Watch: New Episode Of Brent Spiner’s ‘Fresh Hell’

The fourth episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Brent Spiner’s comedy webseries Fresh Hell has been released and his descent into hell continues as he descend into hell as he finds himself on the set of a porn movie, but maybe he has found his ticket out out. You can watch it below.


Season 2, Episode 4 of Brent Spiner’s ‘Fresh Hell’

Watch the fourth episode of season two.


If you missed it, you can catch up the rest on the FreshHellSeries page on YouTube.


And don’t forget to read with Brent about "Fresh Hell" and more (Part 1 and Part 2).


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Very entertaining. That’s more like it! (The last one was kind of dragging…)

How can it be season two already?

LOL trust me that was the only thing worth blowing… hahah

Sheesh, is this what the poor guy’s career has come to? It feels like we are seeing this great guy’s career unwinding before us, and it is painful to watch.

I hope that there is an Act 3 for Spinner, because Act 2 just plain sucks. Where is that What Ever Happened to Baby Jane reboot when you need it, Brent?. :-)

Oh dear….

That was great! It’s nice to see actors continue to find new ways of expressing themselves while still being creative. More power to you Brent and your cast.

Brent, I think you should make a move on that girl. Really!

Brent is hilarious. Good stuff!
Kind of a cross between Woody Allen and Farrely Bros. movies… ;-D

First time I watched, and I LIKED it!

I think it’s cool to see people trying to bring TV-style shows to the internet without the TV-style BS&P department limitations.

I think this is the future, and my encouragement goes to Spiner and others trying to pioneer this territory. It’s one of several trends that gives me…a bright sense of optimism about the future.

I’m going over to YouTube to watch the rest!


I’m sure that while Brent would love to be doing tv right now, he’s probably having fun with his internet show because it gives him the chance to do what he loves. And he doesn’t have to worry about network bigwigs interfering. I wouldn’t think he gets paid much, but it could be much worse. At least he isn’t one of those washed up celebs who are sitting in a drug and alcohol rehab center wondering where there career went.

And at least he won’t be remembered as a Trek convention host/usher that Garrett Wang is right now.

Ouch! He is repeating the same theme over and over in this show. How many times can we laugh at the same stale jokes on adult films mixing with regular acting? It was funny at first, but is now nearly unwatchable except for that hot costar of his.

I absolutely LOVE the spirit of this. I am so sick of big networks and their ludicrous BS&P people deciding what we see and hear, as if those idiots know better.

I hope we are moving toward a tipping point where afterwards internet TV will really start to cut into the network AND cable lead, and they will just lose credibility.

Right now it may be kind of lonely out there to be doing this type of thing, but this is the pioneering spirit that will trample down the tall grass other people will then follow the trail of.


“…BS&P people…”

Would that be “bullshit and piss” people?

13: “Would that be “bullshit and piss” people?”

Yeah, that’s MY pet name for them too, but technically it means Broadcast Standards and Practices.

Wow i so want this to be good, but it just isn’t.

DM, from a purely “this is internet entertainment pioneering” POV, I fully agree with your comments…well said!

However, for the content itself, I just don’t see much to like here. I am suppose to be laughing while watching this, but instead I am just feeling sad for Brent Spinner.

I don’t think we should compare this, even if unconsciously, to something that has a much bigger budget and a staff of comedy writers larger than what Brent has. What does Brent have? I didn’t pay attention in the credits. But like what? Two people?

I think it’s pretty good. But this sort of thing is still in its infancy. It doesn’t have its legs yet.

And that I think that is key. You can knock it down or support the effort so that eventually it comes into its own. Internet TV is like a baby that needs nurturing right now, and I think it’s cool of Brent to be one of those people doing it, and I want him to continue, and more people like him to get into doing it.

And a big part of the fun here is KNOWING that Brent and others are trying to shake things up, do things a little differently.

I mean, imagine if a group of professional actor friends put on a play in a backyard. They did the best they could with the props they had available and they had fun with it. Would you throw your plate of barbecue at them and complain that it’s not Broadway quality?

Looks like Brent is having some fun with this. And I’m no huge fan of TNG or even of the Data character, but seeing what Brent is doing gives me a better idea of the man himself — and I LIKE this guy!

And is it my imagination or did I read that JJ Abrams is going to develop internet content as well?

If so, the man is on target with that I think. Bob should jump on that as well. Because you can do things with an internet show that you just can’t do on TV, and I don’t mean just bypassing BS&P. I mean there are neat little tricks you can use to further the impact of your show that being a show accessible on the internet allows you to do, and which TV is not really set up for, and which could have reverberations that turn into impacts on society.

I wonder if they’ve thought of that yet out there in H wood?

Fair enough, DM. Despite not really enjoying it, I have watched every episode, and thus have been giving it the “hits” it needs to show advertisers that the model may work.

