Watch: More Prometheus Footage Revealed

The original plan was for us to get the Star Trek sequel this June, but we will have to wait until next May for new Trek. However we here at TrekMovie are almost as excited over another June 2012 film – Prometheus, the Alien universe film directed by Ridley Scott and written by Trek co-producer/writer Damon Lindelof. More footage from the film has been released online, check it out below along with a new commercial. 


More Prometheus footage and new commercial

Here is some more footage from Prometheus that was shown at WonderCon.

And here is the third TV commercial.

Prometheus hits theaters on June 1st.

Total Recall Trailer Teaser

Another sci-fi movie getting a reboot this summer (August 3rd) is Total Recall, which features Star Trek’s John Cho in a supporting role. The first trailer for the film will be released this Sunday, but they have released a teaser to get you started. Here it is.


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Whoa…this looks good

Nice, cant wait

Prometheus looks like an amazing film. Hope this one ends up in the Gladiator/Kingdom of Heaven/Blade Runner/Alien bin and not the A Good Year/Robin Hood bin.

Prometheus looks great but I’ll say again, you can see the trouble they have promoting it. The image of the “space jockey” means zero to the general public. They don’t even mention “Alien” probably because it has a *relatively* small fanbase that is already “sold” on the movie. And we get “From Director Ridley Scott” – again, beyond movie “geeks” or SF fans this means zero. His last hit was American Gangster which isn’t SF and is pretty much forgotten by the general public.

I hope it does well but these quick flashes of cool images don’t really work anymore. Who are these characters? Why do we care about them? What exactly is at stake? Where are they? What’s going on?

These days this is what the trailer tells the audience. So far “Prometheus” has not answered any of those questions. At some point they’re going to have to let go of the “see the movie and find out” tactic or they’ll have a very big budget “flop” on their hands. “Pay $10-$20 and find out” simply does not work at this time.

#3 I loved RS’s Robin Hood and I’m a devout RH fanatic. He did the impossible and served up a fresh version of those characters without repeating the same few stories we know all too well. And visually, it’s one of his very vest films. It kills the Costner movie in every way imaginable. I walked out of RH on air. Brilliant film!

With Scott much relies on his theatrical cut. I don’t want to see Prometheus with 30 minutes of important content gutted out and have to wait for home video. I hope the film is complete in its theatrical release.

I am so wickedly stoked to see Prometheus.

This looks like the way science fiction is done on the big screen. It certainly appears like what I read. It just may be one of the real mind-blowers of the upcoming movie season.

I promise not to spoil it.

Oh yeah, Total Recall. Has anyone else heard that…*SPOILER*



……they don’t go to Mars in this one? If so that’s too bad. I sure wanted to see Colin Farrell’s eyes pop out of his head.

I don’t think anyone gets out alive in Prometheus.

Looks like a downer to me.

(que the blue-note) Booooowwwwwwwmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnnnnn!

@ 5

I can’t agree with you on Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood. That movie was absolutely joyless. Looking for fun scene where Robin meets Little John with a physical duel. Nope. They fight over a shell game. Max Von Sydow who plays Marion’s dad was made to look senile. There’s no chemistry between Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett who plays Marion. Crowe acts glum during the whole movie Oscar Issac as Prince John is way over the top. . And the film is drained of color. Oh, I forgot. It’s a prequel, so there’s none of that “steal from the rich. give to the poor” stuff. Rotten Tomatoes scores the movie at 43 per cent.

Want histoical drama from Scott? See “The Duellists.” His best movies are “Alien”, “Blade Runner, the director’s cut” “Thelma and Lousie” and “Gladiator..”


Hollywood may be trying to avoid the red planet now.
Only NASA has had more failures there.

@6 THX

I am still gagging to know what you know!!!! :)

Prometheus looks fantastic and i hope it lives up to its trailer – it looks like it should.

Total Recall – Why?


I think the Russians have had more failures with Mars,


Actually, Disney is starting to lead the pack with Mars disasters.

Mars Needs Moms
John Carter (formerly of Mars)

I’m very interested in Prometheus. Ridley Scott is an artist when it comes to how he can make a movie look. See “Blade Runner.” “The Duellists.” Excited to see how he uses 3D. Remember he shot “Prometheus” in 3D; none of that fake 3D stuff called conversions. The bar has been set high for 3D cinema with Martin Scorsese’s “Hugo” and Wim Wender’s’ “Pina.”


Agreed. When it comes to Robin Hood, Errol Flynn is still the king.

Okay, okay, those green tights might be more than a little silly, but that end duel between Flynn and Basil Rathbone is still one of the best action sequences out there. Plus, the movie has enough energy to run the country’s electrical grid for a few days!


I promised not to tell. But, like a teenage girl with a secret, I’m just dying to. As a friend I will keep my mouth shut. If you lived anywhere near me I’d take you to see the movie, though.

#7 LOL. Great line!

#11. TR: agreed. It’s probably even *further* removed from PKD.

