Video of the Day: Star Trek Mistakes VI – The Final Nitpick

Nitpicking is a time honored tradition with Trekkies and in that light we present the latest (and apparently the last) in the "Star Trek Mistakes" series of Internet videos. This one is especially hard on Worf and the Klingons.


Star Trek Mistakes – Part 6 – Klingon Consistency Questioned

GeneralGrin has posted the sixth (and apparently final) of his "Star Trek Mistakes" series, which points out that Trek isn’t always consistent. This one has a bit of a focus on inconsistencies with Klingons and Worf.

…and if you missed them

General Grin’s "Star Trek Mistakes" series began back in 2007, with the last entry in 2009. Here they are if you missed them.

Parts 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5


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