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Vengeance! Emotion! Pain! Suffering! A Vulcan craves not these things… Or do they? Why would Vulcans, an emotionless race, seek vengeance on those that destroyed their home world? It must be logical… right? These are the questions being addressed in Star Trek #7, the latest issue of the ongoing comic series set in the new movie universe – which is due in comic book stores today. The “Vulcan’s Vengance” storyline is the first original story for the series, find out how it works out in the TrekMovie review.




This seventh issue of IDW’s ongoing series presents the first half of the first original storyline in the series. After three tales retelling Original Series stories, Mike Johnson and Roberto Orci have finally graced us with an original tale in the new timeline.

Following on from the movie, the story carries on organically from the previous tales presented in the ongoing comic series. Spock and Kirk have become much more comfortable with each other and the interactions the crew have are reminiscent of those exhibited by the original TV crew. Of course, there’s a mystery at hand, and it seems that Vulcans are involved. And they want to know about the Narada. But what exactly are they up to?

This is the first original story seen, and the first one that has nothing to do with the Original Series. As it draws entirely from the movie, it allows a glimpse behind the curtain and lets us see a little bit of what is going on outside of the insular world of the Enterprise. Despite the action sequences, this issue really feels like it is setting up a major event in the next one, and that’s a good thing. This is the original story in the comics that readers have been waiting for.

Some of the previous issues had enough divergences to feel a bit like original tales, but this story goes whole hog and presents a tale not seen before in Star Trek. The twists that come in the last few pages of the issue set up the sequel nicely, and hopefully the writers take the opportunity to present more original stories as the series leads up to the second movie.

Apparently Kirk sucks at 3D chess, no matter which timeline he’s in…
(click to enlarge)


Joe Phillips is the artist on this issue, having taken over from Stephen Molnar. Due to their work together on issues 3 and 4, the transition is seamless (not counting Joe Corroney’s work on the "Operation: Annihilate" storyline, of course). The faces are a bit more recognizable than Molnar’s solo work was, but the space scenary suffers a bit in comparison. This issue has scenes on planet, on the Enterprise, and on a Vulcan vessel, and Phillips copes with all of them really well.

John Rauch and Neil Uyetake continue to do the colors and letters, as they have for every issue in the series thus far. The color spectrum in this issue varies by setting, and with the diversity, there is a strong color distinction between each of these settings. The combat scenes allow for some effects, but some of the effects seem oddly silent.

They may look cool and futuristic, but the Enterprise is way bigger. Like it’s compensating for something… (click to enlarge)


The primary cover is, like all of the other issues in the series, provided by Tim Bradstreet. The style continues to be the same, based around the Starfleet delta. This one evokes the movie nicely, complete with a throwback to Nero, Spock, and Sarek from the film. There are two retailer incentive covers this month, the first is a black and white version of the main cover, and the second is a photo cover of Uhura.

Covers for "Star Trek Ongoing #7"
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Available today

Originally Star Trek Ongoing #7 was to be released last week but it was delayed so it should be available in comic stores today. You can order it and future issues from the series from TFAW.

Star Trek Ongoing
Star Trek Ongoing
Star Trek Ongoing



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And to catch up you can pick up the just released trade paperback which collects the first four issues.


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This laying the groundwork for the “real” sequel story?

Great to see Enterprise-era Vulcan ships back.

The outfits the vulcans are wearing look a LOT like what Benedict Cumberbatch is wearing in the leaked photos… just FYI

Looks good. I bet there are some tie in’s to the new movie. I bet Bob Orci is playing with us on this.

Issue 7 certainly hung a surprise on the proverbial cliff– hadn’t expected that! Seems implausible. Will have to see how the story concludes; maybe issue 8 has bigger twists, leading us back to center–If not, then Trek forward is not a bit inhibited about breaking with TOS universe canon (not necessarily an entirely bad thing).

#3 Great observation! Just took another look, and you’re right! Could be a very big clue there.

Kirk sucking at 3D chess in both timelines? Huh? Kirk won against Spock on one or two occasions in the prime universe, despite Spock’s reliance on making logical moves.

@Mike Johnson – I ordered Vol. 1 (containing the first SIX(?)) issues a while ago, however I have not seen anything via They did note that I would not receive the comics until April, however I have not been billed yet etc. Should I be concerned? Not such a big deal since I have lost no money, but I would still like to be able to get hold and read the first six comics in the Ongoing Star Trek comic series.

@7 I didnt think Amazon bills you until they actually ship your order. At least that’s how it is for me unless I buy a digital something. And I dont think the trade of volume 1 has been released just yet. Amazon is wierd sometimes, I ordered the Art of the Mass Effect Universe book and got it weeks before it was released in stores. Good luck though.

