Video of the Day: Star Trek v Star Wars Dog Costume Contest

The battle between Star Wars and Star Trek has been fought on many fronts, the latest of which was waged at the Brooklyn Mutt show with a Star Wars vs Star Trek dog costume contest. See how it turned out in a video below.


Adorable alert: Dogs in Star Trek and Star Wars costumes

The annual Brooklyn Mutt Show was launched in 2010 as a counterpoint to the more famous (and more high society) Westminster Dog Show. And part of the fun this year was a costume contest themed around Star Trek and Star Wars. Here is a video report from the sports blog SB Report.

Source: SB Nation (via Vulture).

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From Brooklyn? Figures.

Not Star Paws vs. Grrrr Trek??

Too cute.

Talk about a slow news day….the guy who did this video needs an editing course….this could have been a funny 2-minute viral video instead of 10-minutes of mostly tedium.

I feel so sorry for animals that are forced to wear clothes. they always have this look of embarrassment.

Cry foul! Jamie T Kirk looks like a purebred, not a hybrid.

#4 Lou

I feel more sorry for people that can’t afford clothes.


Speaking of Star Trek costumes I plan on wearing my uni to work for First Contact Day. My boss can’t stop me or I will refuse to sleep with her.

I wonder what the dogs think of all the dress up their owners put on them… they must think we have gone mad….that Psi 1000 virus.

Henceforth when I see a golden retriever I will always think of Chris Pine.

cute. I have a beagle who’s name is Archer after the one and only Captain Archer. I wanted to name him Porthose after archers beagle but decied Archer was better.

As a fun loving Trek fan and a dog lover, I I attended the costume contest.It was a blast.
I can only hope that the readers that don’t post here are nicer and less ridiculously negative than most of the comments above (There were a few nice ones, to be fair).
We are supposed to be here out of a love of Trek, but it’s very telling that people are, pathetically, criticizing a fun trek event full of dog lovers. We went out to enjoy our love of Trek and our dogs, but I guess its too tempting to do nothing but criticize people that actually do something when one can sit behind a computer and anonamously criticize. It’s not just with this story; other stories on this site also are full of mindlessly negative posts too.
Anthony runs a great site here, informative and entertaining. He stands in marked contrast to frequently mean-spirited, and uninformed,posters here.
Some examples:
–The contest was open to mixed breeds as well as purebreeds, despite one posters “crying foul.” But I guess its easier to “cry foul” then be pleasant and accurate.
The dogs don’t mind wearing the costumes, such as a Trek t shirt. Somehow I doubt they are thinking that their owners are suffering from the Psi 1000 virus. Has anyone ever heard of something called “Projection?”
First prize in mindless negativity goes to the poster who wrote: “Talk about a slow news day….the guy who did this video needs an editing course….this could have been a funny 2-minute viral video instead of 10-minutes of mostly tedium.” In fact, the video was edited by a professional, popular site which usually covers sports. It received thousands of hits. Most telling, the video is not ten minutes long as they wrote in their ill-informed criticism, but clocks in at a brief 3:35.
I do not expect that intelligent, productive discussions, based on facts, could take place here on any consistent basis among the posters. I will read this site for Trek news only for the most part from now on. I will leave many of you guys to stew to your” Day of the Dove” mentality. Only a fool fights in a burning house. So Burn.
Gary Seven, out.
But I will miss Harry Ballz.

your right as long as the dogs don’t mind wearing the costumes which i take you on your word they don’t

as for the bad mouth people out there look into my idic