#12 The Russians are having as many “failures” as we (USA) did getting to the Moon. At least they’re *pursuing* it! We’re just sitting on our hands playing politics over here. A real disgrace IMO.

#9. I disagree with you on all things Robin Hood 2010. I don’t go by RT’s and I am very familiar with Scott’s work. RH was *definitely* not drained of color, like KOH was, it has a rich, lush visual texture. But we’ll just have to cordially disagree. Hopefully we’ll both love Prometheus which looks bleedin’ amazing :)

As for Costner’s Robin Hood, well, it does have many things wrong with it… but it is FUN. C’mon, you can’t deny it. It’s a guilty pleasure, sure, but it IS a pleasure to watch (once in a while).

I didn’t get that from Scott’s version.
Why so serious, Ridley?

There’s a whole bunch of stuff on this website: It’s being constantly updated with new information. The movie’s online marketing campaign includes multiple viral websites, various easter eggs, codes for fans to crack, new clues to the storyline etc. They’ve even managed to work the famous “Wow !” signal into it.

The movie’s official “Weyland Industries” website is also regularly being updated, and now includes a mass of detailed background information relevant to the storyline: . Click on the drop-down boxes beneath the Weyland Industries logo on the top-left-hand-side of the screen to access most of it. The “Corporate Timeline” and “Investor Information” sections are particularly interesting.

The Prometheus marketing/PR team are obviously putting a huge amount of intelligent and creative thought into all this. Very impressive.

@ 15

It’s hard to follow a classic like Errol Flynn’s Robin Hood. Think of trying to record “One For My Baby.”/ (“It’s a quarter till three…” ) Frank Sinatra owns that song.

Kevin Costner’s version was bizarre. Costner, played mostly straight. But what was up with Will Scarlett drama queen stuff? Who put Christian Slater in the movie? Alan Rickman plays the Sheriff of Nottingham for laughs. And what the hell is Morgan Freeman doing in a medieval movie about Robin Hood?


–Better yet, who put Christian Slater in Starfleet?

–Morgan Freeman was there because Morgan Freeman can make a bad movie like this one at least watchable.

–Same goes for Alan Rickman.

Like I said, it’s a bad movie. But it’s a FUN bad movie.

#18 I’ve well & truly hated the Reynolds/Costner RH since I walked out of the movie theater in 1991. There are plenty of fun RH movies that are better: the Hammer “trilogy”; the MGM 1939; the Disney live action; the Richard Greene series; and my favorite, the 1980’s ITV series starring Michael Praed. Scott gave us something new and fresh that was written up to an adult audience. I think it’ll come around like so many of his films, “Blade Runner” “Legend” “KOH”.

#19 We’ll see come June. At this point, you can kind of see these things coming around the bend. I’m not seeing any real activity on boards devoted to SF-type groups (even here it’s same couple of people expressing interest) and they keep hitting us with: (portentous music) VWOOP! enigmatic image – VWOOP! enigmatic image – VWOOP! enigmatic image etc. I would think by now they’d know better than to use this quickly fading form of advertising. The film is *estimated* at $200,000,000 budget, which puts it in JC range. It will have to do extraordinary business to succeed.

@16 THX

I’ll book my flight tickets right now!

You pay the entry fee and I’ll get the popcorn and first round of beers in! :)

@ 21

I see your point about Costner’s Robin Hood being a guilty pleasure. Going back to Ridley Scott, he produced a recent guilty pleasure. “The A Team.” Blasted by some critics, I thought it was goofy fun. .Clever Star Trek reference when a faux 3D movie was played in it, there was credit for Reginald Barclay who was played by Dwight Schultz, who also played Murdock in the TV series.

#21 Vultan

Mary Jo Slater, Christian Slater’s mom. She is a casting agent and got him the gig in TUC, I believe at his request. He’s a Trek fan.


Dang, Battle-scarred. Been a long time since I snuck beer into a theater.

Though he’s already playing Sherlock Holmes, I can’t help but wonder what sort of Robin Hood Benedodge Cucumber would make…

Anyway, Prometheus looks great. Great cast. Great director.
Hopefully, the script is great as well.

Benedodge Cucumber

Seriously. That’s funny.

BTW is anyone else here? It seems like there areonly a couple of us commenting on everything.

I would put in another vote here for Scott’s version of Robin Hood. Yea, maybe it wasn’t as fun, but I did feel like I was actually seeing the Middle Ages versus the Costner film, which wasn’t all that realistic looking.

Guys, the Errol Flynn version bears no resemblance to something that could have really occurred in the middle ages at all. It is one of the most historically inaccurate movies ever made. A modern analogy would be Sucker Punch.

Regarding Total Recall, first of all, the concept of a mini-trailer promoting a trailer release really pisses me off for some reason — do the Hollywood marketing gurus really consider us “cattle” really that dumb that we now need trailers for trailers?

Secondly, I heard the really messed with Philip K. Dicks story and the movie doesn’t even go to Mars now…count me out….looks to me like a Cowboys and Aliens treatment of a classic…no thanks!