As for Trek 7 I picked it up about 30 minutes ago and I’m really impressed. Loving the completely fresh story and looking forward to where it’s going, and also for the next film. These issues were a good idea for sure. Now we just need the game to be released and some books. I’m even open to an expanded universe the way Star Wars has. Seriously, for 6 films and a couple of animated shows, they really went all out in preserving the universe through great video games, books, comics and other merch. Trek really needs to step it up more than they have started to in recent years.

Got mine. Won’t have time to read it until tomorrow.

Spoiler alert for anyone waiting to read WNMHGB and Galileo 7 in this comic series.

I just got the IDW Volume 1 that includes the re-imagined “Where No Man Has Gone Before” and “The Galileo 7.” I was a little anxious to get a little Trek fix in the year-plus until the new film comes out.

Gotta say, the artwork was nice and it was interesting to see those classic stories re-told, but the climax of both pieces was less than stellar. “Where No Man” was a little weak at the end as Spock simply walks over to him, knocks him down, then Kirk kills him with a phaser rifle. Seems to me that Gary Mitchell should have been harder to kill than that.

But “Galileo 7?” The story resolves with Uhura plain and simple stealing a shuttle, flying it down to the Murasaki planet and picking up the stranded crew. No special insight, no clue as to their whereabouts, and no effort on the part of the stranded crew to get noticed (ala Spock igniting the fuel). Then the writer has the nerve to have Kirk say to Uhura “I’m just sorry I didn’t think of it first.” Think of what? More clever would have been to give the Galileo 7 crew a copy of the Santa Monica transit schedule and have them get a ride back to the Enterprise on a bus.

I’m not really expecting War and Peace here, but both of these stories originally involved some rather clever actions on the part of the crew to make things work out in the end. The comic versions I just read have the characters sleep-walking through a story that ultimately gets resolved out of sheer luck or circumstance.

In my opinion, the Volume 1 stories take the concept of the “graphic novel” and bring it back down to the simple level of a “comic book.” I hope a little more thought went into later efforts.

@7 & 8 I got my trade from Amazon yesterday, and they billed me Monday, so if you ordered from them, it should be on its way soon. . .


TPB v1 came out two weeks ago — that’s when I scooped mine at the comic shop. It has the first four issues, split into two stories (rather than 4 chapters).

And the thing about Kirk and 3D chess was intended to be a joke :)

Captain Kirk sucking at 3D chess is highly illogical.

You can’t command a starship, much less the USS Enterprise without knowing how to turn the tables on your opponents in tricky battle scenarios.

That Pic of Zoe was well worth the click!

Why, why, why do the powers that be over Star Trek comics decide that the artwork must always be boring beyond belief?

Every incarnation has been so.

And photos of the characters as covers (yeah, she’s hot, so what? It’s a bad cover) — how Gold Key of them.

I wish they’d do better covers, since the whole Photoshop thing looks really lame.. :P

@ 10 – I’m inclined to agree. Certainly, we see no sign of Kirk the master tactician in these stories. In WNMHGB he only survives because Spock disobeys his orders. In Galileo 7 the crew only survivies because Uhura disobeys his orders (although it has been proposed that she might have been able to locate them by reason of some low level telepathic bond that honed her instincts of where they were, which is preferable to pure luck).

I’m enjoying the stories but they are rushing them by squeezing them into two issues and the resolutions are sloppy.


Yea, I prefer seeing Kirk winning and spock looking stumped and saying something like, fascinating, your illogical moves led you to victory…

Kirk chimming in about no risk no glory…

I have liked these comics since issue one, I wonder though if we wont see Spock Prime in them at some point.
I wasnt able to get down to pick up my issue 7 today, so ill be getting it tomorrow after work

I just picked up the graphic novel to star trek ongoing, and I was kind of disappointed that it only has the first 4 issues. Does anyone have one that contains the fist 6 issues.

It is a good read but *spoilers* how are they meeting in a bar in the DELTA quadrant? I mean, are there ships much faster the the prime timeline? I did love when Kirk said he wanted to test the airlock however.

Different quadrant notation in the Boborciverse. Instead of the center of the galaxy being the dividing point, with a chord through Sol system setting the alpha-beta boundary… now we have Sol at the center. No big problem. More useful anyway. Should be using OCTANTS really, but everyone loves the word “quadrant”.
Then again, maybe the Delta Quadrant now is near Delta Vega! All Your Delta Quadrant Delta Vega Are Belong To Us.

What happened to Kirk’s human intuition against Spock’s logic in playing chess in the show, those times that Kirk’s unconvnetional tactics allow him to win the game.

