbatch looks like a catlike otter in the leaked photos and the person in live chat thought maybe a Kzinti?

I wonder if the sequel is based on the Kzinti? I found this at Memory Alpha. I know the Animated Series isn’t canon but maybe they based the sequel on this?

In 2269, Dr. Keniclius 5 cited the Kzinti’s ongoing rivalry with Earth as a reason for the necessity of eugenics experiments to improve the human breed. (TAS: “The Infinite Vulcan”)

I think Abrams’ level of Super Nuclear Secrecy is a bit much. Like, don’t spoil everything, and I don’t even need blogs, but an official set and/or character photo wouldn’t hurt. Like as soon as Dark Knight Rises Catwoman photos leaked, bam!, Warner Brothers & Nolan post a very nice looking official one later.

There’s a fine line between enticing the audience, revealing too much that the experience itself is ruined, and holding so much back that you start to actively aggravate fans. They’ve been shooting a new Star Trek movie for over two months now or so, would a picture of just somebody sitting at the bridge really destroy the moviegoing experience?

#3: Like.

#3 it just shows how full of himself he is…muwahahahahaaaaa!

Aside from a few spy pics and confirmation from the cast that they’re shooting, it feels like there is no movie. I know that’s ridiculous, but it would be nice to have an official photo or two. Guess we’ll have to wait for shooting to wrap!

Shaun of the Dead. Sorry, pet peeve.

@1 Harry Ballz:

“I like how Pegg comes across like a fanboy. Good for him!”

Pegg very much is a fanboy, though much more so for STAR WARS than Trek. In his recent showbiz memoir he goes on page after page about his love for the first triogy, and awesome disappointment in THE PHANTOM MENACE, while mentioning the 2009 blockbuster he co-starred in not once.

I thought the movie Paul was funny.


Kzin would be a nice species, but I’d be willing to wait (and wait, and wait, and wait, ad infinitum) to a (**sigh**) movie about the Known Space universe: Puppeteers, Kzin, Outsiders, Bandersnatchi (big sigh) and/or the last of the Pak.

A hat tip to Known Universe species – or planets (We Made It, Jinx, Canyon) – wouldn’t be so bad, however.

I dunno, one part of me wants to go into the next movie without knowing every plot point and emotional moment in advance so I can be properly thrilled, chilled, and spilled, and the other part of me wants to know everything about everything NOW!

Ah, the endless balancing act of the fanboy… :)

Its one thing to give away tidbits of info via pictures and whatnot, but the movie trailers, themselves, give away more then should be expected.

The final trailer of the first movie gave away too much of the movie. Kirk’s origins, the destruction of the Kelvin, Spocks meltdown, etc.

The better trailers are the ones that give you abstract images that make you wonder..wha? huh? whats that? Maybe after the movie has opened awhile do you show more and talk more about the movie plot.

You know, the very first teaser trailer featured the construction of the Enterprise, with quotes from JFK and Eisenhower, alongside Leonard Nimoy’s monologue. It had the tagline, “Under Construction”.

Maybe they can do something similar this time around. Have shots of the Enterprise undergoing repairs in Spacedock, with a few more famous quotes, and Chris Pine delivering the monologue at the end.

With the tagline “The Adventure Continues”

Well. I think a little bit is ok. But don’t give to much away. Mist of the movie going public will be good with what ever is given. But we hard core Trek fans go crazy with any thing. I just can’t wait to see the Trailors. They will be a lot of fun to pick apart.

Don’t give away too much, but please give us just a tiny bit of something at ComiCon. Even if it’s not a teaser trailer, just a panel with some bits of info would be amazing. I’m still nervous about the plot for this upcoming movie. I want it to be great!

I voted… “OK – but how about just a little morsel”… and is everything I can talk about it… ;-) :-)

i so agree with the comments please don’t spoil it by giving loads away however a few pictures here and there so instead of rubbish pictures leaked on line we can see some great pictures which you can control

IMHO…the occasional morsel is what builds anticipation and keeps us coming back to sites like this. But I definitely don’t want to know major plot points ahead of time. I want the full experience of the unknown at that first midnight showing.