And yeah, I’ve noticed there haven’t been very many posters on this site recently. Slow news these days. Not much on the new Trek movie. And all the rest is filler—but Prometheus is GOOD filler!

More please….


Agreed. I don’t need bread crumbs to lead me to a movie.
Just give us a full frackin’ trailer and be done with it!

This movie looks so damned good that they don’t NEED to reference the material it was based on at all.

This is kicking ass while standing alone territory right here.

Looks absolutely brilliant.

@33 DM, are you talking about Total Recall in reference to the Phillip K. Dick source story, or Prometheus in regards to the Alien source movie?

@33: Oh, sorry, Prometheus!

Ah, I fully agree then!

Oh Vultan you have done it again with Benedodge Cucumber!
I unintentionally sprayed my monitor with coffee and nearly died choking

Brindlehorn Curtain-thatch would be soooo proud!

Well,, we can all agree that Prometheus looks great. And by the way, I can probably guess whtat the movie is about by looking at the trailer. So what? I still want to see the film. If the plot is Noomi Rapace believes aliens are inviiting humans to find them. But surprise, it’s more sinister. The footage looks great and the trailers do what they are supposed to do.

It’s like knowing that Star Trek 2013 has Khan as a villain. Come on J.J, you might as well tell us. :-) I mean we knew Bane was going to be in the new Batman movie and Ann Hathaway was Selena Kyle aka Catwoman. I still want to see both movies.

Hot off the press on the new Jack Ryan movie…sounds like it might be emerging finally from development hell:

@38 “It’s like knowing that Star Trek 2013 has Khan as a villain. Come on J.J, you might as well tell us. :-) I mean we knew Bane was going to be in the new Batman movie and Ann Hathaway was Selena Kyle aka Catwoman. I still want to see both movies.”

Yes, we know its Khan. It fits three patterns:

1) The utterly ridiculous level of secrecy on this film in regards to the villian…I mean, if its Khan, then it explains the incredible steps to keeping the lid on things.

2) We know that BC looks like a human character who can withstand the Vulcan nerve pinch and beat the living crap out of Spock…hence a Botany Bay superhuman leaders named Khan, or at least a close relation

3) Orci left what I took to be a clue directed for me late last year in on the following exchange he and I had concerning whether Khan would be in the next movie:

“259. boborci – December 3, 2011
Im so ashamed.”

“260. MJ – December 3, 2011
@259. That JJ lied about Khan?”

“261. boborci – December 3, 2011”
But i am touched by some if ya’lls concern for my cOnfidence!

“262. MJ – December 3, 2011
“cOnfidence” I knew it. this is basically saying KHANfidence — that is why you had the “O” capitalized. Thanks for the clue, Bob. It will be interesting to see how JJ backpeddels on his fib.”

Take all of the above together, and it is clear it was Khan. And don’t forget when it is fully confirmed that I had this figured out way back when, folks. :-)

I wonder if these Aliens will make good pets.

Hmm. Maybe the Starship Enterprise will one day get to the Homeworld of these Aliens. Then. The Predator’s will try and Ambush the Enterprise as the ship is being invaded by the Alien’s.

The best Robin Hood movie ever was .
Robin Hood. Men in Tight’s. Now that was good.

If it’s Khan I’m not going to see it. Saw it in ’82, thanks very much.

Grrr. Can’t watch the video in China. Gonna have to wait til I get back to Georgia. 3 whole days. What will I do to pass the time???

Oh, and… PLEASE… hold the Khan.

@45. I doubt you’ll be able to get it in Georgia either…unless you get a good international internet connection at a top hotel in T’bilisi.


Well, MJ, you and I are in the minority when it comes to believing Khan as the sequel villain. I figured they were going to go with Khan because all of them have repeatedly referenced the character as well as “Space Seed” and “The Wrath Of Khan”. The fact that they’ve been so secretive about this makes a lot of sense.

“Prometheus” looks like a modern classic. Can’t wait for it. “Total Recall”, meh. It looks more like “Minority Report”. I do hope it takes place on Mars.


“If it’s Khan I’m not going to see it. Saw it in ’82, thanks very much.”

Yeah, whatever you say pal. I’ll bet 100 bars of gold-pressed latinum that you’ll be one of the first in line to see it.

40. MJ

I think the next Pic will have a few TOS plots. Who can blame Bob or JJ or any of them? Would’nt you just love to craft a TOS storyline for a major motion picture?

Would you be able to keep your hands out of the TOS cookie jar?

40. Gosh, I hope not.

I can’t wait until this thing premieres and speculation ends — maybe we’ll even have 10-15 quiet minutes before the bashing starts. ;)

Hey, it could be Khan in the next flick. But as much as I squint my eyes and stretch my imagination… I still can’t see Khan Noonien Singh, the Sikh strongman from Mexico with a love for Corinthian leather imported from Detroit, being played by… Beanobrit Cumberpants.

I could be wrong, but I think this particular Übermensch may be a different character. Probably a stereotypical British bad guy named… Lord Cheeky Cricket of planet Henry VIII.