I just read it and loved it. It felt like a sequel to the movie, I really can’t wait for issue 8.

It feels like that these writers are maybe dumping on Kirk a bit and have picked up some of the nasty vibes that have been put about by certain TOS cast members and general public attitudes towards Kirk/Shatner. Captain Kirk was always a bright, independent thinking individual who liked women (is that such a crime?) who was able to come up with some novel solutions to tricky situations on occasion.

Let’s see that in the movie sequel!

I wonder if Kirk’s 3D Chess playing will improve as the series progresses. The more I read about the new Trek universe, the more I see it as an alt-universe (a la Fringe) than a divergent timeline. It looks increasingly like things were different in this universe from the outset.

I’ve noticed a subtext involving Spock- which could develop into a major story element. It’s hinted at at the end of the “Operation Annihilate” story, where Uhura is trying to figure out what is going on with him. I have a feeling we’re not through with Spock’s anger and loss, and the first part of the original Vulcan story only reinforces it.

What develops between now and the movie should be interesting.

@ 3. Leen – March 28, 2012

“The outfits the vulcans are wearing look a LOT like what Benedict Cumberbatch is wearing in the leaked photos… just FYI”

So this means, that Benedict Cumberbatch plays a Vulcan who has amputated his ear points, so that he can go undercover as a human. ;-)

Maybe some of the surviving Vulcans are so angry, that they want to start a war between the Federation and the Romulans. I mean they are obviously alone to weak to beat the Romulans. And as the Federation isn’t interested in a war, they start some kind of conspiracy to manipulate them.

Or some Vulcans plan to travel to the past to rescue their planet. I don’t think the rest of the Federation would like this. I mean Earth was nearly destroyed. They were very lucky to beat Nero. If the Vulcans went to the past and something goes wrong, Earth and other Federation planets may also get destroyed.


“So this means, that Benedict Cumberbatch plays a Vulcan who has amputated his ear points, so that he can go undercover as a human. ;-)”

Either that, or he’s human who managed to avoid getting his ears caught in a rice picker! :-)

It’s nice to see that Zoe/Uhura got an alternate cover. Perhaps Chekov is next? Best wishes to all on the comics.

The story was great, I hope in the future we’ll get more original stories like this.

So basically the comics are the Uhura/Spock show and Kirk is an idiot? Wow. Glad I haven’t spent money on any of this yet.


I doubt that’s the case. Looks pretty balanced to me. This episode seems to be about following up on the destruction of Vulcan. How are you coming to your conclusion?

@33: Take a chance. At the price, it’s hardly a gamble. Besides, Uhura was barely more than a fly on the wall in the most recent issue–cause for hope?

These are comics; not t.v. episodes or films, obviously (not that those media didn’t suffer some similar imperfections–Kirk could hardly top his f-up in WOK), but I think those who miss out on them miss seeing the new U unfold. Again, they’re comics. I’m not a comics fan, per se, but they go some distance toward filling in the void while we wait for the film–and I hope they’ll continue to do so afterward. I pick up my copy on the day it hits the shelf, every month. Live dangerously!

BTW, I don’t think they make Kirk out to be an idiot. Uhura pulled Spock and crew out of a pinch in an early one, but she was motivated by a strong attachment to Spock; not something Kirk had developed at that point, and the only other issue (thinking off the bat, here) that gave featured more than fleeting glances at Uhura indicated relationship dissonance.

So, she’s basically not featured at all, save for one moment? So no character development for anyone outside of the ‘trinity’ is what people should look forward to with the comics? This doesn’t make me feel good about the comics or the film, especially if there’s no Spock/Uhura not breaking up. :-/

Well, we’ll see what happens…

I’m hoping that the comics covering the aftermath of Vulcan and the K/S/U growing pains means that the movie really won’t be bogged down with resolving/continuing arcs from the last one. Peggy’s comment that it’s about the last one terrified me. The guy can’t keep his mouth shut, even while trying to keep his mouth shut. I liked how trek ii didn’t play catch up with the events/aftermath of TMP — nor did it try to fill in, with inane dialogue, generally where they’d been since TOS/TMP. I’m hoping this one really is a fresh start…

“Peggy’s comment that it’s about the last one terrified me. The guy can’t keep his mouth shut, even while trying to keep his mouth shut.”

LOL That is why I was a bit *amazed* when Simon Pegg said he was going to keep his next (own) project a secret, when he seems to be quite good at removing the gobstopper that Abrams has shoved in all their mouths, just enough to say something about the next movie…:)

Simon – you ain’t JJ Abrams. That’s OK. You don’t have to be like anybody else. You be you and let JJ Abrams be him.