I like to know enough to know that Abrams has not screwed things up much more than he already had but other than that I don’t like to know everything.


Let it go already! If you want the Prime Universe, well, you’ve got hundreds of hours of it on dvd/blu-ray, and thousands of books and comics to enjoy.

I’m as curious as anyone regarding what’s going on, but it’s tempered by the simple fact that J.J. is not required to show us anything beforehand. He is no more bound to show his cards than we are entitled to see them, and vice versa. Admittedly, he may be fighting a losing battle (against fan self-entitlement, among other things) but I guess it can’t be said that J.J. wouldn’t go down swinging.

No, I think more is better. For example, I am far more excited about The Hobbit mostly because of Peter Jackson’s video blogs. They really get me stoked about the movie. Also, those spy pics and video of this Trek movie get me a little more interested in it.

I want to know a movie is good before I spend my $20 on seeing it theaters. I don’t have a lot of cash to waste on crappy movies.

JJ,look,I love ya man but you need to take a chill pill!! We need something every now and again to keep us excited and ready. Well,we’ve been ready for,like,years now but still;give us a little bit to chew on please!

I accidently tweeted the identity of the bad guy but managed to erase it before anyone saw it.

Keep it up, JJ! Build those container walls higher! I don’t want to know shit about this film until the day I buy my ticket and watch it for the first time. AND, I don’t need to see some “super secret” pics taken by some unemployed fanboy loser (who probably rips open his X-mas presents on the 19th of December every year) with a telephoto lens from half a mile away to get me to get ramped up about this film. The first movie should be a primer for you folks to know that JJ and his crew won’t let us down, not “Awwww, no more fuzzy distance pics of gray-collared uniforms???? THAT’S UNFAIR, JJ!!!” Oh, and JJ, if you’re listening, more lens flares! LOL!!




You can always avoid this site if you don’t want any tidbits, info, pix, etc.

Just sayin’…

Hey Bob Orci. Who was it?. Oh I know. Bob Orci is the real and I mean Real! bad guy of all of Star Trek. Oh it’s True. Right Bob.

Hey Ryan. As MCcoy would say. You have pointed out the obvious.
But. Some people. Well. They are just not as smart as you or I.

Sorry to hear about you accidently tweeting the identity of the bad guy Bob.Good catch….What was it again that you managed to erase? hahaha


How can someone “accidently” tweet something??

Sounds about as plausible as that Italian cruise ship captain who said he tripped and fell into a lifeboat when the ship was sinking!

Could it be…MONGO?? :-)

Here’s an analogy. [And, I pray this is not viewed as sexist because I am not.]

In terms of creating excitement, I think a stripper who is on a stage to strip is less interesting just standing there with clothes on, doing nothing, than one who reveals a small measured amount, a little bit at a time. The more revealed, the more exciting the strip becomes. Each reveal, builds excitement.

Not asking for JJ to show us everything, just a little skin. LOL. What you show, and don’t show is how you build excitement. Showing nothing does not. I don’t think Abrams understands this. Revealing nothing could have the opposite effect and create frustration and boo’s rather than the intended suspense and interest.

Was Bob being sarcastic? Or did he actually tweet the bad guy? Bob why all the secrecy on the bad guy? Don’t you know we know the bad guys of the superhero movies coming out this Summer and I don’t think that spoils them?

I am like Sheldon on BBT sometimes I don’t get sarcasm.

Don’t feel bad, Bob. Anthony Weiner did something similar, and things worked out for him, right?

Regarding the secrecy:

I feel like I knew too much about the first movie before I actually saw it, particularly how Spock Prime played into it, and how the old timeline worked with the new timeline. Part of that was unavoidable because of fan confusion and outcry over fear of our favorite franchise being ruined, and part of it was because the trailers all made the movie seem like a rock’em-sock’em action flick with little to do with Star Trek.

