New Crystalline Entity For Star Trek TNG in HD Revealed

The first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation on Blu-ray is due this summer. One of the elements that has been recreated using CGI is the Crystalline Entity and that has now been revealed by Robert Meyer Burnett, who is working on the set. He has also revealed that they have found a missing piece of footage. Details below.


New Crystalline Entity For Star Trek TNG in HD

This summer the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation will be released on Blu-ray. As we have been reporting here at TrekMovie, almost all the effects for the new HD set are remastered from original film elements of the models. However some effects (like transporters, phasers, photons and a few other elements) were done in video originally, are those being redone in CGI. One of those new elements will be the Crystalline Entity, first seen in the season one episode "Datalore." And now thanks to director Robert Meyer Burnett (who is shooting special features for the TNG Blu-rays) we have a sneak peak of the entity, which he has shared on Twitter.

The new Crystalline Entity from remastered HD Star Trek: TNG

Original Crystalline Entity from Star Trek: TNG

Also in a Facebook conversation, Meyer mentioned that those missing thirteen seconds from "Sins of the Father" which had to be upscaled for the Star Trek: The Next Generation – The Next Level release in January have been found, so the season three release (in 2013) will included the remastered element.


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Good stuff. Can’t wait to see the entire of TNG in BluRay.

First? Maybe not….

I like it. Can’t wait to see the new phasers being fired by the Enterprise, especially when they first encountered the Borg cube with Q on board. The E ripped chunks out of it with it’s phasers.

Great news. And good looking. =)

i see

Boy that sampler disc is just worthless now.

Can they remove via CGI the annoying tick that Lore has on the side of his mouth?

Oh wait, that was just a lame plot gimmick. Nevermind.

#5 i brought the sample disc OK they over-charged however i am glad i got it

after buying the sample disc been considering re-buying the blu-ray season 1&2 with the new pictures learning more towards it


Wow! Seeing TNG in HD is almost…..creepy lol. I can’t wait, nonetheless.

#6 Riker’s Mailbox

Yeah, there are some things that bluray can’t get rid of. Like Shatner’s terrible acting in The Enemy Within.

Or snarky trekmovie posters.


I hope they CGI a new Armus and a better hairdo on Counsler Troi. Hum, I wonder if CGI could improve Will Wheaton’s acting?

Not a fan of inserting new fx into Trek but I’m in the minority of digging this episode despite its flaws.

Best part: DeForest Kelley’s cameo.

The Galaxy’s Child creature is going to be fun to see redone in better CG as well.

Wow, that looks really good. Can’t wait!

This looks really great. Can’t wait to see what they do with Eps like Yesterday’s Enterprise or Q Who or Best of Both World’s. Will be good.

New CE or not, “Datalore”, like most first season TNG outings, will still suck. But since the creature makes a return appearance in the much better “Silicon Avatar,” the effort here will eventually pay off.

I cant wait to have the lot as Blu-ray.

It will be the next generation of The Next Generation.


is the image flopped? looks like they are sitting in the wrong seats.

Wesley’s jerseys in HD!!!!!!


I’ve seen some HD images of “Code of Honor” as well; couldn’t they leave out crappy and racist episodes like that and save more money for “The Best of Both Worlds”?

Good thing I never bought TNG on DVD.

nice, can’t wait to start seeing these on tv… can’t afford the blu-rays lol

Looks great. I wonder how much a season costs. And by the way, if this does great would it encourage CBS about a new series? One can dream. One can dream.


I’ve got mine on pre-order in the UK from Sainsbury’s supermarkets for £50.00. Each season I’m guessin will be between £50.00 – £70.00.

I really think CBS went about this the wrong way. I loved TNG and have it on DVD, but there is no way I’m going to shell out $75 or so a season to get a cleaner copy of “Code of Honor” and “Justice”. They should have done HD “best of” packs, and only bothered remastering the better episodes. Maybe “Best of Season 1” with say, six episodes like “Farpoint”, “Heart of Glory”, “Coming of Age”, “Conspiracy” and one or two others selected by fans. And then give those episodes top-notch treatment of all new effects, etc., a’la TOS-R.

The only seasons I plan to buy in Blu-Ray will be Seasons 3 and 4. The others just don’t have enough good episodes to justify the almost-certain exorbitant cost.

Are they doing TNG on BluRay like TOS Remastered? I think TNG-Remastered is the way to go.

