Happy Birthday, Leonard Nimoy

Late March is always a special time for Star Trek fans as just days after celebrating the birthday of William Shater we then celebrate the Birthday of Leonard Nimoy, born just four days after his friend Bill. Today Mr. Nimoy turns 81 and we here at TrekMovie wish him the happiest of birthdays.


Wishing Leonard Nimoy Happy Birthday is Only Logical

As Star Trek fans we cannot fail to recognize the impact the man has had on the franchise we love so much. He was there at the beginning, and his was the only character carried over from the original pilot "The Cage." His Mr. Spock became iconic with the franchise and from the beginning he was helping shape the character, as this video interview demostrates.

Mr. Nimoy then helped shape the success of the franchise in the 80s by directing two of the successful Star Trek films of that decade (Star Trek II and Star Trek IV). And Star Trek IV was the most successful Star Trek film until 2009 with JJ Abrams Star Trek, a film again relied on Mr. Nimoy’s Spock to bridge the gap and help re-launch the franchise for yet another generation. This video shows how Mr. Nimoy helped bridge that gap with the new Mr. Spock, Zachary Quinto.

But of course there is much more to Mr. Nimoy than Mr. Spock. He is an accomplished photographer, director, actor, writer and more. This video features Mr. Nimoy talking about some of the highlights of his career.

Trek celebs join the b-day wishes

Star Trek co-stars and vets are also wishing Mr. Nimoy a happy birthday today including Twitter wishes from William Shatner, Jeri Ryan, Brent Spiner and Nichelle Nichols.

And Mr. Nimoy has expressed his thanks for all those wishing him a happy birthday on Twitter.

Don’t forget about Nimoy as ‘Tiny Spock’ on this week’s Big Bang Theory

Leonard Nimoy comes out of retirement again this week, providing the voice of Sheldon’s Mr. Spock action figure in this weeks The Big Bang Theory.

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first…happy bday

Happy birthday sir….

Happy birthday to actor, author, director, philanthropist, and photographer Leonard Nimoy. Wishing you many more happy and healthy years, sir!

Mr. Nimoy gave Star Trek the gravitas it sorely needed. Happy Birthday to a legend, and I hope many more.

Happy B’day!

It would not be logical, to not wish such a happy birthday to such a great man

Shouldn’t it be Star Trek III,, not II?

I don’t think Trek would have endured without becoming a cheese-fest if it were not for this particular actor. He was one of the deep thinkers of the cast, and I think that Trek producers knew they would not have Nimoy on board for STTMP or WOK if they didn’t provide half-way decent stories. Those two movies set to course for the rest of the TOS cast movies (except “Star Trek V,” which, unfortunately, Shatner was allowed to run with). All the best Trek movies had Nimoy’s hand in them.

So, Happy Birthday, Leonard Nimoy…and thanks.

Happy birthday mr nimoy 81 and still looking good !! Have a great day LLAP PALL !!!!

Simply the Best. Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Sir.

Live long and prosper.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Nimoy.

Live Long & Prosper Mr. Nimoy!!

Happy Birthday, Mr. Nimoy!

Many happy returns Mr Nimoy – literally!!

Happiest of birthdays sir….and many more

Indeed, a very happy birthday!

Happy Birthday, Mr. Nimoy!

The day my daughter met you last August at the Las Vegas convention was the best day of her life. You signed her favorite Star Trek novel.

You have made many people happy, young and old.


Happy Birthday Leonard Nimoy. A man who created a character that changed my life.

Happy Birthday, Mr Nimoy.

i didn’t realise you directed II and not III – i must have had a small cerebral vascular accident in the early 80’s….;)

you truly are living long and prospering!

@20. Yeah, huh? Nick Meyer directed II (Khan) and VI (Duh Klingons). Nimoy directed III (We knew Nimoy was back at first, but not necessarily Spock) and IV (Duh Whales). Wise directed I (Duh Boring One), and Shatner did V (The One That Wasn’t Really Finished).