As for the photos of the new movie that have been leaked, I felt like these were good “morsels” to show us. It shows us 2 or 3 people in at some location, that thanks to the reliance on special effects, we can’t even tell what it was. (Trying to be vague here in case anybody didn’t want to look at the pictures and be spoiled) I have little idea what this scene is about. There’s some sort of conflict. If this movie had no conflict it would be bland, so that’s no spoiler there.

Now if, as it happened, that scene was the climax of the movie, I might spend most of the movie waiting for the scene I saw in the photos knowing it has to happen eventually, then when they get to a similar looking structure, I’d have some idea who will and will not be present. So that might be a little distracting, but overall I still don’t know what to make of the thing.

People commented on the new uniforms. I think this is something they should actually go out of their way to advertise. The Dark Knight pretty much bragged about the new Batman suit. It’s a physical detail that we can focus on and get excited about that doesn’t tell us much about the plot. In the case of TDK, it told us nothing; we didn’t even know if they were going to explain the change (they did). In the case of Trek, they may have to tell us a little more if the uniforms are situational, but I think they could get away with being vague without ruining anything.

Malapropism Alert: “instilled” not “installed” Simon

The secrecy isn’t that big of a deal. I think people just want to be in Tue 3rd act of the pre-release. We want teasers and full trailers to analyze and press junket interviews to watch where even if they don’t talk about he story, they talk in depth about their characters. Most importantly, we want a title to discuss. So yea, the secrecy is fine (especially compared to the latter trek films Where I could watch Access Hollywood or a long trailer and get the full plot). I just want more “stuff” to feast on.

Oh and I’m not a bad speller. This evil “smart” phone just thinks it knows what I’m really wanting to type. One day I’m sure it’ll try to assimilate me.

Wait, you can erase Tweets? Crap, if I only knew that before I got busted….

I don’t want to know everything, in fact, I don’t want more than a few pictures and whatnot. I don’t need to know plot!

It might sound ridiculous, but it just seems cold and unfriendly to put up a freaking wall of trailers. No, JJ isn’t required to share anything, but putting up a blockade sends just as strong a message as “Here’s a photo of Kirk and Spock” or some other established fact that wouldn’t be spoiler-y. (Kirk and Spock are in the next film, right? =p)

I don’t necessarily feel *entitled*, just the fact that someone is willing to go so far to deny people of a possible unauthorized image that might not necessarily even be a spoiler is just…nutty.

BTW: Speaking of JJ’s secrecy, I like how boborci is doing an Enders Game production blog on Tumblr. Heh, JJ should take notes.

Ender’s Game was a great series, I’m interested to see the film adaptation.

@ 3. Bucky – “…would a picture of just somebody sitting at the bridge really destroy the moviegoing experience?”

I agree 100%! We all know Spock has pointed ears, we know who the main actors are, we know what the Enterprise looks like in orbit, etc… so just a little taste would go a long way to building excitement…
On the other hand, when the first ‘official” photos come out there will be a massive spike in fan activity! And perhaps that is the buzz JJ wants.

22. VZX

I have ABSOLUTELY NO interest in seeing any of those video blogs. I hate when too much information comes out… why bother see the movie then?? Movie trailers give too much away as it is.

I don’t understand people that want to see everything about a movie before it even comes out. Where is the magic? Sometimes you go to see a movie and it is crap… sometimes you go and it is great. I have actually gone to the box office after half hour of sitting in a crappy movie and got my money back.

This whole Peter Jackson video blog is to try and raise interest so people will see the movie. There is hardly any talk about the Hobbit movies and the video blogs are the only thing getting people to talk about the movie.

With the Trek movie, even without “leaks”, people are talking… talking about why JJ is being so secretive, who this person is, why they won’t leak anything, etc.

Way to go JJ… keep up the great work!

