Kurtzman: Enterprise Crew ‘Still Working Out Kinks’ + Cumberbatch Is ‘Magnetic’

While promoting his upcoming movie People Like Us, Star Trek sequel co-writer producer Alex Kurtzman has also been talking Trek, revealing that crew of USS Enterprise is still on their journey to becoming the bridge crew we knew. He also talks about the ‘magnetic’ performance of Benedict Cumberbatch. Excerpts below


Kurtzman: Enterprise Crew ‘Still Working Out Kinks’ + Cumberbatch Is ‘Magnetic’

Alex Kurtzman is starting the promotion for his directorial debut People Like Us (see first trailer released last week). But since Kurtzman is also a co-writer/producer of the Star Trek sequel, he obviously talks some Trek too. Talking to MovieWeb, Kurtzman offered this update on the progress for the sequel currently in production:

"The movie is going unbelievably well. J.J. as usual is crushing it, he’s doing an amazing amazing job. I think as much as we put all of our love and effort into the first one, there’s even more in this one and he is really, he’s such an exacting and beautiful director. What I watch him do, it’s so amazing, he inspires everybody around him and he’s been so utterly true to everything that we all have honored and loved about Trek so that’s kind of where we’re at right now. The finish line is in sight."

While Kurtzman didn’t reveal any plot spoilers, he did offer a glimpse into the journey that the cast has taken since the last film and where they are in the sequel, noting (via MTV):

"…the challenge is that you don’t want to jump too far ahead and assume that just because they got together they’re all comfortable with each other. They’re still all working out their kinks and still becoming the bridge crew that we remember from the series. That’s still very much alive and look, any good sequel is about the challenge that the group faces in order to become the unified team and I think that that challenge in this movie is going to be hopefully amazing."

Kurtzman says the new bridge crew is still getting to know each other in the Star Trek sequel

Finally, Alex gave this assessment of the performance of Benedict Cumberbatch (who TrekMovie has reported is playing the villain in the film):

"He’s incredible. What he does with language is incredible. His training is amazing and he’s so magnetic, he holds the screen in any size frame, he really is a joy to watch."

Alex Kurtzman’s People Like Us arrives in theater on June 29, 2012. The Star Trek sequel hits the big screen on May 17, 2013.

Kurtzman says Benedict Cumberbatch is ‘magnetic’ in 2013 Star Trek sequel

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Its actually nice to hear from Mr Kurtzman. we don’t normally hear from him in interviews. Unless he is incognito on hear

First! Waiting on Prometheus till this comes out!

I just hope he got better dialogue than that poor sap Eric Bana. Don’t waste this guy’s talent, seriously.

I really really do appreciate the Supreme Court’s enthusiasm but get a little suspicious over the excessive dropping of adjectives like “unbelievable” and “amazing”. That’s a lot to live up to. I only hope they can truly make it so.

Why can’t they at least tell us who the villain is? That’s not giving away too much right?

Cumberbatch is dope. I was thrilled when I heard that he got cast.

I love Benedict. Just saw him in Warhorse and I was a fan of BBC Sherlock before I even knew he was in the new Trek movie. He really is magnetic and exciting to watch! I want to see more of him!

Oh, I also heard a story this week on NPR about Spanish Language television in the US in which they interviewed Roberto Orci. I don’t remember his position but it sounded like he was involved in one of the networks? I assume that was you, Bob? It truly is “unbelievable” how many pies you have your fingers into. It sounded like your voice, anyway.

Major man crush on Cumberbatch. Sherlock is my favorite show on TV right now. Follow the language, and she’ll always take you home.


have to agree with you there.

TBTB must use him wisely. He is a fantastic actor but i bet he could make the crumbiest script come alive.

We’ll see wont we.

Maybe BC is playing Magneto ;)

Hi Friends,

As we consider Benedict Cumberbatch’s magnetism…

If you haven’t seen this, it is — truthfully — one of the online postings that has made me laugh the hardest, ever.

Otters Who Look Like Benedict Cumberbatch: A Visual Examination.



Why do people seem to think capitalization and punctuation are optional these days?

But more importantly, how’s the pressure?

#7 you should check him out in Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy too … really good in that.

I’m hoping this is a decoy comment on Kurtzman’s part. A chunk of the fan base was probably willing to look past the “cadet to captain” promotion, but to suggest the crew is working the kinks out is a hint that they took that really weak componet of the last movie and decided to build a story around it. That would be really bad. Really, really bad.

KyleH needs to get out more.

That was my Dad on NPR, who is a marketing and advertising expert.

Still working out Kinks?
Oh well … people are strange.

I think what alex means is that they are al still getting to know each other.

Charles Dickens visited the US and the Perkins School for the Blind – NPR did a piece on this and my cousin got her 10 seconds of fame for the NPR segment. (She is a librarian at the school).

