First Trailer For Alex Kurtzman’s ‘People Like Us’ Starring Chris Pine

Another Summer film we are looking forward to is People Like Us (formerly Welcome To People), the directorial debut of Star Trek co-writer/producer Alex Kurtzman which also stars Star Trek’s Chris Pine. The film was written and produced by Kurtzman and his Trek writing partner Roberto Orci. The first trailer has just been released, check it out below.


Trailer for ‘People Like Us’ starring Chris Pine – directed by Alex Kurtzman

The family drama People Like Us is a departure for Orci and Kurtzman, best known for big budget genre films. Here is a synopsis:

The story of a struggling man (Chris Pine) who, after flying home to L.A. for the funeral of his estranged record-producer father, discovers that the will stipulates that he must deliver $150,000 in cash to a 30-year-old alcoholic sister (Elizibeth Banks) he never knew existed, and her troubled 12-year-old son.

People Like Us arrives in theater on June 29, 2012 (ironically the original release date for the Star Trek sequel).

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i feel all warm and fuzzy

Looks like a good movie. I just may take my Bride to be to this.

Why is Pine not in more movies? He is such a great actor and this trailer shows it. Great cast. Looks good.

Awww, pretty people with problems.

This sounds a little like Rain Man, but without the autism.

Well I shall have a look at this at my local multiplex.I have seen everything else by Mr Oric and Mr Kurtzman at the cinema (expecpt Cowboys and Aliens), so why stop now.


“so why stop now.”

Cowboys and Aliens is reason enough.

I’ll go see this — and would have without the Kurtzman/Orci connection, probably… Banks usually chooses pretty decent films (although Zach and Miri had far too many poop jokes, and a bit too much Seth Rogen). And, any chance to see Michelle Pfieffer.

Finally, a thought-provoking film. Excellent.

Actually, I enjoyed the heck out of Cowboys and Aliens – surprised me.

#3 More? He has done 3 films since Star Trek, currently filming the Star Trek sequel and been signed to a Jack Ryan trilogy.

Seems like he is pretty darn busy to me.

I can already tell from the trailer that Chris Pine is the far better actor than Elizabeth Banks. Pine knows how to act, but Banks has no talent whatsoever. She couldn’t act shit in “W”. That’s why I’m split on this film. I’ll probably check it out, though for me at least, its not exactly money in the “Banks”, so to speak.

Eh, looks like an over abundance of schmaltz to me.

I actually enjoyed Cowboy’s and Aliens. I hope for a sequal. But have it set during say. World War 2. Could be good.


Wasn’t schmaltz the guy in the transporter room on the Klingon Bird of Prey in ST III?


13 –

Nazis & Aliens???

2. Aaaaaaw, Mike, never thought you’d get round to asking!

*runs out to buy Star Trek mini wedding dress on your credit card*


#16. Be careful. Or Nurse Brooke of the Terran Empire may just come after you. Don’t believe me. Just as the guys over on live chat. Lol.

Yes, yes…Finally! Gosh, that Sam guy looks just sooo gorgeous. He MUST be played by Chris Pine. I mean, who else could it be?…:)

I am looking forward to seeing this film, have been for a while, but unfortunately I still don’t know the NZ release date.
Alex? Bob? Help!

Cowboys & Aliens isn’t such a bad movie. I actually think it grows on you, or on me, at least…only thing – all aliens look alike – either two legged humanoids (Star Trek) or four legged ugly creatures (just about everything else). Hmmm. Personally, I prefer the humanoid look.

13..”Nazis and Aliens” ST: Enterprise did that. it looked cool, but really a dumb idea.

17. *smacks self around head with a baseball bat*

S’okay, I’m back to normal. Harcourt Mudd slipped me the Venus drug back there.

(What did I nearly do?)


@15. Didn’t they do that with Enterprise and TOS? Both groaners, as I recall.

Well, the “I promise I’ll never hit on you” line is a bit creepy, considering he knows she is his sister and she seems to think he’s hitting on her. Other then that, as long as they didn’t spend 250 million to make this what’s the worst that could happen?


“Cowboys and Aliens is reason enough”

I didn’t have time to see it with work commitments.


Believe me, your time at work was well spent. Cowboys and Aliens was a waste.


well when I get time to watch it I will make my own judgement.

I never listen to what other people sway me not towatch something

Now for something OT – re Karl Urban

Apparently Karl Urban is putting his Herne Bay, Auckland, home on the market. I have know that he lives in Herne Bay but have kept it quiet but now that it is now in the NZ Herald, I do not see a problem in disclosing where he has been living. I don’t know which street he is in, but I did live in the same suburb some years ago.

Yes, I thought he had seaviews of the gorgeous Waitemata Harbour. Nobody knows why they would want to sell, unless he and his wife have found an even better house nearby… Star Trek gets a mention in the Herald article.