42. Ok, Paul, to each his own, then. You don’t have to watch the blogs, but millions do.

Trailers are supposed to sell the movie by letting audiences know what the movie is about. Case in point: John Carter. The trailers (as with the entire marketing) failed to let the world know what the film was about. Now the John Carter movie will not even cross the $100 mill mark.

I can’t afford to just see any movie. It’s great you got your money back, where I live they’d just laugh at you for asking….

I’ve seen a lot of “just a taste, JJ” or “just a morsel, JJ” comments in the last few posts since I’ve posted my last. Just a “taste” or “morsel”? What is this….a crack users rehab meeting? The movie posters and the trailer should be the only “taste” someone “needs”. Ah, I remember the heady days of 1977 when all Star Wars had was their trailer and movie poster. No “spoilers’ from an “inside source” No “from the set” videos. No chump with a long-range lens taking pics to satisfy….whatever they’re out to satisfy. For those who beg for a “one picture of the bridge won’t hurt anything” argument……if that’s the case then what’s next? More of the bridge? A pic of the new uniform wouldn’t hurt, right? A pic of the new enemy’s uniform, right? That wouldn’t hurt. How about a pic of the new engine room. That wouldn’t spoil anything,…..right? How about a pic of a new fight scene or how about a pic of the final fight at the end when the enemy gets killed? That wouldn’t spoil anything……right? Right.

And for those who easily comment “you don’t have to come here”. That’s correct, however, I didn’t click on this thread to see spoilers. In fact, I clicked on it to read how Simon Pegg is adopting an experienced director’s (JJ’s) take on privacy for his project. Get that…”his” project. A work of art, if you will. Not to have his work of art “spoiled” by someone who can’t wait to find out EVERYTHING they can about a movie made by someone who wants to keep it a surprise. These comments by me are in reply to the “let’s see some pics” comments by others.

Ask yourselves this: Would you spoil the surprise by barging in on your wife-to-be just before she walks down the aisle? Would you rip open your X-Mas gifts just as your folks place them under the tree? If your children were preparing a surprise B-Day cake for you, and you knew about it as most parents do, would you burst in to spoil their surprise because you just HAD to know what the cake looked like? Would you tell them “Well, spoilers never bothered me…..and I don’t like chocolate!”

I would hope not. Come on, folks, let JJ have his secrecy. When the flik comes out, go with your buddies, or family and enjoy the ride! It’s better that way. Trust me. If you don’t like the flik when you see it, get your money back. I’ve done that in the past. Works fine.

43. VZX

First off, it’s Cineplex policy that if a customer is not happy with the movie that they will refund their money.

Secondly, John Carter is not doing well because of the marketing and because the movie title does not give a person any idea what the movie is. Who is John Carter? The original title for the books is “John Carter of Mars.” I saw the movie, extremely well done.

Lastly, trailers are meant to tease the movie to audiences. To intrigue them so they will go see what the movie is. Trailers are not meant to give away the movie.

Oh, and, millions??? I beg to differ. Um, more like a couple tens of thousands. Millions do not watch the video blogs.

The bean counters at Disney decided to drop “Mars” from “John Carter” because they feared a repeat of “Mars Needs Moms”, which was a total flop at the box office. So the fact that JC bombed is merely an inadvertent, unintentional, and ironic self-fulfilled prophecy caused by some suit at Disney causing the very same disaster he/she was supposedly trying to avoid. Kind of like how Anakin Skywalker turned to the dark side of the force to save Padme from the very same fate he ends up bestowing upon her in the end. It would have made more money (if not recoup its cost) had better marketing been in place.

You know, I think when JC hits Blu Ray, I might just check it out. The reviews on this site from several posters have been more positive than those of a number of critics.

BTW, I forgot to mention that Disney somehow blamed the lack of success of “Mars Needs Moms” on the fact that “Mars” was in the title, as opposed the fact that most people who saw the movie thought it was terrible, and that word of mouth spread.