Watch: Simon Pegg Talks About Torturing Twitter Followers & Tom Cruise Mancrush On Conan

Yesterday Simon Pegg took some time out from shooting the Star Trek sequel to appear on Conan to promote the home video release of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. He didn’t reveal anything about the Trek sequel but did talk about torturing his Twitter followers and his mancrush on Tom Cruise. Watch it below  


Simon on Conan

Video of Simon Pegg on Conan from last night talking about torturing Twitter followers and his mancrush on Tom Cruise. (Only mentions Star Trek tangentially).



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Tom Cruse? :)

They let him keep his hair red for Scotty?

(Only mentions Star Trek tangentially).

Hmm. I don’t think I’ll even tangentially watch the clip.

Tangentially is a word that is not used enough!

I try to slip a new word in to conversation each day. Today it is “tangentially”.

keep them coming Trekmovie.

There is a world of vocabulary out there you can help me with.

Aw, look at his wee sideburns!


Agreed. Make it so.


That’s the spirit!

Bloody marvelous!

I wonder what tomorrows word will be?


Looks that way.

Simon Pegg has a mancrush on Tom Cruise?


(steps back slowly, looks away)


Sean of the Dead. Not a prequel, sequel, reboot, reimagining.
Just a cheap-to-make fun movie.


I don’t know, and it’s a common word you’ll hear around the house; however, George Fenneman does – and if you say tomorrow’s word, the duck (wearing a big greasepaint mustache and glasses) will come down and give you $100.

/ You Bet Your Life, I’m dating myself with that reference