Still waiting for my Volume 1 set of Ongoing comic series…


I’m hoping that as well. It would be good if a few years passed and a brief coverage of or reference to some of the ongoing issues that resulted from Nero’s attack are a small part of the film (so there’s some continuity). But other than that, I’d like a fresh story (with S/U fully in tact of course).

On another note, I saw The Hunger Games, and as a result, I bought the first 2 books of the series. Wonderful film. There were a couple of cheesy parts, but the rest if the film made up for that for sure. All of the actors were superb in their parts, and of course I loved the love story of the film.

I was a bit worried when I heard there was a love triangle with teens involved in the film, but it was very mild and not even noteworthy aside from the fact that it was handled well. Safe House was good too (in spite of what rotten tomatoes has to say). It was very action packed, and I liked the story.

Back to Trek. I think that’s the purpose of the comics: My understanding is that they cover things that won’t be a part of the film, and they go into detail about things that have already happened. So, hopefully this means that other characters like Uhura, Chekov, and Sulu get some development in the films(?).

I find the comics a tad boring and lame, to be honest. I get the weird feeling that the authors don’t care so much about the story that they’re telling and as a result I find it hard to care about it myself.
That said, the S/U bits are one of the few things that I find interesting and that could give some useful clues about the sequel.
I liked the twist when she saved him and the others it was unexpected although it’s not clear to me how she could locate them in the first place. Someone already pointed up that maybe she shares a telepathic bond with Spock. This could explain some things and her being tuned to his feelings as well which can also explain the other scene where she’s worried about him.
The part when they’re in bed is clever because in the same page the author implemented different informations without having to make two separated scenes ;)
1) It seems like they’re telling us: that’s right folks Spock and Uhura are a normal couple therefore they’re having sex, in his room. Sorry purists that go “ewwww” with the idea of Spock not being asexual. I can see their heads exploding LOLOL. Come on guys can you blame the man? Uhura is played by Zoe absolutely gorgeous Saldana.
2) Continuity. Vulcan got destroyed, Spock’s mother died. Those events obviously had a huge impact on his character in the movie so it wouldn’t be realistic to just pretend that it never happened and pretend that he’s perfectly fine. Something definitely seems a bit off about Spock and his behavior in general and it could be linked to him still grieving about the loss of vulcan.
The scene is useful because Uhura notices this and she’s worried about him. It’s important because as the character who knows him better she clearly is the only one up this point that can actually notice this kind of things that the other character may not notice. His reaction is pretty much in character with the portrayal in the movie pre the emotional compromised scene and it seems to only confirm that her worries are justified.
I get the feeling that in the next movie all the repressed anger and sorrow for what had happened to his people will affect Spock as a character and will make him do something stupid putting himself in danger.
It’s nice that one of the characters, in this instance Uhura, is starting to notice things and they aren’t all oblivious. It’s a way to tell us too to pay attention to the clues and don’t forget what had happened in the movie.

Thank you, Jemini. I appreciate your insights. :-) :-) :-)

@40) 2) Well said; though I’d hope they wouldn’t dwell on Amanda’s death. Acts of war kill loved ones and Spock has to be able to deal with that loss as well as any one else might. But if the next film glosses over the obliteration of one of the Federation’s founding and most important planets, it’ll seem incongruous and will trivialize the bold move to destroy the planet. I think Vulcan earned higher regard.

S/U Admirer, I was encouraging someone to give it a try rather than to assume too much from reader comments. I understand your perspective, and the other (are you reading the comics?). I think part of the fun of the comics is trying to predict where the story’s headed. I hope the court’ll strike some wonderful balance that’ll work for most of us.

@ I don’t think they’re boring and lame. But I’m biased. Glad you liked the S/U bits.

The above should’ve read @ 40. Talkbacks are hard.

@ 7: Amazon is a mystery to me, but I wouldn’t worry unless you’ve been charged and nothing’s shown up. Vol. 1 has issues 1-4. Each trade collection will have 4 issues in it, two complete stories.

@ 1: Not as much as the pre-sequel comic mini-series will in early ’13, ala Countdown.

@ 13: Kirk doesn’t suck at 3-D chess. But he’s not as good as Spock & the late Mr. Mitchell.

@ 25: As the great Oddball once said, only positive vibes here.

@ 31: Thank you! Best wishes to you too.

@ 10: Fair enough. The only bone I will pick is to say that I proudly write “comic books”. I wish comics would stop hiding behind “graphic novel” in a sad quest for legitimacy in the eyes of mainstream culture.

49. So you know that the villain’s not Khan, then.

I’m trying to be tricky. It’s morally wrong of me. Don’t Answer. :)