It was 3,not 2 he directed. Live long and prosper,sir.

Happy Birthday! You’re a true Trek hero.

Happy birthday Mr. Nimoy! Thanks for all the years of entertainment. May there be many more to come.

how fitting, they showed the two-parter “Unification” this past weekend on BBC America. Happy birthday Mr. Nimoy. You definitely are my favorite of all the Trek actors!

Happy birthday, Mr. Nimoy! You have been a guiding force in my life!

Happy birthday to a thoughtful guy and class act.

Happy Birthday, Leonard. Let’s see. Let’s say this in a different way. Have an extended and satisfying life.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Nimoy!… LLAP

;-) :-)

His ongoing mission: to continue to live long and prosper….

Happy Birthday, Leonard Nimoy. Meeting him in person at Comic Con in ’09 was a great thrill. He was a very gracious man! ;-)

Live long and Prosper Leonard Nimoy

All the best, Mr. Nimoy. All the best.

Happy Birthday , Mr Nimoy!

Happy Birthday to a talented, inspiring and dignified actor and human being. I’ve long admired Nimoy beyond what he’s done in Star Trek, but will always have an abiding love for Spock.

Best of birthdays to Mr. Nimoy! He shows up frequently in several 1950s shows now running in my area. He sure played some great crooks (and other parts) before he put on ears. Paid some dues.

Merry Shatner and a Happy Nimoy!

Talk about timing.

Hope you both have many, many more happy, healthy birthdays full of the kinds of wonderful accomplishments that make us proud.

@35. You should check him out in Sea Hunt eps! Just swim trunks, the whole episode sometimes.

Just a few:

Happy Birthday! I enjoy sharing the same birthday with you! :)

Leonard Nimoy was on Star Trek?

i’m waiting for my copy of “Spock Is Me”

Happy Birthday!

There is no more complex relationship between a star and his fans than that between Leonard Nimoy and his. And none more long-lived.
Following Mr. Nimoy has led us to where…we wouldn’t normally go:
To Jean Genet, to Broadway, to MassMOCA.
Happy Birthday, Mr. Nimoy and thanks for thinking as highly of your fans as we do of you.

Mr. Nimoy, you’ve been leading a creative and eclectic life that amazes us in the same way you created an iconic character that in wearing a blue uniform launched it all and in sitting in a director’s chair saved it all.
The happiest of birthdays, sir!

LIving long and prospering, love it!! Happy Birthday!

Happy B-day Mr.Nimoy!! Thank you for all your wonderful work though the years! :)

Happy birthday Mr. Nimoy! May you keep living and prospering for many, many years to come!!! :-)

Peace and Love to you and yours Mr. Nimoy, and to all.

A true classic you are, Mr. Nimoy! Happy Birthday! And many more to come I’m sure!

Mr. Nimoy is as unique a character as is Mr. Spock. There are more talented actors, but in some ways, maybe few as accomplished. Looking back over the last 40-some years, it isn’t hard to pick another actor who might have played almost any given role as well as whomever was cast. Yet, I can’t picture anyone else making Spock ‘work’ as he did. It would have been so easy to screw it up (you had to have someone who would take the role very seriously, but who could do it without being utterly wooden; someone very nuanced–not to mention one who could smile without smiling). Nimoy engendered a character who got into the hearts and heads of thousands of kids, and adults, and remained there–long and prospering life, indeed!

Happy birthday, Sir, with gratitude, appreciation, and best wishes.

It is late in the day, but still wishing a very happy birthday to Mr. Nimoy. All the best.

I must do this before this day is over:

Happy 81st birthday, Mr. Nimoy. Thank you equally for both Spock and Paris; I admit there were a few moments where I started liking the latter more than the former, but that’s the way it goes.

So thanks again Mr. Nimoy for all the parts you have played and everything you have done in the past 81 years. Live long and prosper! \\//

I grock Spock.

And I grimoy Nimoy.