And I will probably still keep watching it…but for Christ’s sake Mr. Brent Spinner, move onto some new comedy in this series besides the “adult film star taking acting lessons” gig…you’ve milked that well of humor to death now, my friend. Show us something new. Think of Curb Your Enthusiasm — Brent Spinner style — I think you could pull that off!

16. MJ – April 8, 2012

However, for the content itself, I just don’t see much to like here. I am suppose to be laughing while watching this, but instead I am just feeling sad for Brent Spinner.


Well that 12 minute episode was not uproariously funny but yes, I did laugh at some stuff. Remarkably, though, it was better than, for example, some “successful” TV series like Three’s Company or ANYTHING with a laugh track that I remember seeing, really.

I thought it was all cute, if not always funny, in comparison to many “comedy” TV shows which are not only not cute or funny, but stupid as well — which the laugh track I think is there to help you NOT realize they really are.

@19. Which brings to mind why I consider Seasons 2-4 of The Office the best U.S. tv comedy is recent years…no laugh track needed.

I like your comparison to Three’s Company…I was thinking the same thing.

And of course, Curb Your Enthusiasm on HBO…great comedy!

Okay, just finished watching season 2 of Fresh Hell, and I really liked it! The episode of this post was the least funny of the season. Episodes 1 and 2 were the funniest. Overall, NOT a bad job.

Off to watch season 1 now.

DM, please let me know if once you see Season 1, if you agree with my criticism that they are going for basically the same gags again in Season 2…i.e, ha, ha, ha, they are mixing adult films actors with mainstream acting? I mean, that is why this was disappointing to me, as I had already watched that same humor in Season 1, while it was obviously more fresh for you since you had not seen Season 1 yet.

She does have great tits though.

This is getting better and better.

Okay well, keep in mind that this is a web series with REALLY short episodes and even a short first season of only 5 episodes. In that context I don’t think it’s unusual that they are running the same gags because the story they are developing isn’t over yet and it hasn’t even been running that long due to the shortness of the episodes. It is evolving, it’s not running in place, and as a result I’m really interested to see what happens between Dakota and Spiner, and how his desire for her to NOT do THAT type of acting turns out.

And there was some really funny stuff in there. Dakota’s agent-boyfriend is hilarious in every scene. I love Dakota! And the whole Levar episode cracked me up.

“Your mother has a smooth forehead!” HAhahaha!

I just like the whole feel of it, including the music and lyrics. I will watch it from now on.

Well, OK, I’ll keep watching too. I am watching Game of Thrones Season II, and getting irritated already about all the changes they made from the 2nd novel. Maybe I am just too damn grumpy these days…..

You know it’s funny. 10 years of TNG and I never became a Spiner fan.

But it’s fair to say that as Data I never got to see who Spiner was.

I’m a fan now.

And I can’t wait to find out what “The Incident” that sent his career into a tailspin was!

i thought the last episode ‘levar’ was absolutely brilliant. i think he needs to do some more of those with other TNG cast members, like Stewart and Frakes, what fun that would be. Pretty good TV though. Better than the CRAP on TV today…..oh where did the 80’s go????? LOL

20. MJ

The original British version of The Office w/ Ricky Gervais was much funnier / better.

I think Fresh Hell is HILARIOUS. I can’t understand why some dislike it. What’s not to like? Funny gags, an amusing premise, great characters, perfect comedc timing and an insanely hot co-star.


I find myself agreeing wholeheartedly — the changes made to Game of Thrones’ season 2 episodes are jarring, most notably the close to this most recent episode. But with George R.R. Martin aboard as a co-executive producer, and the series creators’ love of him and his work, this must be a Martin-approved divergence from the novels.

I’ll leave it at that to preserve the experience for those who haven’t been watching Season 2 or read “A Clash of Kings”.

As for “Fresh Hell”, I enjoyed the episode (it wasn’t Shakespeare or “Curb” or anything), but I also didn’t see him apparently run the same plot line in Season 1. But I say go for it, Brent. Whatever makes you happy, because our time on this plane of existence is very finite.

@29. Anthony Thompson – April 9, 2012

Ironically, I’m British, and I disagree; I think the US version of The Office is better! (Granted, I think it’s one of only half a dozen at most US remakes of UK shows that have been better than the originals, but still!)

I tried watching the British version of The Office, with the result having been that it just did not make me laugh, while the American version makes me laugh so much that I can’t believe I’m watching a show on broadcast TV.

@32 @33

Agreed. In general, I find Ricky Gervais overrated, and it doesn’t help my opinion of him that he is a legend in his own mind

It’s pretty good but I rather see Brent Spiner playing Data.

Ok Brent, does not want to do any Trek, but he want’s to do this Horse S!@t, well go for it, this really should rebound your acting. How sad and pitiful you have come to this point Brent!

This is much better than the last episode. The last one was painful to watch. While it’s not hilarious, it’s at least bearable.