NPR is a great place for these kind of human interest stories, by the way….

I loved the dialog from Nero in the first one. It was very real and believable. Why do people think that the bad guy has to be a great communicator. That is just silly. It was a breath of fresh air that he didn’t talk us all to death with his brilliant prose.

@boborci Bob i am looking forward to see this movie and i am sure you guys are doing a fine job. Live long and prosper!
Greets from Holland!

23. Greetings! Thanks for vote of confidence. What’s the weather like right now?

22. LOL!

“J.J. as usual is crushing it, he’s doing an amazing amazing job.”
“he’s such an exacting and beautiful director.”
“What I watch him do, it’s so amazing”

And I’m sure we’ll have plenty of opportunities to hear more of your praises when you do the commentary track. This is going to hurt.

How is Spock and Uhura making-out the “bridge crew we remember?”

Uhura barely talks to Spock as far as I remember. And where is Christine Chapel during all this?

“Hi, Christopher…” Loved the Romulan/Aussie accent. I always get the giggles when I hear how those lines were delivered. Anyway, since no one actually knows how Romulans sound when they speak English, how does anyone know that some might not sound like an English speaking Australian?…:)

It is good that the writers/producers are enjoying their work on the new Star Trek movie. I hope it is the same for the actors and others. You tend to enjoy doing something, even if it is a lot of hard work, when you know the final product is a real winner – good story, good acting, good props etc etc…

The new Star Trek movie sequel – *Only* 13 months 12 days away from release date!

Please Bob Orci/Alex Kurtzman – any date yet for the release of People Like Us for Australia and NZ? Thank you.

@19 disregard
That was the Doors not the Kinks

@20. Getting to know each other, personally, I understand. My concern stems from the comment about the “crew” working out kinks – in today’s Navy, decidedly much lower tech then a 23rd century starship, these guys qualify and train extensively before being turned loose on a ship. When a trained crew rotates in, those guys are ready to go. There have been plenty of stories build around training exercises, so I’m not that concerned – heck, several of the TOS movies were built around them….

Sadly Nurse Chapel was stationed on Vulcan in this universe… Please let this new take on the classic characters have its chance!

Did you film any scenes set in the Federation or StarFleet Headquarters for the new film? Best.

You’d be surprised how many Star Trek fans there are at NPR. I heard that segment yesterday, and thought it was ‘our’ Bob, too! I mean, how many Roberto Orcis can there be in LA, right?

Our Bob is the junior (thanks for clearing that up on Twitter, too- Bob!).

Whatever happens with this movie, I am sure it’ll be fantastic.

I do wonder if some of the principal filming is winding down- Zach Quinto was silent for nearly 3 months, then suddenly uncorked a volley of Tweets. Kind of nice to hear from him again.

@26: Nobody is forcing you to buy the thing, poor baby.

“Working out kinks….”
Kirk and Spock still can’t agree on a safe word.

#15 and Starter for 10.

I hope Cumberbatch has some good lines. Not worth having a great actor as a baddie unless he has something to get his teeth into.


Have you seen “Tinker Tailor” yet, Buzz?
Or “War Horse”?

Just wondering what you thought of them.

#26: “This is going to hurt.”

Only if you’re determined to make it so.

Alternatively, you could go do something you enjoy instead. Then we all win. ;-)

Everytime I see that photo of Cumberbatch I think he’d make a great Dr. Who (he kind of reminds me of Tom Baker)….on that subject wouldn’t David Tennant make a great Q.

If Cumberbatch is Khan I wonder how great he would do Khan’s speech at the end of TWOK? They could maybe combine Space Seed and TWOK but not have Spock die. Then have Pine say KHANNNN!!!!!!

Sorry should have said Also instead of Then have Pine say KHANNNN!!!!!

Forgot to add if the villain is Khan.


Bob when can we expect to see some sort of trailor for Star trek?

In the first film we hear Bones speak to a nurse
Chapel off screen.

@18 It was a great interview, Bob. Amazing how much you sound alike, at least based on my memory of hearing you in interviews and on the Trek 09 commentary (which I think is hilarious!).

@12 Ha ha! I’m not sure who has the most talent there, the otters or Cumberbatch! :-)

@24 Bob Orci

I live in England (near Holland) & the weather is CRAZY! Last week we were all sunbathing in the low 20’s. Today, half the country’s come to a stand still under a blanket of snow! Have you been using Proto Matter on your movie? It’s like the Genesis Planet here!!

If Cumberbatch is good with language, one can logically assume that he’s playing the Excalbian replicate of Lincoln!!! Who, in the JJ-verse through some sort of tragic backstory, has been twisted and deformed into a being of Pure Evil!

I’m not kidding, just picture how goddamn awesome it would be if the movie opens up with Cumberbatch as Lincoln, floating in outer-space and giving the Enterprise an evil glare.