Watch: Christian Slater Reveals His Inner Trekkie On ‘Conan’

Actor Christian Slater’s character on the Fox comedy Breaking In can often be seen in a Star Trek Captain’s chair. While on Conan promoting the show, Slater talked about his chair, his love for Star Trek, and how his mom got him a cameo in Star Trek VI. Watch the segment below.


Christian Slater talks Star Trek on Conan

Christian Slater reveals his inner Trekkie on Conan.

If you haven’t seen the show, Slater can regularly be seen in his Captain Kirk chair on Breaking In.

And if you don’t remember Slater’s Trek claim to fame, here he is popping in on Captain Sulu in 1991’s Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country.

Christian Slater in "Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country"


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More Tranya-Cheers!

Nick Meyer: George, can you spare a few hours to shoot a bedroom scene with a hot young actor?

George Takei: Oh My !

Argh. Can’t watch the video due to my geographical handicap. Can anyone summarise?

I remember watching TUC back in 1991 and letting out an audible “oh sh*t!” in the theater when I realized that it was CS on screen. I gotta say, he was a cool dude before the appearance and the cameo just made him even cooler.

They should have him do another cameo in JJ’s movie, this time waking up John Cho, “Uh, sir?”

Same here DJT. You could here the *Christian Slater!* whispered around the theater. Over twenty years ago. wow

Good times. Great Trek film.

I knew CS is a real Trekkie.
But come on now; Taun Tauns are the beasts that Han and Luke rode on Hoth in ‘Star Wars V – The Empire Strikes Back’!

Years ago, after seeing “The Name of the Rose,” I thought Christian Slater would be the next Spock:

(or at least some kind of Vulcan.)

Now that he’s fleshed out a little bit, I guess it’s too late.

@Philip Dunlop – Conan asks Christain Slater about Star Trek. CS reveals he’s a fan, how much of a big deal having a part in ST VI was and getting to have a scene with George Takei. He also reveals he collects memorabilia and claims to have the Captain’s chair from 1963. There are a couple references to his new show. He talks about tweeting because one of the tweets he got back was a picture of a guy in Starfleet uniform sitting in a captain’s chair. Conan insinuates that CS maybe puts on a uniform and sits in his Captain’s chair at home. Then there’s a Star Wars reference and the clip is over

8. Tony

There *was* no Captain’s chair in 1963!!! Gene Roddenberry wrote the first outline for the series in 1964.

The chair was built in November of 1964. That’s what it says on the bottom of the cushion of the prop.


There’s allways one. How dare Slater have a career and not have time to memorise every small fact!

Pretty sure he says 1960s, not 1963.

@6 CS is just being a true Trekker by insulting Star Wars.

@8/9 Star Trek started filming on 27 November 1964. The sets were built in advance though… so even if he did say 1963, he’s only a couple months off.

@8 & 9

Slater does indeed have one of the original chairs, it’s in one or two episodes of Breaking In in his characters office!

I that when he was asked to sign cards for the lastest card set by Rittenhouse he took a discount on the rate he was being paid because he said that all he really wanted was a complete set of the cards and auto’s from it.

Im amazed there hasnt been a post on here about the episode a couple weeks ago when CS used the light ark from TNG where Picard was being interrogated by the Kardassian. “How many lights are there?”
CS used it on one of his employes while sitting in his Captain Kirk chair. He was turning 1 more light on every time he didnt get the right answer.
I was like this is going to be on trekmovie tomorrow… but nothing.

Christian Slater is one of those guys in Hollywood that somehow continues to get work even though he has no talent and everything he’s done lately has bombed!

I always thought CS should’ve played the young Jack Napier in the flashback scene of the Waynes’ murder in 1989’s Batman. He looked and sounded more like a young Jack Nicholson than the unknown who filled the role.

Wow he barely looks any different than he did 20 years ago…

Good interview! Now I need a Captain’s Chair… :)

Great video. After reading that one of the posters here could not see it, I thought, “Uh, oh” but it turns out that I could watch it… One question though, why do the interviewer and actor have to yell out the questions and answers?

#4 – “They should have him do another cameo in JJ’s movie, this time waking up John Cho, “Uh, sir?””

That would be so good! Except that the John Cho Sulu would be more pleasant towards this Ensign Slater and not so snarly and up-himself as the Takei Sulu behaved in Star Trek VI.

Is it just me, or does he look like he’s had serious plastic surgery..? Something about him looks a bit “off” to me…

CS is great. He needs a Trek series of his own. Paying attention CBS?

Slater and his mom are part-time neighbors of mine here in NYC, always good to see him around at our local restaurants.

I Think his Mum did the Casting on VI.

26 – Yeah as the article says “and how his mom got him a cameo in Star Trek VI. Watch the segment below.”

From interviews back in 91, Slater mentioned he also appeared as an alien in TUC, I think during the big meeting almost-assassination bit at the end.

I also thought Slater would be a natural if TOS absolutely HAD to be rebooted or if they did another 23rd century series. He would’ve been inexpensive enough, too.

Slater, you rock!

Mary Jo Slater was casting director of Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. Christian was inserted in place of Grace Lee Whitney in that scene. I don’t mind him being in the movie but I wish it hadn’t reduced her part.

Slater may be a good actor, but I will not waste my time and watch Conan. He is a waste of Air Time

#31 What did Conan do to you? Drink your prune juice?

18. Red Dead Ryan

You always have to be a Negative Nellie.

Cool stuff.

It’s too bad the second season of Breaking In blows. The first season had me laughing my ass off… even if it got a little TOO ridiculous.

The second season… not nearly as zany. Fox obviously had them tone it down. :P


Listen, I just prefer to tell the truth. And if that means I have to be a “Negative Nellie” so be it. It’s reality. The truth often hurts. But it has to be told.

Anyway, if you’re a fan of Christian Slater, then all the power to you. I just don’t think he’s a good actor.


Well, you’re wrong ;)

Though Breaking In is currently breaking my heart. The first season was some of the fastest, funniest, best-written comedy I’ve seen in ages, and this second season is terrible and unfunny in a way I couldn’t even imagine possible.

#36 Couldn’t agree more. Seems they are trying to get some of The Big Bang Theory audience with all the Trek SW references.

Yoeman Slater?

Ahh. no,

“The casting director was Mary Jo Slater, mother of Christian Slater. Thus his small role as a Communications Officer aboard the Excelsior”

Underrated actor. I highly suggest anyone who missed his show ‘my own worst enemy’ to check it out. One of the best, short lived shows ever. Too bad todays viewing audiences are so short sighted and suffer severe ADHD.