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Vengeance! Emotion! Pain! Suffering! A Vulcan craves not these things… Or do they? Why would Vulcans, an emotionless race, seek vengeance on those that destroyed their home world? It must be logical… right? These are the questions being addressed in Star Trek #7, the latest issue of the ongoing comic series set in the new movie universe – which is due in comic book stores today. The “Vulcan’s Vengance” storyline is the first original story for the series, find out how it works out in the TrekMovie review.




This seventh issue of IDW’s ongoing series presents the first half of the first original storyline in the series. After three tales retelling Original Series stories, Mike Johnson and Roberto Orci have finally graced us with an original tale in the new timeline.

Following on from the movie, the story carries on organically from the previous tales presented in the ongoing comic series. Spock and Kirk have become much more comfortable with each other and the interactions the crew have are reminiscent of those exhibited by the original TV crew. Of course, there’s a mystery at hand, and it seems that Vulcans are involved. And they want to know about the Narada. But what exactly are they up to?

This is the first original story seen, and the first one that has nothing to do with the Original Series. As it draws entirely from the movie, it allows a glimpse behind the curtain and lets us see a little bit of what is going on outside of the insular world of the Enterprise. Despite the action sequences, this issue really feels like it is setting up a major event in the next one, and that’s a good thing. This is the original story in the comics that readers have been waiting for.

Some of the previous issues had enough divergences to feel a bit like original tales, but this story goes whole hog and presents a tale not seen before in Star Trek. The twists that come in the last few pages of the issue set up the sequel nicely, and hopefully the writers take the opportunity to present more original stories as the series leads up to the second movie.

Apparently Kirk sucks at 3D chess, no matter which timeline he’s in…
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Joe Phillips is the artist on this issue, having taken over from Stephen Molnar. Due to their work together on issues 3 and 4, the transition is seamless (not counting Joe Corroney’s work on the "Operation: Annihilate" storyline, of course). The faces are a bit more recognizable than Molnar’s solo work was, but the space scenary suffers a bit in comparison. This issue has scenes on planet, on the Enterprise, and on a Vulcan vessel, and Phillips copes with all of them really well.

John Rauch and Neil Uyetake continue to do the colors and letters, as they have for every issue in the series thus far. The color spectrum in this issue varies by setting, and with the diversity, there is a strong color distinction between each of these settings. The combat scenes allow for some effects, but some of the effects seem oddly silent.

They may look cool and futuristic, but the Enterprise is way bigger. Like it’s compensating for something… (click to enlarge)


The primary cover is, like all of the other issues in the series, provided by Tim Bradstreet. The style continues to be the same, based around the Starfleet delta. This one evokes the movie nicely, complete with a throwback to Nero, Spock, and Sarek from the film. There are two retailer incentive covers this month, the first is a black and white version of the main cover, and the second is a photo cover of Uhura.

Covers for "Star Trek Ongoing #7"
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Available today

Originally Star Trek Ongoing #7 was to be released last week but it was delayed so it should be available in comic stores today. You can order it and future issues from the series from TFAW.

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And to catch up you can pick up the just released trade paperback which collects the first four issues.


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