@21: Haha, gotta love the 80’s notion of future fashion.

@14: Absolutely. Doctor or Admiral, McCoy remains the man.

I’d just be happy, with the Remastered Edition coming out on Bluray, to have EITHER edition of TNG on iTunes.

@27: …because your opinion of the “best episodes” should be used for everybody. Or… because Paramount’s choices would please everybody. Give me a break. Ignorant.

I like the CG. better, but not too much better.

Also, good news re: missing footage.

Looks great. Nice job keeping it very close to the original.

Awesome to see. The Crystalline Entity looks great and it’s awesome the missing bit from Sins of the Father was found. At least it doesn’t have special effects, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to put in the episode. That said, I do not regret getting the sampler. Can’t wait to see the first season.

I woud really love this, but I’m betting it’s just going to be too spendy for me. I usually wait a few years or find things like this used. Don’t get me wrong, I love Trek, but it has almost always been expensive. I wish they’d finance it interest free for 12 months…

The new crystalline entity looks great, but sadly, I’m just really not into TNG these days. More of a BSG fan. But I’d love to see a DS9 remastered set someday, though.

I also have all 3 seasons of Star Trek TOS remastered; I love those. They should have been the template for the Star Wars special editions (just change the FX, but not the story elements or the characters).

36, Sebastian S.
“I’d love to see a DS9 remastered set someday, though.”

CBS have said they are open to continuing the project to other series.

HOW open remains to be seen, but I think DS9 has aged very well indeed, if the Reddit buzz is anything to go on… perhaps they will see the appeal it still has.

Oh for a “What you leave behind” with no re-used battle footage!

The new crystalline entity looks far better than the old. Its not incredible but people with an sense of distinguishing minute details can see the difference and its heads and tails better than the old. And its perfect because it not drastically different, but enough that its up to date. I am really interested to see what it looks like when it will be “flying” through space.

@ 36. Sebastian S

Agree and disagree. I love TNG, as an 80’s child I grew up with TNG and TOS reruns. I love TNG but it is a bit dated where DS9 still holds its ground, that is season 4 and after. I would also love to see DS9 remastered, it is hands down my fav Trek, with funny enough Enterprise in second place.


I am hoping that a new Trek tv series would be grittier like the new BSG but obviously still holding true to the heart of Trek.

C’mon Brian Fuller and Brian Singer, screw Paramount wanting CBS to hold off on a new series. LETS DO THIS!!!!

Looking forward to this! And yeah, count me in for a “Deep Space Nine Remastered” Blu Ray set!

I would sell not just my soul, but all of yours for DS9 in HD. I faithfully await the return of The Sisko!
That is all…may The Profits be with you.

seems like half the people here forgot that the crystalline entity was originally CG to begin with. Anything that was originally CG is going to have to be replaced no matter what (doesn’t bother me). For TNG (and even VGR) that isn’t a lot, but there are plenty of occurrences. For DS9 there is a lot more especially in the later seasons. I for one am curious to see what the VGR opening is supposed to look like. I read somewhere that there was a missing texture and it wasn’t caught until it was too late(or expensive) to fix. Too bad it sounds like we won’t see VGR on blu-ray this decade. By the time they get to it, we’ll all be streaming 4k (or higher) video online anyway for our 100″ retina TVs.

31. Uh, it was just a suggestion. What’s with the name-calling? I did add that episodes could be selected by fans. But my favorites or not, there are some no brainers each season, like “Yesterday’s Enterprise.”

They’re re-doing these in HD at least partially (if not mostly) so they can future-proof the series for syndication to HD markets, so it makes sense for them to do the entire season. Nobody’s going to want to buy a handful of HD eps and a bunch of upscales for their packages.

I’ll have to pass, the really good episodes of TNG are far and few between which means the re-watchablility factor for the series is practically non-existent for me. The HD conversion is a novelty and good for at least one viewing, but not much more than that I’m afraid…for me anyway.

“Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!”

Looks like those pictures were taken down. Anybody know where I can find a link to the large versions?

@46 answered my own question

I hope they remove some of the mistakes in the episodes.
In the one episode I was watching on TV you can see the boom mic above the view screen…

Very good. But what we need is more stories instead of updated old storyies. Nevertheless… good, the next gen will go to be in good blueray-mode.

So glad to see these- it looks great- I loved the idea of the crysteline entity but when I looked at it a few months ago on the crap “standrd” dvd’s it was just sad.
Now it’s beautiful.