Star Trek: Phase II “The Child” Online Now + Mini-review

The popular Star Trek: Phase II fan series has released its first episode in a year with "The Child." This new episode was adapted from a script written for the original (unproduced) "Star Trek Phase II" series from the seventies with the original co-writer returning to direct. You can watch the episode and get download links below, plus read the TrekMovie mini-review.


Star Trek Phase II’s "The Child" streaming now

The Star Trek Phase II episode "The Child" has been released. This is the seventh episode from the popular fan series. The episode has been adapted from a script written by Jon Povill and Jaron Summers for the original Star Trek: Phase II in the seventies. That script was later re-written for use on Star Trek: The Next Generation. Producer James Cawley approached Jon Povill to return the episode back to its origins on the original Enterprise. The episode features Anna Schnaitteras the Deltan crewmember Isel and introduces the young Ayla Cordell as Irska (Isel’s child).

Here is the official description:

While the Enterprise passes through a strange energy cloud, a mysterious light force enters the ship and impregnates Ensign Isel who, within days, gives birth to a baby girl, Irska. The child grows up at a tremendous rate and while she appears to be human, it is feared she could endanger the ship after a strange alien spacecraft appears and puts everyone in jeopardy….

You can watch the entire (52 minute-long ) "The Child" episode streaming now on YouTube (and via the embed below):

You can also get download links .


"The Child" is another strong outing for the Phase II crew. The story is classic Star Trek, seeking out strange new life forms, and it has a message as well.  Povill’s direction is solid, although (like most Phase II episodes) it feels a bit bloated and they probably could have shaved off five minutes to bring it more in line with standard original series running time. Also

The core team of actors for Phase II continue to improve, especially John Kelley as McCoy, who has much of the work in this episode. Cawley himself provides one of his best performances as Kirk in this episode and Brandon Stacy’s Spock is impressive. The one thing that seems a bit out of step (and this is true for all of Phase II), the characters of Kirk and Spock seems more like a members of an ensemble than the hero stars of the show. Of the two guest stars, the young Ayla Cordell is surprisingly effective playing the rapidly growing and mysterious alien child. As for Anna Schnaitteras, I felt she didn’t really have the range to handle the heavy load required of her for this episode where her character is so central.

As usual, the production is top notch and very professional. With the lone exception of sound editing for the bridge sequences (they can’t seem to get rid of that echo), every aspect of the production delivers what you would want from a Star Trek production. Worth special note are the special effects provided by Tobias Richter, Juvenal Vique and Pony R. Horton.

While there are still element of "hey lets all play Star Trek," for the series, Phase II’s "The Child" still shows that it is the best of the fan productions.

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