Not for nothing, but Elizabeth Banks is a hot old lady! As John Cho would say: MILF!
I say that and she’s the same age as me!

Sorry about post #26. I have toothache and did not read the article properly. I do know where Jervois Road is and it is a very long windy and steep road.

* I am also mourning the loss of my own cat – he was mine and I was his. We had to put him to sleep because he was just too sick and the prognosis for a good recovery was not good at all. Jezra was 9 years, 3 months and 2 weeks old exactly yesterday (29 March). Our dog Shadow and Jezra were also the best of mates.

Real life schmaltz?…what can I say?


O-kay. I usually disagree with the critics, too, but they were right on this one.

Elizabeth Banks is not old! I am older than her and I don’t consider myself to be old…

@28: Sorry to hear, Keachick… If not nine lives, I’m sure Jezra had 9 good years.

Well Elizabeth Banks isn’t exactly young either.

I don’t go for schmaltz–hated War Horse–but this film looks promising, to me. Pretty people…? Okay, but how many films do we see about pretty people falling in love and how many producers care to explore other kinds of relationships between young pretties of the opposite sex (or of the same sex, for that matter–I’d have Hollywood give us more varied stories about the many kinds of relationships between people).

I think Pine’s charisma booms on the screen in the trailer. Always thought he could act, liked him, but if he sustains that kinda screen presence throughout the film, I may become a Pine Nut.

Glad they changed the film title. I imagine “Welcome to People” to be a greeting etched into a corporate door pane of a certain magazine. It also reminded me of the film title, “Ordinary People” and the 80’s (?) show, “Real People.”

Looks great. Check out that cast! Not just Pine and Banks. There’s Oiivia Wilde, Jon Favreau and Michelle Pfeiffer.

So Banks is old, eh; MILF, huh? Would the film be more appealing if she were barely legal and the mother of an adolescent? Or if Pine wanted to boink her? Or would it take A and B–toss out the kid–to make the film worth a shot?

Maybe the powers that be are shooting for a more sophisticated audience than TM sometimes entertains.

I’m sorry, I just can’t get into anything like this. Movies are supposed to be fantastical and improbable. I am most entertained when I know that what I’m seeing in almost beyond belief. If I want to see stuff like what the above movie is about, I’ll open my front door.

#22 Could the reason the character Sam said “I promise I’ll never hit on you” is to ensure that “no wires get crossed”? My impression is that a lot of what seems a common ordinary activity or conversation often gets sexualised in ways that they would not have done in the past. I mean, a guy can’t open a car door for a female without someone commenting that he must be banging her…

I’m not sure how guys know how they are supposed to behave sometimes – if he appears friendly, helpful, interested enough to talk to a woman – then it is automatically assumed that he must be hitting on her (maybe he is, maybe he is isn’t). Or should guys just totally ignore any female – be curt and rude? You tell me…dunno.

I like it!

Elizabeth Banks was born on 10 February 1974 which makes her 38 years old. Karl Urban will be 40 this year – 7 June 1972. They are both *young* to me as I am older…:) Chris Pine is 31 – so yummy and young.

Good, Chris Pine is redeemed for me after the steaming pile of douchebaggery that was ‘This Means War’…

@33. You like chick flicks, but not War Horse? Based on this trailer, this is as sappy and sentimental of a chick flick as I have ever seen. At least be consistent, would you?

@35 “So Banks is old, eh; MILF, huh? Would the film be more appealing if she were barely legal and the mother of an adolescent? Or if Pine wanted to boink her? Or would it take A and B–toss out the kid–to make the film worth a shot?”

Shes neither young or old. It is called “late 30’s.” What is the big deal with commenting on her age given we know it?

Far to sickly sweet for me. Pine hasnt really handled his career that well since star Trek. Look how Chris Hemsworth has done since his small role in the last film. The guy isnt that talented but he’s made the most of his opportunities.

Hmmm I got a really bizzare Luke/Leia romance vibe outta that trailer lol. It was kinda uncomfortable.

@43. Agreed. The only half-decent thing he’s done since Trek is the train movie with Denzel. He’s not going to be a B-lister like Shat, but neither is he going to be a mega A-list star. I don’t see him carrying films like the top actors can.

@44. Yea, that deal with him discussing not hitting on here gave me a severe groan moment.

would it change your mind to discover Pine is actually Kirk in this movie undercover in the past?

Hey Bob, is JJ letting you out of your cage now?

looks good…Buena Suerte Bob a refinar el arte de la escritura. por cierto que te parecio la version Cinematografica de John Carter de Marte? a mi me fascino, Saludos.

my God Chris Pine’s smile is my kryptonite. I’m glad he’s finally being seen for his potential. The guy has star power and I mean more than just action hero, Captain Kirk star power. I dont want to see him in hearthrob “Notebook” type movies but just good damas, etc. This looks like a true start to what could be a long prosperous run. I wish him all the best.

okay now I’ll continue to dool while my boyfriend isnt around.